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While Peter Griffin was out getting beer, he bought a device that can transport you into any show you wanted. As a joke Peter said My Little Pony. Now Peter and his family have to deal with life as ponies in Ponyville,Equestria. Cover image was found by searching up My Little Family Guy on deviantart.

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so. Family guy cross ofer without vulger language, How did you do that

1961127 I do plan on adding the language sexual innuendo. This is just a sample. If more people like it I will add more chapters and make it seem like the show. And I was watching it all day yesterday so it was easier to imagine it without language.

Nice but you forgot Family Guy's trade mark of random flashback whenever someone says "This is just like X". :rainbowlaugh:

Also someone better change Stewie before he gets really mad or he'll make "Cupcakes" look pale by comparison. :pinkiecrazy:

This is...not that bad, actually. It's better than most TV Show crossovers. :twilightsmile:


It's not great, grammar and structure is a little lacking, but it could be funny if you set your mind to it.

I suggest looking up either the School for New Writers, whom I'm a member of their staff, or Authors Helping Authors for some tips and reviews.

Good luck! :twilightsmile:

1961468 Thanks I'll check them out. I like writing but I know I do need some help with it. Thanks:pinkiehappy:

I kinda' like this.

Pony-Ville isn't correct, it's Ponyville.

Funny :) So I will leave this video:

I love it already.

1965289 Thanks I will change it soon.

very funny story. :rainbowlaugh:

Ignore the thumbs. Make more of this LOL.

2231176 Thank you. I was highly thinking of canceling further chapters. :heart: sorry for not replying right away

You shouldn't keep using the word said... you should use like EXP: Yelled, Screetched, whispered, Whimpered Etc. But only use them when it fits their attitude

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