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You gotta kick at the darkness until it bleeds daylight.


"I'm standin' in the rain,/Getting soakin' wet./I'm doin' my best,/But what do I get?" -Electric Light Orchestra, ‘Standin' In The Rain’

Twilight Sparkle is need of a letter to write to Princess Celestia, however she has no idea. With the rain pouring down on Ponyville, she observes her friends and their reaction to the weather in hopes to find something that will spark her to write.

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will be a shipping with twilight or she will just watch the couples ?

1943271 your are a devil just because of that i will follow this to see where it's going :twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

Seems Spike is well on his way of winning the fair lady Rarity's heart. Let's see how Twilight's other "specimen," and observations go.

This is probably one of my least favorite ships just because it's boring, but you did a nice job making it rather cute.

leave those to be for now

should be two.

1946461 Well, it's an alright one. I wrote about it before and it has it's moments.

1946494 Yeah, it's just that the fact it's basically based off, "They're both shy," is pretty meh. Especially considering how boring they're relationship would be, based off that. I don't really think Mac is shy, though, just stoic.

Needs to replace Fluttershy with Twilight. I'm not a fan of FlutterMac at all. It's such a boring pairing that has nothing but the whole "They're both shy and silent" theory going for it.

1947578 Well, I just like writing for Big Mac. So, that just gives me a chance to write lines for him.

1949569 There is something favorable about his ability to get his point across with so few words.

Welcome to the human race!

ELO, very nice. This story make me think of one thing, ninja Twilight stalking everyone, and then I laugh :rainbowlaugh:

It was short, but it was very sweet. I'd like to see a epilogue of some kind, perhaps Celestia reflecting on the letter.

1954710 Not sure if I'd know how I would do it, to be honest. But I won't kick the idea out entirely. I have something else to write though in the meantime.

That was very heartwarming.

1992419 That was a very cute story. People forget that the little things are also important to write about. :twilightsmile:

Short, but very nice. Sweet interactions between them.

Most people commenting don't like the ship... me? I find it rather cute.

Hmmm... another AJ friad of lighting/storms... odd.

Very nicely written through, I like how AJ & Dash played off one another.

A cute, warm ending to a real nice story to read.

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