• Published 1st Feb 2012
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Dear Diary, What am I? - Solarios

Discord wasn't always bad. His past has a story to tell...

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Book 3

May 4, 777

I'm writing this journal as a first-hand account of the events that are currently unfolding.
To whoever is reading this: Keep this book safe. It carries important historical information from the point of view of a draconequus. To hide it from the public would mean a crime to history and truth.
I am The King, the leader of every gambling operation that takes place in Trottingham. I have a wife named Flare, and two kids named Blizzard and Radiance. As you may have guessed already, we are draconequi.
Some time ago, I noticed that the draconequi population was starting to diminish in major cities. It is currently unknown where is my people going, but the effects of their departure are starting to be felt. Some had important positions, and finding capable replacements is turning out to be an arduous task. Ponies often get the impression that the draconequi left after stealing considerable amounts of money, therefore causing the economical instability we're currently facing. My family can't explain their departure, but that doesn't make any difference. Recently, a family of ponies we had befriended sent us a message saying they didn't want to have any contact with us anymore. Other draconequi are having the same problem.
The bond that existed between ponies and draconequi is growing weak and none of us can explain why. I infer this will not end well.

May 25, 777

Down the road, a grocery shop recently closed. It was owned by a pony and a draconequus. Apparently they began having arguments that interfered with the administration of the shop. I tried to talk with the draconequus, but he had given up. When I asked what his plans were, he said he was going to follow the others that are leaving.
I don't know what's going on here, but the situation is starting to scare my family. I must find out where is my people going. If things get worse, we might be forced to go with them.

June 7, 777

Today, Blizzard arrived from school with a bruise in his chin. When Flare and I questioned him about it, he said a pony had done it. I must say I am no stranger to this situation myself. A long time ago, when I was eight years old, I lived in a town where ponies and draconequi didn't get along very well. I remember that at school there was a group of four ponies that spent their time bullying draconequi like me.
Hostility in schools has always been a reality. Children often have a problem accepting classmates of the other race. In normal circumstances, my son's case wouldn't be a subject of alarm, but this aren't normal circumstances. Hostility between the races is starting to go beyond the limits of a school environment and manifesting in the workplace, in the streets, and even within closely bonded social groups. I myself am starting to have troubles with my business. Gambling centers managed by ponies are starting to go against my policies and ignore my messages. Some have even completely ceased communications with me.

June 10, 777

My brothers-in-law came over today and explained they were moving too. Their bosses were starting to get hostile towards them, so they quited, but now they don't find any jobs. Trottingham has nothing else to offer them and they are moving. When I asked where, at last I got my answer. Apparently all draconequi are moving to independent settlements where only our kind lives. Now that I know what all of this is about, I realize I can't blame anyone for going there. After all, life with the ponies is getting harder by the day, and a place where we'll be all by ourselves is very promising.
I am yet to decide whether to go there or not. I still hope things will go back to normal, but that possibility is starting to fade. We will remain here for as long as my family can hold. I just hope it isn't too late by then.

June 25, 777

Today was the last day of school, and my kids are very relieved to finally be out of what they called a "hell hole". Those are really hard words for kids their age to use. Concerned, I asked if they would like to return to school after the break, and they were almost terrified by the possibility. They even went down on their knees and begged. I am completely baffled. If they are still like this when the vacations end, I will let them stay.

July 1, 777

Well, I am no longer The King. Now, the gamblers of Trottingham answer to another king, a pony, no less. Traditionally, if somepony wants to be king he or she has to defeat the current king in a card game where he freely bets his crown. But I wasn't defeated. The last king, a pony named Fortune Daze, lost his right to gamble when he lost his crown to me some years ago. However, he violated his punishment two days ago and started gambling again, but no one stopped him. The few gamblers that still respected me turned their backs on me and proclaimed Fortune Daze king, even though he was yet to defeat me. His first decree as new king was to banish me from gambling.
Now I have no business, and judging by the stories of our draconequus friends, I won't be able to find a decent job anymore.
I never thought it would come to this, but we must move.

July 3, 777

We leave today; our destination is a small town without a name far to the east. We are among the last families to leave Trottingham. Flare's and my parents are coming with us.
I leave this journal here, in our empty house. Once again, I ask that whoever is reading this, be you pony or draconequus, keeps this book safe. Maybe you feel sorry for me. Maybe you hate me for reasons I will never know. But your emotions do not change the fact that this book you now hold in you hands, paws, fins, or hooves is a valuable contribution to Equestria's history. To deny its existence is a crime against truth, which, uninterested in our mortal affairs, scorns anything that is false either to deceive or by accident.

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