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The Lion and the Unicorn - Feather Book

When Twilight finds herself stranded in an alien land of sand and war, she must find a way home from this crazy wold.

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5. Old Tales

Chapter 5: Old Tales


“You mean to tell me that this war is just because they believe in something different than you!?”

Catherine almost fell out the cart as she reeled back from the unicorn’s fury. “Don’t look at me like that,” she said, slightly concerned by the smoke beginning to emit form Twilight’s mane. “I wasn’t the one to start this war.”

Twilight stood fuming on the back of the cart. She gritted her teeth and clenched her eyes shut. She looked as if she was about to explode when she stood straight and took in a deep breath. She exhaled whilst moving her left hoof out in front of her, letting the stress and anger escape with her breath. She sighed.

“You’re right,” she said. “I’m sorry. It’s just that I can’t believe that you would go to war over something so… trivial. There hasn’t been a war in Equestria for at least a thousand years.”

“Really? There seems to be one at least every month here,” Catherine said. A flash of disbelief shot across the unicorns face.

“How can you do that? I mean, yes your species is omnivorous, but not even Gryphons fight that much?”

“I don’t know why. Sometimes because of a lust for money or power, other times it’s to fight injustice. And some men are just evil,” Catherine sighed. “After the siege of Hassiaf I helped to tend the wounded and clean up the dead… I was always told that the Aysyrrasin heretics were monsters and demons… but they just looked like anyone else.”

Twilight felt a tug of guilt at seeing her newly met friend’s mood fall into dejection. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bring up bad memories,” she said.

Catherine shook her head and sighed, “No, it’s fine. It’s just the way the world is. I was just expecting… I don’t know what I was expecting. But at least I got to meet you.”

“Is that really the only good thing about this?”

“Twilight, meeting you was one of the best moments of my life,” Catherine said, Twilight would of thought that the woman was over exaggerating if it wasn’t for the sincere tone of her words. “And that only happened a few hours ago.”

“Wow, am I really that important to you?” Twilight asked, “I mean, sure, some things in life are bad, they can really make you mad-”

“Sometimes they want to make me swear and curse too,” Catherine bitterly interrupted. “But yes, ever since I was a child I’ve always wanted a unicorn as a friend. As I grew older I came to realise how foolish the idea was. But then you showed up, and while you did cost me a pot of perfectly good ink,-“


“-you’ve been more friendly than anyone else I’ve meet here,” Catherine finished. She turned her attention back to the slowly moving baggage train. “To tell you the truth, I’ve only ever had one friend.”

Twilight moved to sit next to Catherine and attempted to make herself as comfortable as possible in the limited space. “I know what that’s like. When I was growing up my only friends was my Brother and my foalsitter,” She said.

Catherine scoffed. “Yeah, your foalsitter who was a princess and went one on to marry your brother and rule an Empire. What is a foalsitter anyway?”


The long hot days and the not-quite-as-long-but-still-long-and-rather-annoyingly-cold nights quietly passed by. Whenever Twilight got the chance she would sneak around the carts in search for any book to read which was remarkably easy as no one could see her.

Each book she found was another insightful look into this world. She read of legends and history of great leaders and vast empires. Some held scientific and medical knowledge that made Twilight cringe at its inaccuracy. But none of them held any answers. None of them spoke of Equestria or offered anything that could help her get home.

It wasn’t all bad. The more she read the more she came to understand these humans. They were in many ways much like Equestria before Discord first arrived, working together in the name of a greater good, but still watching their backs for a knife, poisoned dart or falling rock. There was one book, however, she longed to read above all others: the Book of Solaris, the so called ‘holy book’ of all Solarians, although Twilight still wasn’t sure how a book could be holy, not even the ones Celestia wrote were considered that highly. Although she never admitted it to the princess she did enjoy her mother’s own books more.

There was one slight problem Twilight encountered; no one seemed to have a copy of this book. Both Catherine and Robert could recount stories from the book, but neither of them knew the whole thing word for word and even in the places they suggested to look not a single copy could be found.

“I could have sworn that monks - Monks, of all things - would at least have one copy on them. I mean, it’s their job after all!” Robert said late one night as the trio sat around a slow burning fire.

“I remember that there was one kept in the chapel back ho- back in Basingstoke Castle,” Catherine added. “It’s not much use now, I know, but they do exist.”

