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Stories about families, friends, the past, the present, the future, the science of magic and the magic of science.


"Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown."  The return of Luna to Equestria is a great joy to Celestia, but she wonders if Luna is ready to resume her place, and how well she will be accepted by Equestrian society.  Also, all is not well in Equestria itself, as ponies including Twilight Sparkle are having strange dreams and magic is beginning to go haywire.  Can the Princesses' newfound happiness survive the stress of the coming clash of universes they both feel is imminent?  

Artwork by Mythee and Nevina

Chapters (18)
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Ahh, the classic booger ending of a chapter. :pinkiesmile:


Had to register just to comment on this. It's so b'aww, but I can't help but think that it's the calm before the storm. The awesome political intrigue storm. RAINCOATS AT THE READY, BRING IT ONNNN BRO- UH, FADDAH

I researched everything I could find as sources for the structure, nomenclature and symbology of the Equestrian state for this chapter. Please let me know what you think of my take on how Celestia would structure her government. By the way, more to come on why this is so in subsequent chapters, straight from the Royal pony's mouth!


I was wondering what Celestia meant by "time of need", and then there was subtle hinting at plot stuff. *spooky noises* Really well written chapter, I love how descriptive it is with motions and colors! Wish I could better picture the pegasus and earth pony leaders, though.

I will have more on the Tribal Council later, but this chapter was already heavy on description and I wanted to avoid slowing the pace too much.

Luna: I want to friends with common ponies! 8D
Somewhere: Fluttershy screams... softly

:yay:I really like this story so far and I hope at some point Luna gets to spend some friendly bonding time with prince blueblood,likely in the timeline of after shes discovered fun in ponyville or whenever you feel like it.Keep it up:eeyup:

More foreshadowing? Fiveshadowing! :derpytongue2:

This fanfic now has its own personal art! ...Should I add the name of the fic into the image? :trixieshiftright:

Thanks! It's absolutely perfect!!! And As to adding the name of the fanfic - that's good publicity for me, but I suggest you make your signature bigger so people can see it. Text to use. "The Good of the Many"', "a fanfic by", "Dafaddah". With the second two parts smaller than the first, in the lower left hand corner.

Thanks for the explain, Minister Hoofing! XD
From the flow of their conversation and events it seems that neither of them are much disturbed by the existence of another universe connected to their own. Or maybe we just haven't been privy to their thoughts and feelings on the matter.

That's for next chapter, heh heh heh!


LARGE HADRON COLLIDER FTW :pinkiegasp: SCIENCE! T'was an honor to be cameo'd in this ultimate win. @u@ *writes fanfic about how much I'm spazzing over this fanfic*

Also, this was just a very interesting chapter. A lot of meaty content to savor, cameos or not. And Luna being competent. That is très cool.

A quick update on TGOTM (too lazy to type the entire name although this parenthesis is way longer then the actual title would have been... meh...). :pinkiegasp:

Sorry it's taking me so long for the next chapter. I hope to be able to finish it by tomorrow. Sorry! :fluttershyouch:

BUT - more foreshadowing - you'll get to find out THE DETAILS OF THE MORTAL PERIL OF TWO UNIVERSES!

And more Spike.:moustache:


Something worries me. Do Luna and Celestia have humanworld counterparts that could suddenly find themselves wielding tremendous power if resonance occurred? @A@

I have thought about this also. the big difficulty is their status as immortals would be difficult to match on earth. Also remember that the Princesses are descended from the "Equestrian universe's fabricators" and they did not say that they (the princesses) are descended from or even patterned on entities from the human world. :trollestia:

D the bearded

I have thought about this also. the big difficulty is their status as immortals would be difficult to match on earth. Also remember that the Princesses are descended from the "Equestrian universe's fabricators" and they did not say that they (the princesses) are descended from or even patterned on entities from the human world. :trollestia:

D the bearded

Already almost 2000 words done on chapter 8 - I should be posting it Sunday Feb 12th. And by the way, Thanks for reading! :twilightsmile:


This is my longest chapter up to date, with action happening in two universes, three main plot lines, new OCs, ideas on how ponies do complex simulations without computers (note this is a clue as to how they manage computation in general), pnykind's possible first exposure to the iPhone - FORESHADOWING, and generals more explanations on science, magic and the multiverse.:derpyderp1:

da old faddah

YES! THIS CHAPTER WAS BEAST! XD Thank you for the read, can't wait for moarrrr.

Dear readers,

I thought I should give you an update on my progress with chapter 9. I have yet to start even the first sentence. DUN, DUN, DUUUUUUUUNNNN!

Let me explain: I have been hard at work on a submission for the Ferbruary Write Off, and it's already into 6000 words, so I have not been a Lazyo Lazy McLazerson.

I will get back to work on TGOTM as soon as I am done, or e contest closes (this weekend).


Da huffin an puffin ol Faddah

Hubi Frubiends,

I have finally finished my entry for the February Write Off! That means I will be getting back to continuing TGOTM. All that intense writing practice will hopefully lead to my being able to increase the pace and/or size of updates. Your patience is nevertheless much appreciated - and as a bonus I hope you will like my FWO submission. :scootangel:

Tired but happy me,

P.S. The authors of the FWO submissions will be kept hidden until the contest is ended. I will reward the first reader who guesses which entry is mine with a cameo in TGOTM! Just place your guess in a comment below. (One guess max per person. In the case of multiple guesses I will take the LAST guess as your official entry.) I will announce the TGOTM cameo winner after the FWO winners are announced.

