• Published 14th Jan 2013
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Erotic rhymes - Theorangefox

Firestorm X Zecora

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Commence read.

EDIT: My boner and myself love the fuck outta you.
See you on the thread, bro.

What a cover:rainbowwild:

Oh and the story is great too:scootangel:

that cover is my spray in Team Fortress 2 XD

1960265 you really think so?

oh my god another firestorm clop fic..notices its with zecora too , in the words of a fav mlp gen 3 pony sweetberry "SWEEET"

1960167 You're too kind! :P

Comment posted by Sputnick deleted Jan 14th, 2013

About me. a clop was writ,
By Theorangefox; that little twit!
I'd skin him alive, and eat his brains!
But even getting angry, gives me such pains.

Fret not about what you have done,
For it to have happened, I've already won.
I scored many points, and the crowd gave a cheer,
Now buy me a drink, kiddo. Anything but beer. :moustache:

Playcolt is pleased by this offering, your anus is sparred another night.


Awwww... no crazy potion effects...

Though to note, the usage of the word "boobs" was a bit overdone, you could have replaced it with "breasts" several times to good effect. And personally, the word pulls me out of whatever I'm reading as it seems silly, sorta like using the term "Yogurt Cannon" to refer to a penis would :rainbowlaugh:

Was good clop, probably the best Zecora one I've read, however I think you got a little adjective happy. My example being you've got a complete oxymoron.

"Firestorm moved his waist between her slender, thick thighs."

slender, slight, slim, svelte(adj),
being of delicate or slender build

fat, awkward, broad, big, large, wide, thick

My laughter at this brought me completely out of the story :derpytongue2:

uhhh well.... LOVE IT!!!! now I have to go and watch all the Zecpra episodes agian bye.

Before I read this, my face was like :pinkiesmile:

When I read, my face was like :pinkiehappy:

After I read, my face was like :moustache: This pleases me very much. Great Zecora clop, bro


TFW yogurt cannon

1961132 Implying I'd let you within 50 miles of me! :ajbemused:


Implying I don't already watch you shower

Aaaaaaaahhhh uuh duz some pony have a sock

Haec est mirabile faceret loqui Latine!

Non tamen adhuc maiori indiget Derpy.

So who Firestorm going to bang next Cheerilee,Nurse Redheart,Gilda,Trixie,A Royal Guard,Queen chrysalis,Lightning dust,Derpy,

My oc's name is Firestorm...................
I loved every second of this fic XDD

1972791 Well I was thinking of what would happen if Firestorm was held back after class!

1973642 Glad it made ya enjoy it!

1974733 also what clopfic featuring canon characters is next on your list, please let it be doctor whooves/derpy hooves PLEASE

A Zecora story. Commence read.

oh god. im smiling like a fool. a fool with raging erection. i think my jaw got locked. and

Firestorm’s dick looked like the cosiest, happiest hot dog resting in between her fat buns.

Dat mental image. I swear i could use it to cast Patronus.

orange i gt a question for you...HOW THE BUCKIN HELL do you make the most awsome clop fic stories. i mean seriosly all your stories are golden.

2003829 Aw come on you're just saying that! :3

2003846 actually im not, everyone of your stories ive read have been just golden, a classic gem , full of experience and emotion. i mean some clop and other fics are just pure crap, no emotion from the characters whatsoever, , imena you cant feel what their going through, but with yoru stories theres purpose and belevability, even though some of the stories are anthrosized they still show and exibit that realism, and emotion that other stories lack.

2004492 Wow man, just wow. Thanks so much!

2004492 Umm...Im sorry, but may I recommend another story? Its called Xenophilia, and its one of the more famous works on FiM fiction. This was fantastic too, don't get me wrong. I just wanted to tell you about something you might like, if you need another emotional story. :twilightsheepish: That being said...HOLY CRAP THIS STORY WAS INCREDIBLY GOOD! Very nice work OrangeFox! :heart:

2009920 heh, much appreciated! Thanks.

Oh lawdy, yes! It's fantastic to see more of the anthro work of yours that I fell in love with. The way you described Zecora's plump body was mesmerizing :raritystarry:. Thick women like in this story and your newest blog post are absolutely gorgeous! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

This was awesome!

That was the BEST clop-fic I've ever read:pinkiehappy:

I....-sigh- I used all my willpower to not fap to this while I was reading it.
Damn this is a good story!

Okay. Not gonna do this comment in rhyme, I’ll leave it to the story. *laces gloves* Time to give this a whirl!

… “the everfree forest in” – Everfree Forest is a place, so it should be capitalized. That said, I don’t consider this a big deal, but it was honestly the first error I found, so I’m making sure to add it, even if it’s minor! :rainbowwild:

… “and Zecora done well” – I think you need to add “had” between “Zecora” and “done”.

… “Mare’s you see” – There shouldn’t be an apostrophe in “Mare’s”.

… Believe it or not, that’s all I could find. This barely needed a proofread! In terms of how it was typed, it’s fantastic.

Negatives about it, would probably be how much Zecora seemed to enjoy it. I don’t know why, but her rhymes at integral parts seemed like she was far from enjoying it as much as him. That troubled me somewhat, considering how there is normally a much more ‘even’ dynamic to how much the two characters are enjoying the sex. The foreplay was rather brief, but excusable because I know that’s your style.

The only other complaint I have is about ‘the bowl’. So… she needed the seed of the stallion, yet it never comes up… at least the scene ends pseudo-lovingly, which is adorable for a clopfic of yours. Bravo! :yay:

Fuck my life no good links... Fuck it. CLOP CLOP CLOP

i almost didnt need to use my hands.:trollestia: the epic detail of this story was that good!:twilightblush:. if you can, try to continue this story and add more chapters please:scootangel:

nice mate


Good story I like to see Gilda next.

2196067 his name may be time turner in the show, but we doctor who fans call him Doctor whooves for his likeness to the 10th doctor. Allon-sy!

1975895 Read Initiated. COMMENCE MEMORY STORAGE.

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