Twilight gave a hefty sigh and looked up from the book that lay in the sand. “It may not even have any answers. Just like everything else here. Most of them are just diaries, journals and ledgers anyway.”

Robert shifted anxiously when Catherine glanced at him. She rolled her eyes as she turned back to the unicorn. “It will be okay Twilight. Who knows, maybe when we next get to a city they will have a lot more books, maybe a library.”

“First we have to siege the city and then hope that it and the books stay intact. Even then they will probably be in another language…” Robert trailed off when he felt the deadly glare of Catherine’s eyes seeping into him. He gulped. “I-I mean, sure they will. And it will be fine. Who in their right mind would burn a library of all things?”

“Thanks,” Twilight dryly remarked. The desert itself was wetter than the sincerity of her words. “I suppose I should have expected as much. Discord said that he left a way home. He didn’t say that it would be easy to find. If anything he would have made in the last place I would… look…”

A glimmer of an idea formed in Twilight’s eyes. “Twilight?” Robert asked. “Are you okay?”

“That’s it...” Twilight said, “Of course! How could I have been so stupid?!”

“I still don’t-“

“When Discord took the elements of Harmony he hid them in the place I first read about them! If he’s done the same thing then he would have hidden the way home… right… where… he put me in… this one…”

“I’m sure that he wouldn’t have done that,” Catherine said. She moved to Twilight’s side and placed her hand on the unicorn’s fetlock in the hope of providing some confront. Twilight stiffened at the contact but let out a sigh and relaxed, lowering her head into the comfort of the old pages. “Twilight,” Catherine continued. “No matter where the way home is, I promise you Twilight, that I’ll help you find it. No matter how long it takes.”

Twilight felt something swelling within her. It was a familiar feeling. The fire felt cold compared to the feeling’s warmth. A large smile formed on her face from its comfort and her eyes quivered as they attempted to withhold tears. “R-Really? You would do all that just for… me?” she asked.

“Of course Twilight,” Catherine replied, “It’s what friends do.”

It was at that moment Twilight realised where she had felt the feeling before. The first time was when her friends came to saver her from Nightmare Moon. That was the moment when she first discovered friendship and now even here on a distant wold with strange creatures she had found it again.

“Thank you,” she said. Catherine yelped as a purple glow enveloped her and pulled her into the unicorn’s forelegs. After the shock she chuckled and returned the hug.

“It’s no problem Twilight,” she said. Her eyes turned over to Robert whose own eyes darted around unsure of what they should be looking at. “And I’m sure that Robert will also help.”

At the mention of his name the startled human fell off the small rock he sat on. “W-Who, me?”

“Yes, you,” Catherine deadpanned as she and the unicorn released each over and turned to the man. Robert now found two large purple eyes looking expectantly at him, and another set of smaller yet stunningly beautiful hazel eyes glaring at him with a look that said “Say yes or I will kill you”.

“I-I…” He gulped, “I would love to Twilight.”

The feeling returned to Twilight again. Her lips rose with a smile and a purple glow formed around her horn.

“But,” said Robert. The glow and smile fell. “I can’t, Twilight. I’m sorry. But I just can’t.” Twilight felt another feeling in her chest. This one rapidly crashed into what remained of the previous feeling and crushed the remnants into a fine dust. “You see, I’m sworn to serve Sir Neville until he releases me of service… or the day I die. I can’t just run off and help you. I could be seen as a traitor, or a coward, or a deserter, or-“

“That’s it?” a cold and harsh voice interrupted. Catherine looked at the man through fiery eye slits and spoke through gritted teeth. “You aren’t willing to help just because you care more about what others think of you then a friend? A unicorn of all things!”

“I-I... Please, just-“

“No. You were there at the start, you were the one who kept her safe, you-“


The woman stopped and all eyes turned to Twilight. The unicorn was about to say something else when she turned her head away and sniffed. A few drops of tears landed in the sand and on the pages of the book below.

“It’s… It’s okay,” said Twilight. Her voice wavered as she attempted to regain control over her quivering lips. She sniffed again and looked up to Robert who was still reeled back from Catherine’s words. “I understand that… that honour and promises are something that you can’t just break. You… you sort of remind me of Rainbow Dash in that way.”

“Twilight,” Robert muttered, “I’m… I’m so sorry-“

“It’s fine. You don’t have to explain.”

