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Dear Diary, What am I? - Solarios

Discord wasn't always bad. His past has a story to tell...

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Book 2

August 17, 763

Hello there diary. It has been quite some time since I wrote in a diary for the last time, and so much has changed!
First of, I'm fifteen now, one of the "big boys". I bought you with the money my father gave me for my birthday.
Second, we moved. draconequi were leaving my home village, so to avoid staying all by ourselves, we had to join the other families. Now we live in Trottingham, a town with a way larger draconequi population, and relations with ponies are becoming stable. Back at my home town, there was some clash between the ponies and us because we are so different. I remember all the bullies at school were ponies, and they constantly called us "freaks" and "weirdos". Ha! They look like the real weirdos to me. Their bodies are incredibly boring, with just one color for the coat and at most two colors for their mane. The only thing interesting about them is their cutie mark, which could be anything.
Then look at us, draconequi, "dragon horse" as my ancient languages teacher says. And if the name wasn't enough, we are also made out of various different animals, not to mention they are not the same animals for each one of us. For instance, I have an eagle's claw and a lion's paw for hands, while my mother has a deer's hoof and an elefant's foot, and my father has an otter's fin and a monkey's hand. I admit some of us just look like some kind of messed up collage, but even if it looks freaky, it's way better than just having three colors and a picture on the flank to differentiate yourself from others.
Moving was the best thing my family could have done. School was insufferable cause of all those stupid bullies and because of my lack of friends. In here, I have found almost all of my old friends, and made tons of new ones, ponies and draconequi alike. School is awesome and I'm at the top of my class. I'm really looking forward to the start of classes in September, for it is my last year. After that, I can find a job and live by myself. It will be bucking awesome.
And there's one more thing. Guess who I found in this new town. Yeah, you guessed it. I found Flare.
I didn't find her immediately after we arrived, however. She was living at the other side of town so I didn't see her until about a year ago. Gosh she has changed. The years have transformed her from the little girl she was into a young lady. Her scales are always clean and shiny, and her wings are majestic! I think I'm in love, but I don't have time for love now. Now I just have to worry about this teen age that although awesome, has its conflicts. I can also be very boring at times, so to avoid stuffing my new diary with unimportant memories, I will just write when something worthy happens.

September 1, 763

School's back on, and it looks like it's going to be a sweet year.
I was at recess, chatting with some of my friends, when we noticed one of the tables was overcrowded. When we got near to see what was going on, we found a colt from first grade playing cards with our classmates. Last time we saw that kid, he was still a blank-flank. Now he has two aces printed on his rear side, and he sure lived up to the mark. In just three hands, all of my mates had their pockets empty. Although I wanted to give it a try, I had no money, and that kid wouldn't allow me to play on credit. That colt is a complete danger to our wallets, but when he was done winning our bits, he said he would continue organizing gambling sessions in recess.
After today, I don't think anyone will ever want to play against him again.

September 23, 763

Exams start tomorrow, but I got them all in the bag. While others spend their whole afternoons studying, I just have to give a quick glance at my books and everything comes back to me. Tomorrow I have literature and history exams. Just as a way to keep in everything, I'll write down everything I have to know for the exams:
For literature I have to know the biography of Star Swirl the Bearded. He was a stallion that lived eight hundred years ago. He wasn't just a great novel writer, but also a pioneer in spell development for unicorn ponies. Legend has it that he created over two hundred spells, but that is just speculation. To protect his research, he seldom wrote it down. As a result, most of his finding were lost when he died in an accident while experimenting with magic. His pupil, Clover the Clever, was a very valuable asset at recovering her master's work. Out of pure memory, Clover was able to recall what Star Swirl had confided to her about his research. It wasn't much, but it was a starting point, and with that information, unicorn researchers were able to rediscover most of the spells that were lost with Star Swirl's death. Unfortunately, it is believed that much knowledge is still lost.
For history I must know all of Equestria's history until now. Equestria was funded 763 years ago by the representatives of the three tribes of ponies, who were looking for a new land to call home because their old homeland was frozen by a never-ending blizzard. Equestria was officially funded in the 25th of December, and that day is now known to ponies as Hearth's Warming Eve. All the tribes were back at square one, but with the help of one another, they managed to keep going. Some time after their arrival, the tribes discovered another civilization that already had plenty of years living in Equestria. It was composed of beings that came to be known as draconequi. Ponies and draconequi developed an alliance, and with their help, Equestria expanded quickly.
That's it. This exams are going to be easy.

