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Not only did the Canterlot Elite miss the point of Rarity's latest fashion line, but they had taken her artistic statement to be the complete opposite of what she had intended. With her friends in Ponyville for the duration of the Canterlot Fashion Week, Rarity finds herself alone in the city in the middle of an artistic crisis.

The DJ that had been doing the music for Rarity's show extends a helping hoof to her, and provides Rarity with some emotional support—Vinyl Scratch style. Late-night drinking with Vinyl and her roommate, Octavia, ensues.

Hear White: the dramatic reading by TheLostNarrator!

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 111 )

Glad this got the attention it deserved. What you did with the idea is amazing. Great work.

Its one of the better ships I have read.:twilightblush:

This was really well written and the slow progression of their romance was a refreshing change from the usual "OH I LOVE YOU!" that many writers churn out. I found it to be believable and charming.


Once again, your cover art makes me super jealous that I can not art. And Vinyl/Rarity? Dang man, this needs to become the "Algrezza" of Vinity ships.

Serious wonderfulness here: Vinyl at her most playful, and a sideways indictment of those members of your friendly neighborhood cultural elite who think they own the place. It must be galling to Rarity to have to put up with the likes of them on a regular basis.

Thanks so much! And thanks for the watch!


Hey, thanks! I was definitely going for believability, while still trying to keep a sort of a swept-off-her-hooves kind of romance. Glad you liked it!

They just look so good together! I'm sure that would be a serious consideration of Rarity, for any pony that she would date. Vinyl's mane matches her eyes, Vinyl's shades (or tuque...) would match Rarity's mane... and if Vinyl ever went without her shades, why, Rarity would just need to throw on something red, and all would be well! :duck:

Thanks for the compliments!

I suppose that's one of my real-world beefs showing up here--it definitely bugs me when people try and be all pretentious about art... really, art is supposed to be universal, at least at some level. It's supposed to be well thought out and have depth--but it's not like it's supposed to be this presumptuous inside-joke type deal that a lot of people seem to want to think of it as.

*dismounts soapbox*

Anyway, glad you liked it! I have a great time writing Vinyl! As well, I feel like the show does a really great way as showing Rarity as an honest kind of artist--like, with a bit of artistic integrity, you know?--despite the fact that she so much wants to be part of the superficial jerks. So it was fun playing around with that idea a bit, I guess!

This story is amazing! I love your Rarity, she captures everything I love about canon-Rarity, and really show how those balence out the things I don't like so that Rarity is not my least-favorite character. And while I don't read much Vinyl and Octavia, I find I like them whenever they show up. I guess I should change that, one of these days.

Anyway, this is a really awesome fic, and I can't recommend it enough, but I'll do my best. :ajsmug:

Oh wow, thanks so much! :raritystarry: That means a lot! (coming from one of my favorite authours.... *squee*!) :twilightblush:

Thanks for the watch!! And a bookplayer blog boost. :twilightsheepish:

Wow. Wow, man. To say you blew my mind would be a total understatement.

You know I disapprove of shipping Vinyl with anypony except for Octavia; but right now, I can't come up with a single reason against this ship. You played it well, you played it smoothly, and god you played it successfully.

Of course, I was reluctant at first, given the fact VinylRarity is not my cup of tea. But as the story progressed, I kinda lost myself. I gave in to the narration, and boy, I did right.

The setting was gripping: winter is an amazing season. Some say winter is the time of stillness. It is a season of contemplation and cold calculation. But at the same time, it is a season of passion - not wild passion, but the kind of mild passion that warms you up from the inside and gives you that fuzzy feeling you want to cherish as you march on along the empty street in the evening, feeling snow against your red cheeks.

You didn't rush the pacing; it was fast; god it was fast! But it was natural. It all felt real, and that is what I love about this fic. It wasn't like Mercy - far from it. I still see Mercy as your best work, and will probably remain entitled to my opinion. This was different. I just can't compare the two stories, for they are very different, albeit both of them are shipfics, in one way or another. Actually, screw that. They were Romance fics, not shipfics. You portrayed the feelings with distinguished beauty, and for that, you get my props.

Now, if you excuse me, I'll return to my guitar, for I have some decent lyrics written for my next song. It will be about love. It will be about winter. It will be about how we struggle to find something to cling to. It will be about two certain ponies.

And it will be called, See White.


