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Frederic Horseshoepin was born to be a pianist.

Frederic Horseshoepin was the most gifted student his instructor had ever taught.

Frederic Horseshoepin was the top of his class in music school.

Frederic Horseshoepin has been chosen to play a concert at Cantergie Hall.

So why has Frederic Horseshoepin never been good enough?

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Damn it son, you gotta warn a guy before you unload feels like that.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to find a tissue.

The amount of feels In this fic are indescribable....... Thank you just thank you for this not only are there nowhere near more Fredrick fics than there should, there aren't this many fics that just FEEL like this. Again thank you just thank you.

Extremely touching, well written, and overall good story. my only complaint is the F bomb being tripped so many times.


I don't think I was quite prepared for that. I think 1962497 says it best... :fluttershysad:

Honestly, I didn't recognize the name Frederic Horseshoepin when I clicked on this, but now I'm wondering how I could forgot him. You've earned yourself a favourite with this, and (if you have anything else I like) maybe a watch as well..

Wow. Simply amazing. So many feels. I nearly cried at the end. :fluttercry:

The Spirit Carries On - Dream Theater

Fun fact: Jordan Rudess, Dream Theater's keyboardist, got into Julliard at age 9 for classical piano.

(Joke) Alt. Title: Good Enough (To Get Featured, Apparently)
Also, since the story's real title reminded me of it:

If it were me I would have had him die of a heart attack at the end due to his obsession.
Whats wrong with me. :unsuresweetie:

I haven't read a story like this in forever. Bravo for using a underused character.

Is that the song he was playing? If so, and he still didn't feel good enough... O.O

Love me some dream theater.

Also, the fic is fantastic, very well written!

It was good.
*Insert comment about feels here*

Comment posted by GuyFace deleted Jan 15th, 2013

This story was:

So when it comes down to it, the harshest critic you'll have to face is yourself.

This fic was Good Enough...
to make me cry.

Yes, i'd say this piano pony diserves more atention. It's ....no pun today. Will read later.

Fantastic. That was just absolutely fantastic.

It really gets me right where I can feel it the most because Frederic acts like I do--always on the self-critical. It hits even harder because I want to have that kind of a moment, one where I feel like I really did do good enough.

Really, though, even if I didn't connect with Frederic so much, the story is still wonderful. It was that pinnacle of story telling that I always aim for myself: it has enough description to fill out the scenes and not leave me wanting more detail, but it's also concise enough to keep it from dragging on, which can really get away from people. Not only that, but it's just the right kind and amount of story for a one-shot. It managed to tell something in such a way that the story really does end on a high note, or a low note from the song's perspective, and there's nothing left that needs to be told. That, for me, constitutes a very well-written story and this rather lengthy (for me) comment.

Truly marvelous.

I have nothing to say.
In this short story, you have written a story I would give a piece of my soul to write.
Damn good.

This is... This is perfect.:fluttercry: WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME MAN? WHY?:raritydespair: I'm not going to sleep tonight. Just reading this over and over and over again.

I'm an emotionless automaton, incapable of these "feels" everyone's talking about.

This is a plausible backstory for a background pony who doesn't get much attention, and an interesting look at obsession and self-criticism. The ending strikes a good balance—it's hopeful without being over-idealistic about this single epiphany changing Frederick's life. Thumbs up.

I'm not going to lie, I think of any story I've ever read before, I can connect with this one so well. Now, I don't play piano, rather trombone, but this is an experience that's not unique among different musicians. Very, very beautifully written.

I agree with whoever said that fuck was used probably just a little too much, really, I think it lost its effectiveness after one. But this isn't grade school, a curse word won't distract from this marvelously written story here. This really makes me want to strive towards being a better musician than I am... I know exactly what it's like to let yourself down because you didn't practice enough. It's a problem I need to fix.

But wow... the way you connected the piece to his grandfather at the end was beautiful stuff, very emotionally stirring.