September 24, 763

Tomorrow I have the science and math exams. Same as yesterday, I'm going to review my knowledge.
Right now we're studying evolution in science class. Evolution is defined as the change something undergoes. When animals are evolving, it means their bodies are changing to adapt to their environment. It is sparked by mutation, or a strange change in an animal's body. If the animal survives with its mutation, then it reproduces and the change passes on to its offsprings. Researchers are interested in the way sentient creatures like draconequi and ponies evolve. Ruins of ancient civilizations have led researchers to believe that the world can only support a given number of sentient species at a time.
For math I have to remember the quadratic equation, the vertex equation and the discriminant equation. I also have to remember how to draw graphs. I already know all of those things. The only thing that I must keep in mind is under which conditions the line in a graph is dotted.

September 25, 763

This day's exams were too easy. Tomorrow I have the grammar and ancient languages exams. The awesome part is that I don't have to study. I got perfect grades on both subjects so I'm not taking the exams, and that also means I already finished exams. The day after tomorrow we'll start next month's topics.

November 6, 763

I'm starting to get the hang of playing cards. Today I won more than fifty bits. But of course I noticed that the game does not only depend on luck. Those who actually think fortune decides the winner in gambles is either too honest, or stupid. For one to actually start winning good money at playing games of chance, like cards, one must study the art of cheating. I learned plenty of tricks to appear and disappear cards, but I don't use them for entertainment, obviously; I use them to cheat. No one notices when I pull out an ace from my special hiding place, nor when I arrange the cards to get the best when they are sort out.
Yet, I'm still not the best cheater around here. Fortune Daze is still king, winning every hand he plays. Not even I am able to figure out where he pulls his cards from. Yet, I'm starting to gain on him. Bad part is, I'm also getting quite infamous. If nopony wants to play with me anymore, I'll be out of practice, and I won't be able to take Daze's crown. If it comes to it, I might consider playing cards outside of school.

December 25, 763

Heath's Warming Eve.
I remember that back at my hometown, only ponies celebrated this day, but here, we all celebrate it. It's kind of touching to see everyone singing carols and exchanging gifts, like a big family. Yet, it also gets in my nerves. We are all hypocrites; this day, we sing and play like if we were all brothers. But everyday else, we constantly get in the way of one another on purpose just to annoy or get something for ourselves, like me cheating in card games.
I'm being such a cynic. There are just as many ponies out there constantly working for the common good as there are who don't. Besides, today was a good day. Flare's family came over to have dinner at my place. Both our families have become tied together in a strong friendship, but me and Flare, it's something even stronger. When we get to be alone, we always have such a good time that I'm almost sure she is in love with me just as I'm in love with her. But, I'm sure both our families would vote against a relationship. My parents have told me multiple times that I'm still too young to have a girlfriend, so I respect that, even if I don't believe it myself. I also have to admit it wouldn't be easy. She lives at the other side of town and goes to a different school. Back at the small village of my childhood, it wouldn't matter, but this place is way larger. Actually, I think I read in the newspaper that we are on the brink of being considered a city, rather than a town.
Just a little patience. I'm halfway across the final school year. After that, things can get real.

January 8, 764

One of my buddies told me that no one at school will play cards against me anymore. It seems Fortune Daze told everyone of my cheats. I must say, that colt is smart for somepony his age. Not only did he get me off the competition, but he protected himself. If I say anything about his cheating, no one will believe me because they will think I'm just lying to get even. The one thing he did not consider however, was that I already had plans to get into the big games. There, I will learn far more tricks than I could have in school. In the end, the only thing he did was to force me to take the better option.
His crown will be mine.

January 24, 764

Street gambling is a though business. I heard once that there will always be somepony better than you, and playing outside of school has only confirmed the saying. Tricks that used to work all the time are failing me. Right now, I have a huge debt that I have to cover or things could get ugly.
But I don't regret anything. My skill is only increasing by the day, and I constantly learn new tricks from others. At first it was impossible, but fooling the card dealer is becoming easier. I'm sure I'll be able to repay my debt tomorrow, and maybe even get some extra bits to buy a nice little present for Flare.

February 14, 764

Hearts and Hooves Day.
There's much love in the air. It can almost be smelled. I guess that's why I've felt nauseous. Again, the street is filled with hypocrites. Ponies that would never call each other friends exchange gifts and hugs. There are also some couples, but I know neither will survive for long. Right now they think they are so in love, but tomorrow they will fall for somepony else and that's it. End of relation. I kind of fear that the same will apply to me.
Flare and I had kind of a date today. I invited her to a restaurant I know downtown. I don't remember if the food was good; I was too distracted with Flare. After we ate, we went for a walk in a nearby park, where we talked for hours until nightfall. When I dropped her off at her home, I gave her a gift I had bought with my gambling money. It was just a small obsidian figurine of a turtle, but she loved it. Before parting, she gave me a kiss in the cheek. Same cheek I won't wash for a very long time.

