• Published 23rd Jan 2013
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Doing Science - dashie76

You're not safe In this place All of us warned you of the big white face

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Chapter 10

June 15th, 2010

Uh...hey, guys. So I'm doing my report early again. But this time I have a good reason, I promise.

Something...well, something bad happened again. It wasn't anypony's fault, though. There was an overload in one of the Computer Rooms on the lower levels - one of the big ones, to boot. It short-circuited multiple systems at once, halting the work on any projects they were managing. One of them must have been working on the gas pipes at the time of the overload because a segment of the pipes ruptured. Combine that with the heat of the short-circuit and, well, you can guess what happened.

This time it was in the West Wing of the Facility. Thank Celestia, there were barely any ponies working there at the time. Few are injured and none have lost their lives. The situation is being dealt with by a select group of employees that were hand picked by Cave. We're all worried about what this means for the future of Aperture - after all, two accidents of such magnitude in such a short amount of time can't reflect well on us among Celestia's Parliament. Some ponies have even said that we could get shut down if anything else goes wrong.

Now, first off, I just want to say I'm thankful nopony was killed. And secondly, I'm not really worried that we'll get shut down. Cave is a pervert and a goofball, but he's also a smart business stallion. He's got resources that only he knows about and can worm his way out of almost any situation. We'll be fine.

But the whole thing still sort of...intrigues me. It happened on a Saturday, when most of us have the day off. It's just kind of strange to me that one of the biggest Computer Rooms with more processing power than the others would overheat on a day when most of us weren't even using the servers. It's also just as weird that Cave would only have a small number of workers clean up the area while he would normally jump at the thought of having us slave away for him. And also, he's refused to reveal the identity of those who were injured to us. So I snuck into the file room and found out that the injured were all poisoned. They should've had burns or bruises, but they showed traces of a toxic gas instead.

There's one other thing. I was curious about how the Room overheated, so I hacked into the computer logs to see who was on the server at the time of the explosion. There were only a few, as expected, but one of them experienced an abnormal spike in activity just seconds before the explosion. It was the latest computer model we had, and I know who owns it - none other than the Doctor himself.

But here's the spooky part - the Doctor is also one of the few who were called down by Cave to fix the West Wing.

These coincidences are just too big for me to believe that that's what they are. Something is going on here - something that's potentially bigger than me, Cave, or anypony here at Aperture. And I've got to figure out what it is. For now, I'll be a good girl and keep my head low about all this, continuing my work as well as my relationship with the Doctor. But I'll confront him about it eventually.

I'll have to.