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Compendium of Steve

A writer with no regard for trends or sanity. All that matters is the thrill of strife!


A collection of incredibly short, self-contained stories written for Ponychan's /fic/'s Microfic Write-Offs, ranging from the pretty good to the "what the hell is this?". Nothing special, and no entry is more than 750 words, so much love to those with short attention spans!

(Oh boy something is pumping the word count on these stories what even the heck???)

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 13 )

If I knew what tags or even a one sentence description of each story I'd be way more likely to read this:derpytongue2:

Guessing is part of the fun, though:raritywink:

2544889 Normally yes:P But I don't always want to read tragedy or comedy:derpytongue2:

Author Interviewer

Well, that was something. ._. I'm pleased he didn't jump, that would have made this kind of dumb.

Well ain't this a holiday treat. Glad to have amused you, although as some of our contemporaries pointed out, it just isn't "pony" enough.:trixieshiftleft:

Author Interviewer

What was she digging up?

She was going after those ghostly images. Resurfacing sorrow tends to make you a little crazy :P

Author Interviewer

Darn, I wish you hadn't stated the moral. Figuring out the pun would have been so much more satisfying.

You know it's weird seeing these comments of yours spaced out by several weeks, but whatevs :P
As for the pun, that's an easy enough fix. Just go in and... there, all gone! The benefits of working in a digital medium, eh? ;)

Author Interviewer

Yeah. :D I'm all about this!

Because what would a Compendium of Steve collection be without some utterly insane characterizations based around random pop culture references? :P

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