Hello readers,

Tonight I will post a new chapter of TGOTM. Don't forget to check the February Write Off. Wiovercome 250 entries, finding mine may be a bit of a challenge! :raritydespair:

VBR. Dafaddah

Hello from Dafaddah

Here is chapter 9. It's been bubbling inside of me all week as I was working on my entry for the FWO. Lots of talk, but lots of action to! And more Spike! :moustache:

I hope you enjoy it.

Hello dear readers,

Here is chapter 10: intrigue, diplomacy, sleeping caps, herbivores, browsers, plumbing and data-lust!


Waarghgh shockwave?! Ohboyo. Also. Awesome plot developments. 8D The pacing is very enjoyable!

Hello readers,

Will the resonating humans and ponies be able to magically become friends, or will SCIENCE come to the rescue? Can this meeting of minds prevent the meeting of branes? WIll the sleeping cap become a fashion item in Canterlot Castle? Will Spike be emotionally confused for life if Mary Lachance's affection in the guise of Twilight continue to heat up? Is Pinkie Pie's Pinkie Sense predicting the mother of all doozies?
Tune in and find out!*


*NOTE: the author reserves the right to resolve any of these or any other issue in any possible or potential future chapters of TGOTM, or not, depending on his whims and moods. If you experience any discomfort in the reading of this fic PLEASE GIMME FEEDBACK and add a comment. And if you like it please tell me and my ego using the same mechanism. We thank you for flying Dafaddah Airlines, 'cause we know you had a choice!

*raises hand*

Hello! I'm feeling some discomfort here. I ran out of story to read - could you please correct that at your convenience? 'Cuz it's really a fabulous read, yus yus! :derpytongue2:

Sorry it was a shorter chapter. In response to your request I added one or two lines, which I have already edited into the text. More words in a new chapter later this week. I promise.:scootangel:


294655 You are a God among Ponies, sir. :rainbowlaugh:

Dear fellow hippotextivors,

As the February Write Off contest has now ended with the glorious victories of other writers, I can cry in my beer while re-editing my submission "The Vacation Crew". I will be doing so spradically over the next week or so, but all changes will be minor. So, if you are enjoying "The Good of the Many" then I humbly request that you take a gander at "The Vacation Crew", and let me know what you think of it.

I hope you enjoy reading the story as much as I did writing it.

Dafaddah of two (so far).

Hello friends,

Finally, the road apples hit the air-conditioning as the convergence takes its first swipe at two entire realities. Purely as a coincidence, a certain lavender pony is absolutely Twilight-licious.:twilightsmile:
And Rarity and Fluttershy save the day! :raritywink::yay:
Now if only Pinkie Pie can leave the sleeping cap alone. :pinkiehappy:


The Sleeping cap is just so... powerful. At some point, when all of this is over, they need to drop it into a volcano to destroy it forever and make sure it doesn't get into the wrong hooves. XD

I'm loving all of these intense chapterrrrrrrssss


Yeah, like I fell asleep under the cap, and... like nobody took it off, and... it's been almost two weeks since I finished a new chapter, but...:facehoof:

OK - IRL I have been very busy in my professional life. BUT - new chapter this weekend. I promise.:twilightsheepish:


Dear readers,

Here is chapter 13. 13 is usually lucky for me. In this chapter Spike gets cheated out of some Mary love. Poor Spike. He'll get more later. Promise! :moustache:


A New Hope: Luke and Princess Leia...I mean Spike and Twilight Sparkle don't do that much in this chapter as everypony else takes a moment to shine. :twilightoops:
The evil Darth Monocle plots the downfall of Princess Luna, hoping to be declared Emperor Palpitate... well, no he doesn't. But it sounds dramatic doesn't it?! :trixieshiftright:

Anyway - longest chapter soooooooo farrrr. Lots of meetings. Life's like that.


Hello all,

The climax approaches with Chapter 15. Chills, spills, hats and cake (or dessert at least, no lie!)

Also, if this goes on Spike may want Mary to move into Twilight's head permanently.

PLEASE let me know what you think of this chapter.


I'm fairly impressed by this chapter, not many go into detail about a legislative branch of government, or for that matter the symbolism used. Hell I'm quite happy to find another person that doesn't have Equestria as a absolute monarchy/diarchy. So far you are probably the closest I have seen to my own Equestria Federation.

In the Name of Her Serene Majesty Celestia Everfree,
Celestia's Paladin: For Honor and Duty, For the Sun and Moon

I have to admit this is one of the more interesting takes on a Human in Equestria and a Pony on Earth type of story. And this story isn't what I expected from reading the first chapter but what the hell, good show so far.

So Blueblood is a "Solar Imperial" then? Auntie isn't going to be happy, that's for damn sure. Anyway good job keep it up.

In the Name of Her Serene Majesty Celestia Everfree
Celestia's Paladin: For Honor and Duty, For the Sun and Moon

The focal point of the convergence approaches inexorably. Will Luna's plan work, or are two universes doomed?!!! The ponies go into action, and Spike gets a - final? - hug and kiss from Mary. :moustache: What will Twilight do when she finds out? :facehoof: Will Princess Celestia actually snap out of her fugue in time to actually do something? Will this author dare break the pattern of the perils of Celestia as presented in the cannon?:trollestia: And just how do unicorns vote?

Answer some of these questions and more, in the longest chapter so far!


Nice inclusion of Shining Armour. :twilightsmile:

Agreed! Also, typo: Midnight Moon -> Nightmare Moon
Lol I remember you were writing this at midnight.

Anyways AHH GLOWBALL AND FRIENDS NUUU XDD Excellent chapter. I am excite for the next one but don't want it to ennnddd :C

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