March 3, 764

I don't know whether to feel sorry or happy.
We were having dinner when someone knocked on the door. My father and I went to see, and we found all of Flare's family standing there below the rain. They asked if they could come in, and once they were warm and dry, they told us what happened. We are having stormy times; it rained all day long and lightning stroke everywhere. One reached Flare's house.
They told us that in just a few minutes, their whole house was blazing, and the rain wasn't enough to extinguish the fire before it consumed pretty much everything that was inside. Everyone's safe though, thank the stars. We're happy to give them refuge while they look for someplace else to live.
Flare's sleeping in the room just down the corridor. I should feel sorry for what happened to them, but I can't. The thought that she will be living with me for the next weeks, maybe even months, is overwhelming. I feel both mad with joy because of this, and ashamed of myself because I shouldn't be celebrating.
I hate it when my emotions crush me like this.

March 14, 764

The storm's still going.
This is complete madness! School was canceled, shops were closed, all because of this mad weather! The few news that actually reach us are all bad. The lower parts of the city are all flooded and neighborhoods in the hills have been evacuated in case of a mudslide. Every single refuge is filled to the brink and the shops were raided. We have been able to hold out in the house, not that we have another option: the roads are blocked too. Flare's father calculated we still have enough food for two weeks, that if the storage doesn't flood or something.
At least the days aren't boring. Flare's brothers and I spend our time playing cards while she spends hers either learning how to cook and sew from our mothers, or watching our games. They already noticed I'm a professional cheater. Good thing we aren't actually gambling, or they would have refused to continue playing a long time ago. Flare is impressed by my tricks. She is too innocent to realize I have already used my skills to win bits, and it would be best if it remained like that. Her company has kept me sane for the last two weeks. So much irony; out there, the world's falling apart. Here, a love story is being written.

March 20, 764

Storm's still going, but I no longer care.
I was walking down the corridor, when suddenly I got the feeling I had to go up, to the roof. I found Flare there, standing in the rain, soaking wet. I went to her side, and when she looked at me, I could read so much sadness in her eyes that I shivered. She had been crying; the rain was unable to hide the tears from me. When I asked her what was wrong, she said the weather scared her. She allowed everything off her chest: her concern on her friends, on her relatives, and on us. She said she had spent every night worrying about what could happen the next day; a flood, a mudslide, something that would mean the end to all of us. Lightning stroke, illuminating the night, and every time a thunder roared, Flare cowered a little.
I don't know what happened next. Acting out of pure emotions, I hugged her. My wings wrapped around her, protecting her from the rain. Flare gasped when I did that, but then, she relaxed, and hugged me back. I have no idea how much time passed after that; us standing below the rain. Every time lightning flashed, I knew time was passing, but that was not important. All my love manifested on that same moment; everything with just one move.
After what seemed like hours, we finally headed into the house. We dried ourselves and drank something warm to get the chill off our bones. Not a word was spoken, except for a little "goodnight" when we went to our rooms.
Now that I'm sitting here, alone in my room, I kind of wonder if I'll be sick tomorrow.
Who cares?

March 22, 764

Today the storm finally ended.
I was playing cards with Flare's brothers, when suddenly Wisp noticed the soft panting of the raindrops was gone. We looked out the window, and it wasn't raining anymore! Overwhelmed with joy, we immediately started singing and laughing. Our parents came in, thinking we had gone mad, but when we showed them that the rain was gone, they started laughing too. We rushed outside. Flare's brothers ran in every direction, yelling to the top of their lungs "The rain's gone!" while they sprang here and there in a sort of silly dance. I just stood there, excited but unable to move.
While I was in my trance, Flare walked to my side, and grabbed my hand. The clouds allowed some sunlight through just when I turned to look at her. Her scales gleamed beautifully. We smiled to one another, and stood there for a long while admiring the sun.
Later that day, news started flowing again. The storm's destruction was incredible. Unicorn researchers were completely baffled by what they called "The worst storm in the history of the world." At least two major towns located near the mountains were buried by mudslides, along with many other smaller settlements the survivors claim were scattered through the area. Many pegasai died trying to control the storm and countless more are missing. Every city lost at least three neighborhoods to the floods and thousands are homeless.
In a week's time a special ceremony will be held. It will be a time for prayer in which ponies and draconequi will beg for the souls of the dead and the missing. I thank the stars, for I didn't lose anyone in this tragic ordeal.

