• Published 1st Feb 2012
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Dear Diary, What am I? - Solarios

Discord wasn't always bad. His past has a story to tell...

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Book 1

Books wait here, in this silent cage,
Their dusty pages worn out by age,
Hidden from sight, kept from the light,
Kept in shadows, regarded with spite.

Long lost knowledge and memories of old
Are gathered here, in this forgotten place.
Among other things there's the story not told
Of the being estranged by grace.

Four simple tomes, tarnished by dust,
Recall all the things that in time were lost.

August 17, 754

Hello there diary! I'm so excited about finally having a diary! Today was my 6 birthday. They gave me many fun toys, but what I like the most was daddy's gift. He gave me you! All my friends came over to celebrate. I really enjoyed myself today, hope tomorrow is just as fun!

August 18, 754

Not many things happened today; it was quite boring. I played with my new toys for a while before going to sit in the hill. I like it up there, at times it can be so quiet I forget about the things my mother tells me all the time. "Wash you teeth", "Clean your room", "Eat everything there is in your plate". I wonder why are parents so bossy. And the best part of being on top of the hill, is that I can see Flare. She usually spends her day playing ball with her brothers, and she's really good at it! Today, one of her brothers was blocking her way, but that didn't stop her! She jumped as high as she could, and passed right over her brother. The look on his face was so funny I couldn't hold a laugh. Flare noticed and smiled at me, she actually smiled at me! After that, the day wasn't very boring anymore.

August 19, 754

Today I joined one of Flare's games. Her brothers weren't at home, so other kids that live nearby came and played with us. I was on the same team as she was, and I tried to score as many points as I could, but it was nothing compared to what Flare scored. She's amazing! She slithered past the other team, her wings allowing her to move so fast across the field I lost sight of her more than once.
But the game didn't last long. Some bullies came over and stole the ball. I hate ponies. They are just like my parents, they come and ruin all the fun, and then they try to boss you around. Just when we were about to fight back, some adults come over and recover the ball for us so we could continue playing. Then, those bullies' parents come over and punish them and take them away. After that, they didn't came back, but I was still angry.

August 20, 754

Break's over, back to school. I don't like going to school, all they talk about is history and science and math. I really don't care about any of those things, but I still understand them. I have to, otherwise it would turn from boring to hard, and that wouldn't be nice for me. Just thinking about being stuck inside my house all day solving some math problems I don't understand makes my head hurt. So I study. Thanks to that I can finish my work quickly and go out to play with my friends after school. Bad part is, some of my friends do have problems and they can't come out as soon as I do. Good part is, Flare is as intelligent as I am, so she goes out more or less at the same time I got out, and when she does we talk about a lot of things and we play some games.

August 21, 754

The bullies came back today. They wanted to take my lunch, but I didn't gave them anything, so we fought. At first there were four ponies against me, but then, some of my friends came and helped me. Then there were five draconequi against four ponies. In the end, a teacher came and stopped the fighting. I was really bruised because they stomped me two times, but I was able to cut one of them with my eagle claw. When we were pushed apart, the one I had slashed called me freak. I didn't knew what that meant and when I asked my mother in the afternoon she said that it meant I was different from him, and that he meant it as an insult. I don't see the bad thing in us being different. Anyway I'm grounded for two weeks so I won't be able to play with my friends. It was all those bullies' fault.

this afternoon...
and then my fri-...

June 8, 755

Summer vacations are here! From this day on, nothing to do but to enjoy my days with my friends and Flare. Hope those pony bullies don't try to get even from yesterday's prank, or things could get ugly.

those bullies thought the-...
my father...
they constantly talk about us being different, but it all sounds stup-...
-im, and Flare...

July 20, 755

This is the worst day of my life. Today Flare's family came over to have dinner with us, and they told us they were moving to a far away place. When I asked Flare why they were moving, she told me she didn't know. After dinner, my father and hers went to a different room. Flare and I tried to spy on their conversation, but we couldn't make out anything from outside. When it was time for them to go, Flare gave me a kiss in the cheek. I felt as my face became hot, and Flare giggled. I was a bit embarrassed, but it was nice. I also had a gift for her; a small necklace I made one day. She told me she would never forget me, and I told her I would never forget her.

and he said...
today I was gro-...
-nd they said tha-...

December 14, 755

I lost most of my diary today. Almost all of it was ripped off by those idiot bullies.
I was in the forest writing, when suddenly they show up and attack me. My friends weren't around, so I had to fight alone, but four against one is not fair. Although my mom is out of her mind, I really don't worry much about myself. I just got a couple cuts and bruises, nothing serious, but when I was down, those stupid ponies took my diary and started ripping pages of out it. When they were done, they threw it at me, and trotted away laughing. When I checked the damage, almost all of my entries were gone, and they ripped out most of the blank pages I had too. I just have a few pages left now, so I think I'll just write important entries from now on.

December 25, 755

Today is an important day for ponies. They call this day Hearth's Warming Eve. They usually go outside and sing songs all night long. Although neither me nor any of my friends celebrate because we are not ponies, some of their happiness sticks to us. I usually spend my time at my bedroom window, looking outside where ponies sing with big smiles on their faces.
I wonder what Flare's doing right now and if there are ponies where she went because if there aren't any then that means there is no Hearth's Warming Eve at all.

August 17, 756

I'm eight now, but I'm not very happy. There was no party. Like Flare, all of my friends moved away to different places, so I don't have any friends now. There are a couple of draconequi my age still living in town. Mom says I should get near to them and make friends, but I don't like them. All they talk about is pranking others, and I think that's not nice. Without my friends, defending myself from the bullies has become harder. I'm kind of getting the hang on taking more than one pony at once, but they still manage to overpower me must of the time.

September 10, 756

Today was supposed to be the first day of school after summer vacations, but my father told me I didn't have to go anymore if I didn't want. Truth is, I hate school now. I don't have any more friends and by the end of the last year I got bullied all the time. The other draconequi always came to my defense, but that only made me feel worse because I have no intentions of joining their pranking. I already told them that, and they answered that it was alright, that they didn't ask anything of me but that I should still consider joining forces with them. After that, I tried to make friends with them, but I don't like their pranking ways.

October 4, 756

This is the last page of my diary. Curiously, this is also a very important day. Dad had been about moving to a very different place. He told me that there was a chance my friends would be where we were going. That sounds good enough for me! Anyway, we're going tomorrow.
My room's empty, only my bed remains, and although I now hate this place, I can't help but remember all the wonderful times I spent in this village with my old friends and with Flare. But that doesn't have me any less excited about tomorrow! I won't write anything on a long while, but I promise I'll get a new diary when I can, and then I will continue writing.

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