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Can I go back to sleep yet?


Discord is once again a statue. With nothing to do but think, he has to find ways to pass the time. Being the spirit of chaos, this means just thinking about whatever catches his already short attention.

Oh, and tacos.

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Your right, he's Discord.

Poor Discord *scratches*

In my personal opinion, i believe Pinkie goes through the 4th wall every now and then and hangs out with Discord. Because, you know, Pinkie :pinkiehappy: Poor Discord though, a 900 year itch.

Mexican place nearby has a really great fried seafood chimichanga, stuffed with crab and shrimp. I may go and have one now.

Phew, almost scrolled right past this little jewel the first time. Fortunately I found it again.
Now this is a random story of epic proportions.

I wish I liked tacos :fluttershysad:

tbh I upvoted when I was only on the first paragraph. That's how quickly I got hooked.

"I shall think about tacos."

Since when does discord want tacos? He wants burritos, if not, add salsa!:moustache:

Well, that was certainly... unexpected. Not the most random thing I've ever seen, but still pretty damn funny.

YES. Someone should totally write that. I would, but I'm trying to focus on my other story right now. It should be called "Tea Time With Discord." Or maybe it could be a late night show spin-off with Pinkie as the host, and the disembodied spirit of Discord as a sort of co-host? I'd read that, for sure.

Well, shucks. I feel so flattered. :twilightblush: I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Well, I don't think I could write the most random thing ever. As it is, this is about as random as I get. Thanks for the compliment, though!

Haha! Okay, that was pretty funny. ^^ The story itself is about as random as Discord is. Next time, might wanna be a bit more descriptive if at all possible, but it was really well done!:pinkiehappy:

I still wish I knew what a taco was...:eeyup:

:pinkiehappy: loved the way you captured Discord's character

Ah, this gave me a good laugh. This is random done right, and your characterization of Discord was well done. Tacos are awesome.

Huh, this isn't really a proper story, but I'll attempt a review nonetheless!

This review is brought to you on behalf of the group: Authors Helping Authors

Name of Story: Mostly About Tacos

Grammar: 9


For what little you had to work with considering it was just Discord trapped in stone, it was very creative

Original concept (it better be! :twilightsheepish:)

It was hilarious.


There are one or two grammar problems (I think I saw once where there was a comma outside of the quotation marks, when it should be inside)

Too short! :rainbowlaugh:

I lack a third con :pinkiecrazy:

Well this certainly was... something! :rainbowlaugh:
Nevertheless, this story was very funny and I appreciate that you took the time to lengthen it for our enjoyment! :twilightsmile:

I hope this review has been somewhat helpful! If you could offer the time, I would be very happy if you reviewed my story: The Generation That Even Time Has Forgotten!

Your Faithful Critic,

Well, this will be somewhat tough to review. :derpytongue2: I'm not very good at comedy, but here goes!

This review is brought to you on behalf of the group: Authors Helping Authors

Name of Story: Mostly About Tacos

Grammar: 9. Watch out for dialogue tag errors.


You captured Discord's randomness well

It was humorous

It was original


The end was a bit weak


This little bit of comedy started off really strong in the beginning, but near the end it left me scratching my head a little. It was still random, but the comedy had tapered off to one or two jokes-Discord's itchy nose and his going to get a taco. Those are good jokes, but perhaps some more humor could be injected at the end?

Also I wasn't clear on who the fillies were who were fighting and freeing him in the last paragraph, and some of the details were left out at the very end (you say he just got free somehow) which left me confused. It was as if the momentum was lost when you got to the "real world." Just keep up more the funny randomness in those scenes while still anchoring the reader, and I think it will be better. Maybe make a bigger deal out of his being free, like everyone is terrified and Celestia is mustering an army, and then he just goes and gets a taco. I think that would be funnier.

I hope this helped!

2043858 2043343

Hmm... Perhaps a sequel/second chapter is in order...


(PS thanks for the comment on my story)


Umm... Okay then... :rainbowderp:

Is that a... Positive review?

2104676 YES! i love the utter randomness it reminded me of many of my own thought trains

Lawl. This was pretty funny and random--tags filled out nicely! :rainbowlaugh:

And now....I want a taco.... :ajsleepy:

This was brilliant! This surely deserves a place in Twilight's Library! :pinkiehappy:

Thankfully I had a taco right before reading this.

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