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Daring Do leads an expedition to Hamunaptrot, the city of the dead. Along with her new companion Twilight Sparkle with brother Shining Armor, she discovers the city and thus commences the battle of life and death. The Neighdjai, flesh eating scarabs and deadly traps keep them on the tips of their hooves as they trek deeper into the tomb of ancient. Upon reading aloud a page from the Book of the Dead, the mummy is awoken and sets upon destroying those who violated his tomb, intent on regaining his treasures and power, wreaking havoc wherever he goes and it is up to the adventurer, the librarian and a treasure hunter to stop him.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 11 )

Hmm, so far, a damn good adaptation. :pinkiehappy:

Cool hope Trixie makes more appearances in this story.

I'm going to keep an eye on this to see if you finish it before I read it.

Holy matripony...I love you

It is a Good Story so far! But I can't image Shinning Armor as a Treasure Hunter. Well, let's see how the next Chapter will get.:twilightsmile:

this is a good adaption of the story so far keep it up.

this is the only story about the mummy and i find it to be fantastic

Most interesting, keep it up and I'll have a folder for you in my group.

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