April 2, 764

Trottingham is making its best to recover from the catastrophe. Many roads are still blocked, but many more are now clear. Stores are up again and school's back on the line. In normal circumstances, I would be really unhappy about going back to school. No matter how much you like it, when you have a break as long as the one I just had, you'll feel bad when it's over. But not now. Just three more months and school's over. All I need is a small push and I'll be free.
Flare's family is still looking for a new place to live. In the meantime they will continue to live at my house. Because her old school is now a long way across town, not to mention the roads there are still impassable, Flare's going to my school now. That's good news for me.
My business is back online too. Today was the first gambling session in ages. I was a bit out of practice, Flare's brothers weren't enough, but everypony else was too so I still got a decent amount of bits. But, that isn't the important part. For the first time, I heard of The King, the best cheater in all of Trottingham. His crown is the real thing. Fortune Daze can wait, I'm now hunting for bigger game.

April 25, 764

My efforts finally yielded some results. After I heard of the king, I began playing for big money, cheating with the real pros. I imagined that winning in that circle would get me the attention of The King. For three weeks nothing happened, but today a pony came by and gave me a note. It said "I got my eye on you, fella. Best be careful." It was signed "The King". I know there must be plenty of ponies out there who call themselves "The King", but I got a feeling this is the one.

June 25, 764

Finally, prom day. Flare was with me. We spent our night laughing, eating, and dancing to our heart's content. The hours merged together and flied away like birds. It was truly the best night ever.
When the slow music began, Flare took me to the roof, where we would be alone. We danced together to the muffled music being played below. She looked so beautiful below the moonlight, with her lovely dress and deer antlers. It might sound cheesy, but it truly was a magical time.
And then, suddenly, she pressed her lips against mine. And that, dear diary, is the best thing ever. To be kissed by the one you love, it's simply beyond words. Just like the romance novels my mother loves to read: below the moonlight, only us, in a place with an excellent view...
After that, the party went on like a blur. There was nothing else it could offer me; I already had what I wanted.

July 2, 764

I was walking down the street, when suddenly a carriage stopped besides me and the ponies inside ordered me to enter. When I asked why, they told me The King wanted to see me. No doubt crossed my mind and I entered. I was taken to an abandoned office building. There, I noticed what being The King actually meant. I used to think The King was only the best cheater in all of Trottingham. Being good at card games earns you the place, but it is much more than just a title.
The King is a crime lord. Not a single gamble is made without him knowing, and he gets a share of all the bets in the city. Every single mayor playing center is controlled by him. Quite a high budget business.
But, who is the The King? I was directed to a room with a desk and an expensive businesspony chair behind it. When I arrived, the chair turned, revealing a red colt. It was Fortune Daze! I don't know how he did it, but the little fool somehow got the place. His special talent is cheating after all, but I expected someone much older. Daze challenged me to a game of cards in two days. The winner will keep the crown. The loser will be expelled from gambling forever.
This are quite high stakes, just as I like it.

July 4, 764

Now, I am The King. Fortune Daze will no longer be able to practice his special talent. How sad... but I don't care at all. My two major goals in life are now complete, with just one hand. The card dealer was an expert at discerning any funny business, not to mention I noticed he was in Daze's side, but I'm a master. He didn't notice any move I made. In the final hand, I managed to pull out the four aces, and with them, I finally won the crown and the place I always wanted over that annoying red foal.
My life is pretty much solved now. Thousands of bits will go into my pocket every day, and I don't even have to move from my house. Not bad for a newly graduated draconequus.

October 7, 768

Hello there diary. Ever since my last entry, I've been a really busy draconequus.
Being The King wasn't as easy as I expected, but the profit is worth every single effort. I bought a house and moved from my parent's home. They have told me multiple times how sad their house is now that I do not live there, but I visit them regularly. I have donated plenty of money to reconstruction programs throughout Equestria. This has earned me the public's love. If they only knew where the bits came from...
Trottingham has completely recovered from the storm, but its memory still lingers in the minds of everypony. The weather control team has gotten really paranoid. Because of that, the sky is clear most of the time. It's for the better; the government created a special team of unicorns to keep an eye on the weather at all times and alert the population if something developed. Nothing serious has happened, but those unicorns are a bunch of cowards. They have sounded the alarm six times now over pretty much nothing. If the weather team didn't keep the sky clear, that annoying alarm would sound everyday.
And Flare... She's the reason why I took you diary, out of oblivion. When I finally got out of school, my first real goal was to get real with her, and I did. We dated for four years, and last month, I finally proposed to her, and she said yes. Today's the wedding.
I feel like my life is now complete, but so much is still ahead of me. Whatever happens after today, Flare and I will be able to work it out, together.
This is my last entry, dear diary.

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