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I am a Scotsman who writes stories, not all of which are of the self-insert variety.


Losing your friends is hard.

Saying your farewells is harder.

But reminiscing makes the pain just a little bit more bearable.



This is my attempt at writing a short 'feels' story. Hopefully the ending will surprise you.

Cover by TryHardBrony on DeviantArt.

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Ooh, that was good. I was expecting it to be a pony the entire time, and then BAM! It wasn't a pony. :rainbowkiss:
It also wasn't Spike which is where I thought you were going with the Timberwolves. :moustache:
Nice for the 1k word mark :pinkiehappy:


:applecry: That was sad. I didn't expect that kind of a story from you.

I was actually expecting Winona but this story was wonderful all the same.

Wow, that was good. I liked it.:ajsmug:

You kept me guessing the whole way, and for that, I thank you. You receive three things:

An up-vote
A favourite
Aaaaand [pause for dramatic effect] this :rainbowwild:

a dog is a mare's best friend :ajsleepy:

It didn't take long for me to figure out who it was but it was still a good story nonetheless. Well done! :twilightsmile:

I originaly epxected a pony, but half way through, I thought that it could also be either Winona, or Smartypans. But anyway, great story, although now I am sad, because my brother's dog is eleven years old, and in few years, we might go through the same as Applejack.:applecry: Makes you think...

loosing a pet isnt easy but everyone needs to have a time in their lives to just say goodbye.
GREAT now i'm depressed

DAmn you... that was beautifully done.

I still remember the death of my first pet cat. It broke my heart in ways that I still don't have the words to express. Our relationships with our animal friends are strange in that way.

The title reminds me of a song.

I never would have guessed the dog a like for that

I knew it was Winona about 400 words in, but mentioning the Timberwolves made me think for a moment that it was Spike :raritydespair:

2462909 Right me too

although I couldn't figure out who it was going to be and every time I thought maybe its.... nope never mind lol :ajbemused:

Still a good story though, its always sad to lose someone close even if they were only a pet, they were still part of the family

This filled me up and made me shed liquid pride:fluttercry:. It is sad, yet beautiful and touching at the same time. Great story. :twilightsmile:

> Then again, Twilight could make ya look like John Trotvolta.
This line made me think it was :moustache: .

At first I thought that Bic Mac died, but she mentioned him, meaning he was still alive. I finally got to the end. My reaction: THIS WAS ALL ABOUT A FUCKING DOG? (Cries and noms on ice cream) THE FEELS! THE FEELS HURT!

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