• Published 11th Jan 2013
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Violet Hill - TorontoFCBrony

A tragic love story, featuring Rainbow Dash and Soarin.

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Chapter 2: Arrival in Cloudsdale

"All right, Rainbow Dash, here's your room." Spitfire led the excited blue pegasus to her room at the Wonderbolt Headquarters in Cloudsdale. The place was absolutely beautiful. Each member of the Wonderbolts had their own room. There was a large dining room, a recreation room that had anything that the ponies desired for their entertainment, a conference room, a small library, and other smaller rooms with couches and tables for relaxation. Rainbow's room was about ten metres by ten metres, which was large enough for her. She had a bathroom and a small kitchen for herself in the room. Thankfully, she also had a bed, a dresser, and a night table provided. Everything was all made of cloud or cloud-friendly material in the city in the sky. Of course, if it wasn't, things would just fall onto the ground.

"Thank you, Spitfire," Rainbow responded. "When do I start?"

Spitfire gave Rainbow a pat on the back. "You'll have to start training first. Your first show will be in the springtime in Canterlot. You have a long road to go before your first show, but I'm sure you'll love it here and it'll be the time of your life."

Rainbow accepted the fact that she still had a long way to go before being show-ready. She stepped into her room and turned on the light. There was only one light bulb in the ceiling in the middle of the room, but she knew she would change that and make this place her own. "Who will I be training with?" she asked the Wonderbolt captain.

"You will be working with Soarin. I'm sure you know that he is one of our best members," Spitfire informed her while standing with a hoof on the door handle. "I have a lot of work to do. You start with Soarin first thing in the morning." She then closed the door to give the newest member some privacy.

Rainbow waited for the door to close. She then jumped up and down and let out a girlish giggle while clopping her hooves together. Not only had she accomplished her lifetime goal of joining the Wonderbolts, but she also had the privilege of being trained by Soarin, one of the most skilled fliers in history. Soarin was also the stallion that Rainbow had a crush on for a few years, but never wanted to admit it. The two of them had their moments before. Rainbow saved Soarin's pie from falling to its death at the Grand Galloping Gala. Her and Soarin shared a few dances at the royal wedding between Cadence and Shining Armour. They danced to a few quick and fun songs, and also shared in a romantic slow dance. But now she could finally spend some one on one time with him. She could learn about him and see who he truly was on the inside.

Dash was very excited to say the least, but she was also very tired at this point due to her flight all the way from Ponyville to Cloudsdale. Her wings were aching from the flight through the bitter cold winter wings. She took her bag and put it on the bed. She pulled out her pillow and blanket and spread them out. The place was starting to look like home already. She took her Daring Do books and her clothing and put them in her dresser, along with her necklace. She also put mementos from her parents on the dresser.

One final item remained in her bag: the picture of her and her friends. Seeing it again almost brought a tear back to her eyes. It had only been a few hours, but it felt like an eternity since she last saw them. She placed it on her night table. Rainbow lay down in her bed, just looking at the picture that was beside her. All of her memories were now racing through her head.

Suddenly, however, there was a knock at the door. The mare got up, turned on the light, looked in the mirror in her bathroom and quickly cleaned up her mane, and ran over to open the door. To her surprise and excitement, it was Soarin who had knocked. This was the first time Rainbow had seen Soarin without any clothes on, but, of course, ponies don't usually wear clothes. Rainbow looked up at the stallion a few inches taller than her. His fur was just a little brighter version of blue than her's was. His body was muscular from his torso to his flank, with his lightning bolt cutie mark clearly visible.

He stood there was his long, slicked back mane. Rainbow tried to put on the most flirtatious face and body language she could. "Hello there, Soarin. It's a pleasure to see you. I'm looking very forward to starting training with you tomorrow," she said while looking deeply into his green eyes.

"Hey Rainbow Dash," Soarin replied. "It's always been an absolute pleasure when I get a chance to spend time with you. Will you be ready by six in the morning?"

"I was born ready," Rainbow replied while touching her mane with her hoof.

"Good, I will see you in the morning then," Soarin said while taking his leave from outside her door.

Rainbow Dash put her hooves on her face and leaned forward for a second, before jerking her head back. She yelled out loud to herself, "What is wrong with you? 'I was born ready!' What is that? Are you trying to sound proud? Stupid!"

Just then Soarin popped his head back in the door that Rainbow had forgotten to close. "Is everything okay?" he asked in a very kind tone, not wanting to embarrass Rainbow, who was actually blushing in embarrassment at this point.

"Oh, you know, everything's fine," Rainbow replied while trying to lean on the door with one hoof. She did not realise how far she was from it, and momentarily stumbled before catching herself once again and letting out a nervous chuckle in an attempt to save her dignity.

Soarin looked at her with a smirk. He tried to hold back laughter after seeing Rainbow fail at flirting. "All righty then, see you tomorrow," Soarin said with a smile while leaving and closing the door for her this time.

"Wow, that was smooth," Rainbow said sarcastically to herself while swinging her forelegs in the air. It wasn’t her best performance, but she reminded herself that she will have a lot of time with Soarin. She could try to impress him in different ways.

By this point she was very tired and could hardly even take it anymore. The mare liked her sleep, and she needed it now. As soon as her head hit the pillow she was out like a light. It was truly an eventful day, one of the most in her entire life. A good night's sleep is what she needed the most for the important day she would have when the morning came along.