Anyways, I'm going to just leave this comment here... This is very, very deserving of being featured. I feel this needs to be stickied, if anything. Bravo.

Beautiful. That and 0 dislikes

This fic.

This kind of fic is why I follow you and haven't regretted that decision for a second, and yet you're the kind of author that makes me lose faith in writing as a whole, if only because I know that you're never going to get the recognition you truly deserve. I suppose, in that context, the bitterness of reality makes this all the better.

For the sake of being emphatic through redundancy: fantastic job here, man.

This was....I can't...It was just....WOW. It was beauty and art and amazingly simple, yet it just...wow. I hate to be repetitious here, but this was Amazing and just....perfect.

Fredric is very much like me when it comes to music, your best isn't good enough. It must be perfect and nothing less will do.

Your assessment strikes me as rather pessimistic and nebulous, since as of this writing this story is in the featured box :raritywink:

Speaking of, congrats on the feature! As Aquaman already said, you deserve it :twilightsmile:

Gods... I feel like smacking myself for not having an emotional breakdown...

Like how Frederic shifts through every note on the sheet, you weaved every single word into place into what I had seen as one of the most outstanding piece of work that I strive to find, and that the authors on this site could provide. This is hands off a true masterpiece that actually deserves the spot in the featured box; one that shouldn't be earned by clopfics, Fallen Equestria crossovers or satirical comedy one-shots, for that matter.

Stylistically original by combining the beauty and antiquity of classical music and the craving desire for perfection... it strikes positive on all three lookouts on my list: creativity/originality, proficiency/consistency and diversity, by the last I meant the different factors you toyed with in your story. By the gods, if I had listed a full review here (and don't worry, they are all positive), it would be a story in itself.

Congratulations on your work. You deserve a standing ovation worthy of Frederic's performance :twilightsmile:

It took me a second to realize what the missed note meant. And when I did.
I was not prepared for feels of this caliber. I didn't even get this much of a reaction out of MLD.
Gran'da's proud of you Freddy, take bow indeed.

Funny how, in writing a story about an artist's pursuit of perfection, the author achieves it himself.
One thumb up does not convey my gratitude for this story.

Beautiful fic, you might want to consider putting a teen tag on this story for the swearing though.

I don't know the song but could still hear it play as I read. Simply beautiful!

Marking unread again so I will see it in my "unread chapters" and reread it, since my "read later" list is too long for it to work there.

God... Oh God. This is so wonderful I can't find a word to describe this story, even if I were given thousands to choose from. This is what it feels like - you got every little feeling right. God. Now, if you excuse me, I'm going to reminisce the time I first performed on a stage. Oh God. You are amazing.

Great, but you messed up a tricky word near the end there.

No? OK fine,

Jokes aside, I loved the end, this story was an entertaining read. :twilightsmile:

Two things...
1. I read this in school and almost started crying

2. I wish I could write half as good as this, Not only is it an OC fic, making it harder to get to the featured box, but it actually makes you feel.


Thank you.

1 dislike? IMPOSSIBRU!!!!!

It was beautiful. I don't know to describe the beauty. :pinkiesad2:

This story was more than good enough, and inspired me to strive more to be the same one day. My favourite composer, together with Vivaldi, is in fact Chopin, and the making of him in the My Little Pony universe was ridiculously beautiful.

Heh, Cantergie Hall. is a play on Carnegie Hall in Pittsburgh Pa.

I was crying at the end of this...
Loved it.

Holy Schiza....

Beautiful...just beautiful!

If I had ten watches, I would give them all to you!

I hate to be that one guy- I really do because this story is exceptional- but this doesn't have anything to do with the MLP: FIM universe. I felt that the names were there for the sake of names; in simpler terms, forcibly related. I have no qualms with this story other than that. The flow was great, the background characters not only supportive but believable, and the pacing was phenomenal. The story is moving enough for me to push my reserves aside but not enough so that I completely forget it.

An elaborate and moving read but not exactly My Little Pony.



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