“No, but, my family. If I leave Sir Neville then… then they may get evicted. They’ll have nowhere to live… and I’ll never see them again. Twilight, I am so sorry, but I can’t risk that. Not even for you.”

The group fell into silence. The nearby sounds of other conversations and merrymaking provided an uncomfortable soundtrack to the moment. Robert wasn’t sure what to do. He just sat with his head down as a feeling of disappointment fell upon him.

He wasn’t aware of the purple glow that surrounded him until he was suddenly pulled into the grasp of the unicorn. He flinched from the sudden hold. He twisted in an attempt to free himself. It was useless, but then he came to realise that instead of attacking him, Twilight was giving him a hug. Robert froze as confusion flowed through his mind. Hesitantly he raised his arms and clasped them around the back of the purple mare.

“I said that I was okay, didn’t I?” Twilight said with a final sniff. Robert almost melted into the unicorn’s hug. It was a strange feeling. The last time he had a hug was from his mother and sister just before he left for the crusade. This hug was different in a way more so than the fact that he was being hugged by an extremely dexterous formally-mythical horned pony. The hug gave him a sense of warmth and a strange tingling sensation.

“I’m not interrupting anything, am I?”

The startled two pulled away from each other and whipped their heads around to see a confused and worried Father Brian standing above them with a large object warped in cloth securely held beneath his arm.

“Uh… Father… I, I was-“

“We were just playing charades, Father,” interrupted Catherine.

“Oh, right,” said the older man. “I’ve never been one for any of these new-fangled foreign games. But anyway, it’s good to see you finally breaking out of that shell of yours. I told you that coming on this most holy of adventures would be good for you.”

Robert gave a nervous glance to Catherine who simply rolled her eyes.

“I recognise you, you’re that kind girl who makes that excellent broth.”

“Thank you, Father. And my name is Catherine.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you. Now, Robert. I came here to take up on that offer to teach you how to read. If you don’t mind that is.” Father Brian said as he moved to sit next to Robert. Twilight gave a yelp of surprise as she suddenly found the large man sitting on her tail.

Catherine attempted to suppress a snigger as she watched the struggling mare. Father Brian took the cloth covered object out from under his arm and laid it gently on the ground. His hands moved with greater care and delicacy then an artist who was painting the finishing touches onto his masterpiece as he lifted the cloth from the object revealing a large and well-worn book.

“This is my favourite book. It has some of the greatest stories and legends held within it.” Father Brian said as he brushed his hand over the cover and gently opened the book to the first page. “It’s a shame that these stories aren’t more commonly known. Now where to… I’m sorry but I think I’ve sat on an ant hill or something. The ground feels like it’s moving under me.”

Father Brian lifted his generously sized rump letting Twilight’s tail free, and consequently sending her to the ground like a raggedy doll fired from a slingshot. Father Brian gave Catherine a confused look as she rolled on the ground in tears of laughter.

“Just ignore her,” Robert muttered.

Father Brian shrugged and began his lesson. Twilight brushed the dirt from her coat and made herself comfortable to the side. Twilight looked up and watched the two go through their lesson with a smile. In an odd way the sight reminded her the times that Celestia would read to her in front a warming fire. Twilight could still feel her mentor’s soft wing gently resting other her providing her with a feeling of warmth and safety.

It was a feeling that she longed for again.

“This one is one of my favourites,” father Brian said as he began to read. “There once was a unicorn mare. One of the most beautiful creatures to ever live. One day she met a handsome man who she immediately fell in love with. There was only one problem that kept her from loving the man. She was still just a unicorn. She was so desperate to be with the man she loved that she climbed to the tallest mountain and called out to Solaris for aid. And Solaris heard her pleas and bestowed upon her a golden chalice and whoever drank wine from it will have a single wish of theirs fulfilled. The unicorn accepted this gift and following the Lord’s instructions she wished to become human. And it was done.”

Twilight was listening intently. She had read of other magical items in the humans’ books but none like this. The possibilities! With this chalice could she get home? The idea boiled up within her like a kettle that had been left on the stove for too long. Fluttershy would disapprove of such a thing, but now if what the old man said was true then there could be a chance that Fluttershy could show Twilight her disapproval in the comfort of her home. Catherine gave the unicorn a knowing glance. She had the same idea.