I like this change of shipping. Very unique and rare to come by. Just brilliant. Mind you, I'm not actually much of a fan when it comes to Vinyl x Tavi shipping, so there might be a bit of bias there. Overall, I loved this fic. Lengthy enough to get a feel for the story, but not enough to be considered a full blown novel packed in one chapter. Impressive work. :pinkiehappy:

I wanna see how people react to this. I could see rainbows kind of slack jawed awe at it.

This was a great fic... I really loved the interaction between Rarity, Vinyl and Octavia.
Reading this has left me hungry for more though :pinkiehappy:

:pinkiegasp: You're gonna make another song based on one of my stories? That's amazing!! Can't wait!

And I'm so glad you liked it! (I hope you don't mind if I take it as a small victory that I got you to suspend your OTP, even just for a moment! I mean, obviously I love VinylxTavi a bunch too!)

Wow, I really like your description of winter. Totally! (Also, nice name drop in there :raritywink:) I definitely remember reading Snow On Her Cheek and thinking how wonderful it was that you had a winter setting like that... I'd definitely say it put the idea in my mind to do a wintery romance of my own.

As always, thanks for all the compliments, and the great feedback!

Thanks! Alas, I really have no intention of continuing with this... I have several other unrelated stories that are burning a hole in my head! Can't put them off any longer!

I will toss in a little nod over to my other story, Mercy, Mercy, Mercy! which, while being completely void of Rarity, has no small amount of witty (well, at least I think so...) little group dialogue scenes like that. I'd say I actually held myself back a bit in this, as far as dialogue goes, compared to Mercy. So check that out if you want, maybe!

I can see Applejack just shaking her head. I have a sneaking suspicion that she'd be completely unable to wrap her head around why either of them do the things they do.

And then how about Vinyl joining Rarity and Fluttershy on their weekly spa visits... oh god. Poor Fluttershy...

Thanks! Hey, in that case, let me point you over to a Rarity x Octavia fic I found just a little while ago! It's called Where My Heart Lives. I'd really like to see more of that ship around, and this fic does it really well, so far.

I am a grown man. I should not be squeeing at the cuteness of those two.

And yet I did. Repeatedly. :raritydespair:

Well done, sirrah!

Awww that was so sweet! :raritystarry: Great story!

We've barely scratched the surface of this gem.

It seems art is theme in your stories thus far. I like it! I'd say Tavi and Vinyl were Heterosexual Life Partners, but...

I'd definitely say it put the idea in my mind to do a wintery romance of my own.

I... inspired you?.. *Faints*

Oh this was briliant. You really made it work. Although, I have to admit i didn't really like Octavia being all cold and biased against Rarity, but hey, its your call :twilightsmile:
Laughed a lot :rainbowlaugh:

Pinkie would be all, "Geez, finally! I was wondering when you guys were going to admit your feelings! :pinkiehappy:"

“Cloud Kicker?”
“Hey, she came on to me!”

I imagine it looked something like this:

CK: Hey, we'll bang ok?

Now that was an excellently written Rarity. Very good job on this. :raritywink:

Oh the puns... the puns... :raritydespair:

I guess I'm rather immersed in art, being an art student! (Also rather opinionated about it as well... I suppose I just have a lot to say about it!)

Hmm... implied romantic subtext, you say? It's almost like I'm secretly a Vinyl x Tavi shipper or something...

Only always! :raritywink:

When I was writing, I guess I was kind of thinking Octavia would be pretty much a total jerk to everyone... or maybe it's just the fact that my brain's subconsciously telling me that Tavi and Vinyl are totally in love and perfect together, so obviously Octavia would be pissed that a pony's stealing Vinyl. What can I say, OTPs die hard... :twilightblush:

Ah ha, definitely!

"Pinkie... how did... but we only just..." *facehoof*

I believe that's called "bi-winning"...

Thanks! ...That's what I'm here for!

Yay, glad you liked it!

Holy crap

ima suddenly a fan of this pairing

I love it! its nearly perfect! (because pure perfection is boring!)


Nah, Octavia's in love with her bass; it's never off key and listens to her unlike Vinyl, along with all the perks of an inanimate object.

Hmm, good point.

