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Spike, without a doubt, bitches love dragons...:moustache:

This is really quite interesting.
At present I'm not really bothered about which characters show, so I'm just saying I liked this.
Let's hope this gets featured like your previous work.
Deserves it in my opinion

I second and third Spike's involvement.

Futashy. Definitely Futashy.


I'd be interested to see how it would go if Luna was involved...

Spike was my first idea too, but I'd even more like to see Nurse Redheart. I think she'd fit well into this story.

Also, I like your darker style, even though I usually prefer cute and romantic :)

I like this idea.

How about Applejack? And she likes being dominated and called a filthy slut?

Philomena. Because fire. :pinkiehappy:

This guy.
C'mon everybody, just look at his face...
He's ready...


1943908 futashy is technically an OC
1943851 confirmed :rainbowkiss:
1943923 me too...
1943968 Spike be pimping this first vote. ooh, nurse redheart, eh? sounds interesting idd :raritywink:
1944017.......... confirmed :scootangel:


......Damn. It would have been fairly entertaining to picture the look on Orchid's face. :fluttercry:

Mayor Mare. Filthy Rich, Derpy, Time Turner, AJ, Luna, Shining Armor and Cadence, and Trixie.

(Joke) Alt. Title: When Worse Comes To Whorse

spike can never go wrong with spike.:moustache:

Spike obviously, and add in Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie as well.

Rainbow Dash and Applejack want a BDSM threesome.

19443311944722 something's up with Spike I can see...
1944861 Now THAT'S something :pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss:

Wow I was waiting for this fic to come out :rainbowkiss: I vote for Spike, Gilda, Luna and Pinkie (as Pinkamena :pinkiecrazy: )

Applejack and BigMac, at the same time.
Or Spike.

Diamond Tiara. Silver Spoon.

I had a few ideas...:scootangel:

Big mac- for a quick lay.
Spike- for a first time.

And later in the story,Twilight.

Have twilight get her hopes up at a good pony only to dash them with super pervertion. I feel like Twilight would be freaky fetishy.

Just ideas to keep the plot going. You need to build up, going more far each time.

Cant wait for more:heart:

no limits? OK, I like the Nurse Redheart idea, but really I want Trixie later on and Diamond Tiara. Those two can show a lot about Orchid's character. Also, NEVER PINKIE PIE! I am sorry fans, but can you really see Pinkie PAYING somepony for sex?

Oh, just an addition because Twilight has been mentioned a couple of times already. If/When you write about her, I can't stop imagining her hiring Orchid for some sort of experiment, something so cruel she can't do it to one of her friends xD

How about Big Mac, Caramel and Soarin and make it a hot foursome and they all use all 3 of her holes atleast once.Since Spike is confirmed please make it teenaged Spike least pony size and not canon baby-sized.

The Mayor, please.


oh i think i know what i'll read tonight in my bed.

post-read edit: oh so much YES. too bad it's just one chapter with oral only. well, till next chapter and next lonely cold night then.

You know, this suddenly reminded me of Marina Abramovic a performing artist. In one of her acts she didn't move for six hours and the audience could do anything to her with 72 laid out objects, including honey, a feather, a rose, a whip, at least one knive, and a gun with one bullet. It all started tame, but at the end it nearly escalated. I'm curious to see where this story will be going.

Have one of clients be cadance. that would fun

Interesting idea.

I'd say go for it!

how about a threesome with Princess Celestia and Princess Luna? :trollestia:

Mr or Mrs cake, Octavia, DJ Pon3:pinkiehappy:

Cutie Mark Crusaders....

Cutie Mark Crusaders Whore Abusers YAY!

Spike seems to be a really popular vote... maybe he should be saved for until he starts to wonder what Twilight's doing with her.

I vote for Trixie. Entertainer to entertainer. :trixieshiftright:

19522151952056195122819510971950548 you guys and everyone else have been heard :pinkiesmile:

How about Fleur? Or Roseluck?

Dumb question, but does Screwball count as a canon character? One way or another Prince Blueblood, because I want to see those two interact.

Rainbow and Applejack looking for a fun night out. May include bondage:ajsmug:

You're a man after my heart

1959468 Oh, you. lol. But, seriously there needs to be more good AppleDash and TwiDash BDSM fics on this site. I really hope that SoulHook does an AppleDash BDSM scene, because of his dark style of writing such things. Cadence's Present was the first fic of his I had ever read and that did not disappoint in any way. :D

1956426 Luna seems like another popular charater :duck:
1959261 Screwball is fully canon, so she is acceptable. Blueblood on the other hand... yeah, sure.

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