“The unicorn, now a woman, fell deeply in love with the man whom shared her affection,” Father Brian continued. “They had two sons, Vinacent and Eldron. One day they were out playing when they discovered where their mother had hidden the chalice. They knew what it was and together decided to try it. Vinacent went first. He drank from it and due to his love of all animals he wished that he could talk to them. It was done and Vinacent went on to have a romantic relationship with their dog, but that’s a whole different story… Eldron took his turn and drank from the chalice. He, however, was hungry for power and knowledge. So that’s what he wished for.

“Eldron, wicked and corrupt, set out to conquer the world. Cities fell to his army of machines born from the depths of his stained mind. He ruled over the land with an iron fist, enslaving the people to work at building a great city for him. Vinacent saw the horror and torment caused by his brother and united an army of man and animals against him. The battle was long and hard, but in the end flesh and blood triumphed over machine. Solaris was pleased in Vinacent’s work and asked him to hide the chalice in a place where only those worthy of its power could find it. And it was done.”

“Ask him where it was hidden,” injected Twilight. Robert nodded and asked the old man.

“Well, they say that it was under the Holy City itself,” replied Father Brian to Robert. Twilight had taken the opportunity to get a closer look at the book. “They say that many have tried looking for it and failed. But I did hear that the Templars did find something before the Aysyrrasins attacked.”

“So who would know where it is now?” asked Twilight. Again Robert translated her question. Father Brian just shrugged.

“I wouldn’t know boy. It was just a rumour anyway. If you really wanted to know, ask one of the Knights. I’m sure that they will know, if they want to answer that is.”


The Templar’s part of the camp was very much like the rest of the camp. The embers of fires slowly died down under the star splattered sky. The tents and flags fluttered and rustled in the in the cold wind of the night. Twilight wasn’t sure if it was just her imagination but the night felt colder and more forbidding in this world. She had spent a few early nights in this world looking at the stars above. There wasn’t a single constellation she recognised and, although they were undoubtedly beautiful, these starts just didn’t carry the same grace and awe-inspiring warmth that the stars over Equestria do.

It served as another unwelcome reminder just how far away from home she truly was.

Twilight trotted up to the largest tent. Two guards in black armour stood on either side of the opening. Neither of them took any notice of her as she passed between them and into the tent. The immediate warmth sent a relaxing wave over her as she looked around.

The walls were lined by flags and carefully positioned touches with the odd rack of armour and weapons. In the centre sat a large table with, to Twilight’s delight, maps, books, quills and other items that wouldn’t look out of place in Celestia’s study, although it wasn’t as neat and organised as the Princess'. Twilight briefly wondered how they were able to transport all the items in the room, but her curiosities were interrupted when the tent opened and voices flowed in. Twilight instinctively hid behind a rack of armour and surcoats as three figures stepped in.

“…land and have slayed my people,” said the first man. Twilight recognised him as Sir Neville.

“I am aware of how serious this is, Sir Neville. I know your father well and I know that he will hunt down the perpetrators and bring then to justice. I just have to hope he doesn’t end up starting a war whilst I’m away,” said the second man, his voice was strong and regal. Twilight recognised him as the king of Robert’s country.

“I know, my Liege. With all due respect, I should have been there to stop it. The list of the dead…”

The King placed a hand on Sir Neville’s shoulder. “You are going to be a great man one day, just like your father. But sacrifices must be made. You can’t protect everyone all the time. I suggest you return to your tent and sleep over it. We have a busy day tomorrow anyway.”

Sir Neville was about to continue arguing but closed his mouth and gave a small bow. “Of course, Your Majesty. As you will,” he said. The king gave a nod and Sir Neville left.

The third man now let himself known. “Feelings like that will lead him to trouble someday,” said the man. His voice’s accent was different than any others, it sounded sillier to that Griffin chef she once met. She peaked out to see who it was, only for her heart to stop at the sight of the Grandmaster standing in the tent.

“He’s just a boy. He’ll grow up fast,” said the King as he walked around the table. The Grandmaster moved to the other side and stood opposite the king.

“Yes, I’m sure he will, but please, may we get on with this?” asked the Grandmaster. Twilight didn’t dare breathe, let alone move as she sat frozen behind the rack. She remembered her last encounter with the Grandmaster, the last thing she wanted was a repeat inside his very own tent.

The King and Grandmaster talked over a map for what felt like an hour. She would have been interested in studying what they were saying but the words seemed to wash over her as she tried thinking of what to do. She didn’t even know if any clues to this secret place under the Holy City would be here. Truthfully she didn’t even know where the city was or what its real name was.