I would say, though, from my experience with musicians, a relationship between an artist and their tools is not typically one completely devoid of drama. There's usually an element of 'Why are you suddenly doing this to me, instrument, I thought we had something special!' Guitar players are especially infamous for that... giving their guitar soft, cooing words of encouragement, then cursing it when something goes wrong with it, then showering it with apologies when the problem gets fixed. Especially with older instruments! I'm pretty sure most musicians start projecting a personality to their instruments, after a while, as well... and swear that when their "getting along," the instrument plays better...

More like Tavi's just so burned out from the emotional stress of her relationship with her bass, she doesn't have anything left for other ponies! (Especially not one that would task her nearly as much as her bass does!)

Perfection... is boring? :raritydespair: Then how come Rarity is so excellent? (Because, you know, obviously she's perfect in every way! :raritystarry:) [NOTE: the previous statement is subject to debate :ajbemused:]

Ha, seriously though, awesome! And I know, right?? (As I said earlier in the comments... they even look spectacular together! The colours of their mane and eyes... and glasses(/tuque)... totally match!)


I kinda get the 'relationship with your instrument' thing. One time in the middle of a performance I bent over to move a cymbal bag and tore my pant basically in half. After that, I was finished. I played my bass horribly, at the worst possible time to boot. For the next month or so, I kinda distanced myself from my guitar because I was sure it was embarrassed to be around me, but then after a great gig with Lenny Pickett things were all better.


well duh! there is an exception to every rule!

oryginaly my commented was something like : "This story is nearly perfect (because perfection is boring)" and i had to add an extra word because it sounded like its some kind of scale, and this here masterpiece is being held close to the perfection (boring) >.>

anyway...I guess i can't hope for some kind of sequell, or even a whole story based on this little oneshot? because it would be like...christmas in July!

Again! This was such a wonderfull story ! Thank you!

Well thanks! Glad you liked it so much!

No, sadly I don't think I'll be continuing with this story or the ship any time soon... I got other stories in my brain that are exploding to get out! Can't focus on anything else!

Also... I just don't really have anywhere left I wanna take this. I do kinda want to touch upon this general theme again, but in an entirely different context or something. And as great as Vinyl and Tavi are to write, I wanna try writing some other ponies! (Gonna be lots and lots of Rarity, though, always!)

Though it's quite a bit different, consider checking out my other story, Mercy, Mercy, Mercy! for now, if you want! It's quite far away from the simple, calm, fluffiness of this one--and is completely sans Rarity--but I feel, as far as romance and emotion (and snappy dialogue!) goes, that it's actually a bit stronger.

Wonderfully well written story! javascript:smilie(':duck:'); im intrigued by this romance story of a not so well known background pony as Lyric. She is hardly introduced at all in most of the actual episodes; So for the fact that you wrote such a unique plot involving vinyl's personality with her roommate and javascript:smilie(':raritywink:'); the intimate relations that you wouldnt have expected from a pony like vinyl off-hand is simply eye catching. <-----this Brony approves of this story and hopes that you will continue to make more fantastic romance/comedy type stories that will captivate more and more of an audience. brava brava =D bro-hoof*

We need more "Rarinyltavia" ships. :raritywink:

Great work! Really enjoyed it! And I must say that while I mostly only "accept" vinyl-octavia shipping, this was actually pretty good!

hooves up for a good story!

This was a very enjoyable read, good author. Your portrayal of each character was enjoyable, even Octavia's cold disposition, which is key to romance. It sounds as though you've written romance before, though, so I doubt I need to explain to you what makes a good romance.

Despite the length of this story and the time elapsed within it the romance did not feel all together too rushed -- they were a little quick to come together, but that's not all too unrealistic. The contrast between Rarity and Vinyl created a very enjoyable atmosphere even before the romance broke through, and that established atmosphere served to better the forming of their relationship.

My only real complaint is about the sex so early in the relationship -- it's not that you played it poorly, but I just feel like it's a far too relied upon concept that isn't all together too realistic. This doesn't really detract from the story, more so than it's simply a personal qualm of mine.

Anyhow, good read, and I may just check out some of your other work soon.:twilightsmile:

Thanks for such an in-depth response! I'm glad you enjoyed my story!

I should say that I actually approached this fic with kind of the secret objective of making a lightning fast romance that was believable... I suppose I just wanted to see if I could do it! I did find it very challenging, and ended up going back over the thing again and again, adding, moving, and reworking parts over and over until it seemed like it might be working. I quickly found it to very difficult to read it objectively, or tell where things were working or not. So this is helpful, to hear this! I'm happy the romance seemed believable, for the most part!

