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Envy and Arrogance - Mindblower

The Elements are critical to world stability. Twilight and her friends find this out the hard way.

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Chapter Twelve

Chapter Twelve



The Daymare was sitting on her ornate throne, nursing her second glass of wine. It had been a few hours since Luna and the Elements had escaped, and although her physical injuries had healed, the wounds to her pride had not.

Worst of all, she was forced to rely on Deception’s backup plan. A backup plan! How humiliating, she muttered to herself, taking a sip of fine red wine. These Elements are trickier than I expected. I should probably have a follow-up attack to prevent them from contacting Obsidian a second time.

“Mistress?” Lyvia asked.

“Yes, Lyvia?” the Daymare asked absently, barely noticing Lyvia had entered her chambers.

“You wanted to deal with this little bundle of joy here, ma’am,” Lyvia grunted, thrusting the thoroughly restrained and muzzled Scootaloo to the Daymare’s hooves.

Lyvia doesn’t look very injured despite being mortal, but looks are deceiving, the Daymare thought, rubbing her temples. What is this, a premature hangover? I don’t have time for this! “Place Scootaloo in Saphira’s care and get ready for an attack on Fillydelphia.”

“Pardon?” Lyvia asked. “Are you sure Saphira is the best choice, ma’am?”

The Daymare glared at her. “You dare defy your ruler?” she challenged.

Lyvia bowed. “N-No, ma’am. I will place her in the holding lounge.”

“And send for Envy while you’re at it,” the Daymare added.

Lyvia nodded and left, hauling Scootaloo after her. Envy appeared a few minutes later.

“You called, sister?” she asked.

“Yes, as a matter of fact,” the Daymare stated. “Make sure that the shield around Canterlot is intact. Also, make sure Scootaloo is sent to the specific cage Deception mentioned.”

“Could I have a ‘please?’” Envy asked.

Please,” the Daymare hissed.

“That wasn’t so hard, now was it?” Envy sneered, glaring at the Daymare. She vanished.


Lyvia deposited Scootaloo in her cell, the same one that she had been locked up in earlier, and chained her to the wall before removing her other bonds, though carefully. Scootaloo, who really didn’t have a plan at this point, complied with the rough pegasus.

“You don’t cause anymore trouble, okay?” Lyvia grumbled, though in a slightly caring fashion. “I’ve never seen the Daymare spare anypony who attacked her before, especially after what you did. Either she’s drunk or something’s up. Anyway, have a good time,” Lyvia finished before ducking out of the prison to alert Saphira.

Scootaloo sighed and examined her surroundings. It was the same dull cell she had been stuck in when Lorey captured the entire group. The only difference was that, this time, she was alone.

Well, Scootaloo thought, sighing. Better than I expected.


Saphira came in only moments later. The blue earth pony teen set a book down nearby and began to read, not making eye contact with her charge. Scootaloo watched her for a moment, expecting her to do something, but she was practically motionless. Scootaloo noticed she had a thin, white mark running across her cutie mark, almost cutting it in half.

“What are you gonna do, interrogate me?” Scootaloo asked. “My lips are sealed.”

Saphira said nothing.

“Fine, then, just don’t talk to me,” Scootaloo growled, turning around. “Ignore me. Let me rot.”

Saphira mumbled something, but didn’t look up.

“What was that?” Scootaloo asked.

Saphira didn’t answer.

“You’re just like the rest of them,” Scootaloo growled. “You’re just a wimp and a coward who works for the Daymare!”

Saphira bit her lip and buried her nose in her book. She opened her mouth to say something, but no words came out.

Scootaloo grunted in frustration and shook the bars of her cell. “Arrgh! Let me out!” She sat down and glowered at Saphira. “You’re just going to let me die here, aren’t you? You’re just as evil as the rest of them!”

“I-I...” Saphira trailed off.

“You can’t even form a stupid sentence!” Scootaloo yelled in frustration. “How’d you even get to work for the Daymare if you can’t even talk?

“St-Stop it!” Saphira yelled, startling Scootaloo. She shrunk away. “J-Just stop it...”

“Why do you work for the Daymare?” Scootaloo asked, slightly calmer this time.

“I work for the Daymare b-because I have no other choice,” Saphira stammered.

“There’s always a choice!” Scootaloo yelled harshly.

“No,” Saphira murmured sadly. “There really isn’t. It’s either work for her, or get added to her ‘perfect world,’ the Dreamscape. It’s horrifying… i-indescribable,” Saphira shuddered. “You lose your entire mind, your entire soul to the Dreamscape if the Daymare gets a hold on you.”

“So?” You’re letting thousands of ponies die!” Scootaloo argued.

“Shut up!” Saphira yelled. She wiped her eyes. “I can’t go anywhere, I-I can’t do anything, I can’t make any friends. Y-You don’t know wh-what it’s like because you have friends. I d-don’t.”