When they finally left Twilight remained still for a few minutes longer. Once she was sure that they had left she let out a long sigh of relief and her exhausted hooves collapsed under her. She wanted to go to sleep but the ever present fret that they could return forced her to act quickly.

She leapt up on the table and began scanning the books for anything that may be of use. She found nothing.

With a disgruntled sigh she sank down to the hard oak surface and held her head in her hooves. It was just her luck.

Her horn tapped something metal. She looked up to see a set of keys lying under a few scraps of paper. Twilight picked them up in her hooves and curiosity took over. ‘Something as important as the location of a secret vault would be kept somewhere safe,’ she thought to herself. She looked round the tent and found a large chest in the corner, and to her luck it had a large lock on its front.

Fin a flash Twilight teleported to the chest and placed the key into the lock. She let out a squeal when it fitted perfectly. She froze. She was about to look though someone’s privet chest in search for information that may not even be there, her mind was screaming at her, ‘Is this right?’

‘It must be,’ she argued back. ’It’s worth the try, and anyway, it’s not like I’m stealing anything or trying to blackmail him.’

Twilight took a deep breath. She didn’t even want to look as she turned the key and heard the chinking of unlocking bolts. She slowly opened the lid and looked inside at the neat piles of letters, scrolls and books. She let out a long groan as her head sank onto the edge of the chest. “I wish Spike was here.”

She started looking though each of the letters, starting with the most recent and taking care not to read anything too private and to put them back in the right place. The letters passed and they were nothing more than correspondences with lieutenants and other commanders as well as plans for battle and secret doings that Twilight had no interest in.

Then there was one letter that caught her eye.

To Grandmaster William de Sable

16th Hellios, AS 1193

The items and documents stolen by the Aysyrrasins from the dig site in the Holy City arrived by carriage in the heretic citadel of Damarus on the night of the 16th of the 6th month, year of our sun 1193.

My attempts to retrieve the key will attempt soon, it is currently being stored in the great treasure house. I will send a response upon my success.

Yours faithfully

Master Severus

It wasn’t much, but it was the biggest lead she had so far. Twilight leapt up onto the table and looked over the maps that lay about. They were crudely drawn and must surely be inaccurate compared to modern Equestrian maps but sure enough the helpful ‘We are here’ mark left by the map owner as well as the large city clearly labled ‘Damarus’ to the east made it easy to understand.

The tent opened. Twilight’s head snapped up to meet the surprised eyes of the Grandmaster who stood still in the tent’s doorway.

There was a few seconds of awkward silence. The Grandmaster drew his sword and drive forwards. Twilight panicked. She grabbed the letter and map and in a flash teleported far away.


Twilight was in a hurry. She grabbed a bag from the tent she shared with Catherine and stuffed it with blankets, food and, to her disgust, a water skin. She also carefully placed the folded map and letter inside. With that all set she took a deep breath and hoisted the bag on to her back.

Finally she left a note next to the gently sleeping Catherine. She watched her friend as a ping of gilt stung her heart. “I’m… sorry. Goodbye,” she whispered as she turned to the tent’s door.

“Twilight?” The unicorn winced and froze at the sound of Catherine’s voice. “Twilight, what are you doing?” the human asked as she yawned and sat up in bed.

“I’m going to find that book,” Twilight said defiantly. “And I know that you said that you would help me, Catherine. I’m sorry, but I’m going alone.”

Catherine quickly blinked the sleep from her eyes. “Are you crazy? Don’t you know how dangerous it is out there?”

“Yes, I do. That’s why I’m going alone. I can’t put you or Robert in danger for me. Besides, this isn’t the first time I’ve gone alone into dangerous places and I do have a map.” Twilight let a reassuring smile on her face as she slid the map out of her bag to show the woman.

“You know that’s not going to work on me, right?” Catherine gave a skeptical frown to the pony, Twilight backed out of the tent and turned to the east. Catherine soon exited after with a blanket wrapped tightly around her. “Now you come back to the tent, Twilight. It’s freezing out here and who knows what lurks in the darkness.”

Twilight hung her head in thought. “No,” she said. “This is my problem, not yours. I can’t put you in danger to help. You said how dangerous it was yourself-“

“I don’t care about danger, Twilight. You’re my friend and I’m coming… Where are you going anyway?”

