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The old Forge City holds many prizes but Starforge only seeks one: Beglan's magical crafting hammer. It greatly enhances the abilities of any craftsman who wields it to work metal or magic, and in its time it was used to make many artifacts of wonder. The last surviving cyclops has promised it to anyone who is able to pass his test and prove themselves a master craftsman.

Just taking the test won't be easy, to say nothing of passing it. The city is lost in the deep jungle, and has new residents who do not take well to intruders.

Chapters (6)
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Military background? Unassuming day job? Magical teleporting armor, self-crafted using techniques left behind by a long-dead and forgotten race, that dispenses super-serum to enhance combat capabilities? Now all we need is a cackling nemesis.


No cackling nemeses until the second story, sorry. :scootangel:

Actually, he's not even so much a cackler. Definitely a Suave-class villain. :moustache:

It's not easy, properly rendering something as kinetic and visual as a fight scene in such a static medium. You're definitely one to watch. :pinkiesmile:

This can't last, of course. Unless that mostly-blank form is actually recommending him for some super-secret task force! :pinkiehappy: Hmm, what would an Equestrian equivalent of S.H.I.E.L.D. be called...?

If "task force" wasn't in the plan before, it oughta be by now. Loosesheaf is one sharp cookie.


Now don't go getting too far ahead of Starforge's arc now. It's true that where there are superheroes there are superhero teams, but no self-respecting team is going to accept a newbie. This tale has one more chapter yet, and Starforge still has some solo stories in him. :rainbowdetermined2:

Yes. There was a bit of a slow down (I blame League of Legends and Crusader Kings 2), but I'm back in the saddle and chapter six is almost done.

"Loosesheaf, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

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