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Some dork who writes horse romance. What more do you want from me?

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...It was only a matter of time.

here we go again

:rainbowlaugh: HA! I love it already!

Hmm... part of me says upvote because you're Kody...

But then I see it's clop...

:pinkiehappy: like it, would love to see more

Must trust in your powers.

Must hold back Bugs Bunny reactions since after the last one you did I ended up with a Randy Marsh in overlogging reaction when I finally bothered to read it.

God dammit. I mean, I'm a fan of the Milkmare, but she's everywhere now! All over e621, all over rule-34 and tumblr, inkbunny... fuck, she showed up on Furaffinity too!

Just... god dammit.

Le Stealth Edit:
Milkmare is shit. Grow up you fucking boob-droolers.

1951722 I'm sick of her. Really, they beat her to death.

I particularly like this new story so far. :twilightsmile:

Another story with Milky Way? Good! I like her!

I don't mind Milky Way. Looking forward to more. :yay:


But isn't that what the internet does? Take a concept, idea, character etc and then mercilessly bounce it around different websites as it gets used and abused like a cheap hooker cranked up on meth. And then ultimately it ends up back in a dark alley somewhere half naked, starved, beaten and on the verge of death.

1951904 Doesn't make it ok.

I like it. Kody fics are always a fun read. I can't wait to see how much this fic, and Novelty have updated when I get out of Basic Training 2 months from now. I wish you the best on these fics, and hope that I survive the experience of Basic so I can read them. :twilightsmile:

Heard of her, but never really saw too much content with the milkmare. This is a great place for me to start apparently. As usual, your stories are written quite well, and you had a great first chapter hook. I look forward to seeing more.

I've only read one other Milky Way story and it was a clop. Interested in how this story develops. Also, I was just reminded that I have not drunk milk in over a year!:twilightoops:

Off to a very good start, I can safely say I sure I'll like where this goes. Consider yourself and your story stalked good author.:raritywink:

On one hand, it's a milkmare story. On the other, It's by Kody910. I'm not much of a fan of the former, but the latter made stories about a bag of flour and Rarity's cat that I enjoyed.

Yeah, I think I want to see where you go with this.

Don`t mind me, just passing by leaving a random comment...
Yeah, I like this, still unsure about the character, but yeah. I can work with this.

(Joke) Alt. Title: There's Something Stupid About Her: Milky Way Dumbness

And of course it got featured. Here, let me applaud you all.
1952765 This I can agree with.

I'll critique later. Promise.

And thus I masturbated into a king size Milky way..... FUCK!:facehoof:

Countdown until really weird sex begins now!

If this was first or third person, then I would read it. Second person fics just... well I hate them. Just the fact that they are telling me what to do.

Isn't this that really weird OC with the balloon-tits on her waist?

Choo choo

All aboard the Milky Way bandwagon!

Ooh, a Milky Way story, Kody? Niiice.
When I see Torch, all I can think about is Zell from Final Fantasy VIII.
Jack Hammer's gonna go after Milky/kick my ass in later chapters, isn't he? :(
Interesting to see her in High School. I like how every single time you meet her she's either covered herself up, or you've missed the chance to notice them by just a few seconds... I wonder what my reaction will be..?

Hey, can I add this to my milky way group on here? It would be nice to have more than just my story in it! :twilightsmile:

But... I do have some critique to make.
If as we may assume by the (admittedly pathetic attempt at a) vaguely British or specifically English accent for Pipsqueak that Trottingham is an area which corresponds to the real life city of Nottingham then everything about it should be British.

If the protagonist is a native, all his dialogue should reflect that.As it stands, he sounds very American, as does his (and everyone else's) dialogue.
The whole using smaller text to indicate lower volume? Not a good look.
Finally, Milky Way is a born and bred Trottinghamite, she wouldn't be a "new" student.

But of course! I didn't even realize there was a Milky group on here...cool!

Crowley likes my story?

Just added! also, I did edit my comment to add some critique after reading it.

I don't recall it ever being established by the tumblr that she's native, so I find that up to interpretation. Either way, I also said some things may go against said tumblr for the sake of the story.

Comment posted by Regidar deleted Jan 13th, 2013


Well, that's entirely your prerogative but it seems to me fairly clear she's been there her whole life (or at least in the surrounding area as she does say "in and about Trottingham") in my head-cannon, Trottingham is surrounded by other villages, all reflecting various parts of Britain, similar to how you have places showing the "wild west" as well as the cities of the US in the show.

In any case, having more stories about Milky Way cannot be a bad thing! :pinkiehappy:

Hmmmm, you sir have my attention. Please continue.


Milky Way is half Fluttershy!

There's so much awesome in this story... YES!! The story is amazing I. LOVE. IT! :flutterrage:


She's not dead. She's just pining for the fjords.

Whats with people and Clop? :rainbowhuh: I'm 13 and read Clop all the time.
Hell even some of my favorite stories have Clop in them. :moustache:

I c wat u did thar

If Jack Hammer isn't a red herring, I think most of us would be done here and we'd be moving on to the next fic. I'll just let the existence of the mythical 'red herring' sink in and allow you some time to acknowledge the fact you'll need to pull it off correctly, utilizing more than just a circle of three or four characters entirely.

Just tired of reading stories that only consist of the same number total of characters you'd see in an on-stage performance for a play that's been done to death already.

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