“You’re as stubborn and loyal as Rainbow Dash,” Twilight chuckled. “I’m heading to a place called Damarus. It’s a city to the east. Thank you, Catherine. I really do mean it. You are a good friend, but I’ve got to get home, and I will have an easier time on my own. I am invisible after all.” A tear escaped Twilight’s eyes as her horn began to glow. “Goodbye, Catherine.”

In a flash, Twilight was gone.


Robert was having a nice dream. It was odd in a way. He was with his family, only, he wasn’t at home even though the dream world felt more homely than home. There birds were singing in the trees where squirrels and other small woodland critters frolicked.

And then there was a voice. A soft and heavenly voice that called his name from afar. There, on yonder hill did he see the shadow of the rare and radiant maiden whom the angels named Catherine. She called to him and glided across the sea of grass. But the sun grew hotter, the voice became louder, and soon the angle was a fiery demon – a good looking one he would add – reaching out for him and screaming with a voice to shake mountains, “Robert!”

His eyes shot open, the dream appeared to have come true.

“Wake up you lazy badger or I swear that you will regret sleeping ever again!”

Or not…

“I’m up, I’m up,” muttered Robert as he sat up from his cot. “What’s going on?”

“Twilight has run away,” said Catherine.

Robert had to make sure that he heard Catherine correctly. When she repeated herself a smile attempted to brake on his lips. Half his mind however fought to keep it down, in the end it won out. “What do you mean she’s run away?”

“As in she has gone. She’s run off into the night heading for Damarus!”

“What? Why would she do that?” asked Robert.

“She says that she doesn’t want to put us in danger.”

“Well, that’s good.”

“This is nothing to joke about, Robert,” Catherine said almost too loudly. Frank turned and murmured in his sleep behind her.

“I think we should take this outside,” suggested Robert. Catherine nodded in agreement.

It was about an hour of explaining and arguing back and forth enough to make tennis fans bored until Robert finally found himself in a highly unwanted position. “You know I can’t let you do this! He’ll kill me if he finds out!” he hissed.

Catherine ignored him as she finished strapping a hastily prepared bag of supplies to Joey’s saddle. “I am going and you’re going with me,” she said.

“Are you mad? It’s freezing and the land is filled with Aysyrrasins who will kill us or enslave us or do other really, really bad things to us.”

“That’s precisely why I’m going after Twilight. If she’s in danger she will need our help.”

“She’s invisible! And what would you do anyway? Flail your hands at them! You are just a wom-“

Robert didn’t get to finish his sentence before a loud slap sounded followed by a sharp yelp that was heard throughout the camp.

“You are getting on this horse with me and we are going to follow her! Understand?” Catherine yelled.

Robert’s head span like a wonky wagon wheel as he stumbled off the ground and clasped the large throbbing red hand print on his face. His eyes made the mistake of meeting Catherine’s.

He gulped.

“Okay,” he said as he stumbled defeated towards Joey and mounted him.

“Well?” Catherine asked as she gave an inpatient look at the young crusader. Robert returned a look of confusion as the gears slowly turned in his head. He lowered a hand that Catherine accepted and she heaved herself onto the back of the saddle.

Robert turned to the front and gave Joey a comforting pat, followed by several others. “Okay… Here we go; we’re just stealing my Lord’s horse and going after an invisible unicorn…” he said with a nervous chuckle.

“Stop stalling and get going!”

Robert raised the rains and then froze. This was a terrible idea, he told himself.

Catherine sighed and leaned forwards. “Joey,” she said. “I don’t know if you can understand me, but Twilight is in trouble, and she needs our help.”

Little did she know that something amazing happened that night. It wasn’t a sudden rain storm that saved a burning orphanage, nor was it a gaggle of Vikalinn raiders getting washed ashore of an unknown paradise after being lost at sea. Instead, at that very instant Joey became the first horse since the depths of time itself to understand what a human had said.

’Twilight’s in trouble!’ the horse thought. He suddenly reared up and let out a loud neigh, startling his riders and making them hold on for their lives. He leapt out of his paddock and galloped off thought the tents. “I’m coming for you, Twilight,” he called.

Catherine didn’t know this as she called, “Twilight went that way!”

Author's Note:

It’s long overdue but it is finally here. Thank you all for your patience, please feel free to leave comment. I do enjoy them.

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