Hmm, yes, having sex that early in the relationship... I'll admit I felt like I was rather forcing it as I was writing it, but I decided to just go with it anyway. Um.... no artistic or defensible reason... just chalk it down to pandering to the genre! (I was very fond of the scene the next morning, though... the only real solution would have been to make a longer fic, I think!) A bit ironic, given the general theme dealing with artistic integrity, I realize...

Anyway, if you do go back and read my other story, you'll find it's paced significantly different than this one--I'm quite a bit more confident about the development of the relationship in that one! (It's really much different in a lot of ways from this one...)

Thanks for reading!

You know what's funny? Your views on and objectives with your own story sound a whole lot like the first draft I did of my first (and, I guess still, only, because rewrites don't count) fanfic here. I wanted a fast developing but believable relationship and I had the characters have sex relatively early spefically for a scene that happens after the fact (though mine is less excusable because it's multichapter fic that I had the time to develop the relationship). Now that I've gone back and began rewriting it so that it's much better and has, most importantly that I wished to improve on, better pacing.

I will most likely be taking a look at that other one (though, who knows when, as my to-read list is over 300 right now :twilightoops:). I usually don't like plugging myself without being asked to, but if you are a romance fan that enjoys realistic and developed relationships (which, I'm assuming you do because you try to write them) and you happen to be in the mood for a TaviScratch fic, you could always check out my story. I'm just about to get the third chapter of the new version up as I type this, so there's not a ton yet, but I'm quite happy with it thus far. Fair warning: the romance has not even started yet, so don't expect it from the get go.:derpytongue2: Also, no pressure to actually read it, I'm not going to be offended if you don't.:twilightsmile:

Oh, awesome! Yeah, I will check it out (...I've kept my read later list down to a mere 296!)

Nothing wrong with a little bit of self-plugging, I always say! (At least, I hope there's nothing wrong with it... I do it all the friggin time...:trixieshiftleft:)

Excellent job. It was great story all around. I loved it.

I liked it, good idea. Pacing was good for me, flow is nice, no overly heavy emotions, all around a good story. Though i am no critic I still give it a five out of five

As it was described to me, 'crack-shipping that works'. And it does. It really does,

Hey thanks!

... hang on. "Described to you..."? People are describing my fic to each other as things?

THAT'S AMAZING! :raritystarry:

Octavia third wheelin like a boss:unsuresweetie:

Octavia rolled her eyes. “You should not encourage her.” They left the room, and were walking down the hallway when Octavia blinked, and turned to Rarity. “Unless,” she said quietly, her eyes wide, “you are actually attracted to Vinyl for some inexplicable reason.”

...I see what you did there :duck:

Anywho, I finally got around to reading this. Took me a while cause Rarity isn't my favorite pony*. As usual you've got it well paced, entertainingly written, and overall an enjoyable read from start to finish. I'm very happy to see that you never dropped the dreaded "I love you" bomb and instead took it to a more naturalistic approach of dating first. Seems like it could have been the start of a longer thing, but I'm quite contented to see it ends where it does and leaves things open for interpretation.

Well done as always and I can't wait to see what you come up with next! **

*Nor is she my least favorite :trixieshiftright:
** TaviDash TaviDash TaviDash!!

Wanderer D

Wait... there has to be more... :fluttershysad: please?

Okay, so my original comment alone felt a bit... unfulfilling. I really enjoyed this story, it was very well written and handled, I can honestly say that I'll be reading it again soon. I loved how you handled the unusual relationship, and like my first sentence implies, I was left wanting more... because it's just that good. Well done!

Ah my god, I'm losin it... Wanderer D, on my story, saying moar, and now he's watching me. No, it's good. It's cool. I got this. Deep breaths, Ball, deep breaths. Whoo.


Well, actually... I may possible have some kind of rough plan for a sort of sequel... :unsuresweetie:

If I did, it'd be a longer fic than this one, and it'd end up more over in Ponyville, probably focusing a bit more on Tavi as she visits the town because of Rarity and Vinyl... and a ship between Tavi and a mane6!



And... I'm totally geeking out because you're aware of my existence!!

Wanderer D

2181576 :raritystarry: well then, I'll be sure to read it when/if you write it!


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