Scootaloo stared at the earth pony teen. She doesn’t look too evil... Are the others that work for the Daymare like this?

“I’m not even s-supposed to be talking to you,” Saphira whimpered. “Just leave me alone.”

Scootaloo took a glance at her before turning back around in her cell. “Fine.”


Lyvia returned to her quarters, pondering why the Daymare would have left Scootaloo with Saphira. She was lying on her back on a couch, absentmindedly flipping through a magazine.

Lorey walked in. “Taking your lunch break already, hmm?” he asked. He turned to Lyvia. “What do you make of Scootaloo? That is her name, correct?”

“Kid’s a bit old not to have her cutie mark,” Lyvia shrugged.

Lorey nodded. “Hmm, yes.” He paused. “Lyvia, how did you get your mark? Of the many things I know about you after three years, I’m surprised that’s not one of them.”

“My cutie mark?” Lyvia looked up. “Well, you know Stalliongrad isn’t the best neighborhood in Equestria. For the most part, I had to grow up on the poor side of the equation. But when I was a kid, I was cornered by these thugs, so what did I do? I cut them open,” she shrugged. “No big deal; I hid the bodies. I knew how it worked. Had this mark on my flank ever since.”

“You make it sound simple,” Lorey remarked.

“‘Cause it is,” Lyvia said, turning back to her magazine. “What is there to tell? I ended some lives. I’m only going to end more.”

“Don’t you ever feel any remorse?” Lorey asked. “Anything at all when a pony dies at your hooves? It tears at me every time I do, whether it’s visible or not.”

“Should I?” Lyvia asked resentfully. “I grew up as an ugly angel, just trying to make her way. Now I’m a beautiful demon who’s at the end of others’ paths. I think we both know which way I prefer."

“I would like being on the good side of the equation, if possible,” Lorey admitted.

“Did you know my given name is Sharpie?” Lyvia asked.

Sharpie?” Lorey asked in shock. “Are you serious?”

“I know!” Lyvia hmph’d. “I changed it as soon as I joined my first gang; it’s been this way ever since. And that’s just one of the reasons I hate my old life so much.”

“I can imagine,” Lorey shook his head.

Lyvia paused. “How’d you get your mark?”

“I grew up in Manehattan,” Lorey began. “Theatre was big at the time, and I was an understudy in a large performance as a young teen. The lead was sick, so I had to take her place.”

“Her?” Lyvia chuckled.

“Yes,” Lorey nodded. “I was forced to play a female role. During the performance, however, I had somehow turned into a perfect replica of her, without having any idea. Quite the embarrassing experience for me, but a memorable performance nonetheless.”

Lyvia burst out laughing. “Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me!”

“I met her afterward, and we fell in love,” Lorey said wistfully. “We moved to Stalliongrad because that’s where her family was and had our first child. And, unfortunately, our last.”

Lyvia calmed down. “It’s a shame, too.”

“It wasn’t as if I had any control. Not back then.” His gaze was distant, but it snapped back into focus. “Lyvia,” Lorey began, “have you ever considered settling down and having a child?”

“Well, yeah, a little,” Lyvia shrugged. “I’ve always wondered what it’s like having one of the little buggers inside of you. Why do you ask?” she said, looking up and grinning at the blue-green unicorn in front of her.

“No particular reason,” Lorey said. “And I’m not thinking what you are. Heavens, no.”

“That’s okay, we all know you really like Envy,” Lyvia smirked.

Lorey groaned. “Lyvia, you have just given me a mental picture I cannot un-see!”

Lyvia smiled and got up. “Then you’d better stick to what you know,” she said, swatting Lorey’s flank with her tail before leaving the room.

Lorey shook his head. “Mares,” he muttered before departing as well.



The group woke up. Dust was falling from the ceiling; it felt like the entire city was shaking from some unimaginable force.

Luna’s teeth were gritted, her horn glowing with feverish energy. Sweat was rapidly dripping off her forehead.

“Somepony’s having a heck of a party upstairs!” Olly exclaimed, trying to balance himself.

“It’s an attack… by the Daymare!” Luna grunted, yelping in pain as the magic she was trying to maintain started to tear away at her life force. “Hurry, we must go outside!”

Nopony argued. Luna charged up a teleport to the surface of Fillydelphia.

Slightly charred by the shaky teleportation, the Elements, Olly, and Sweetie Belle arrived in the town plaza. Above them was a terrifying sight; the Daymare, in full splendor, was firing lightning bolts at the barrier, each one causing Luna visible pain.

“The barrier is becoming difficult to maintain,” Luna wheezed. “Please, defeat the Daymare!”

“I’ll lend you some energy,” Twilight said. “Rarity, could you help?”

Rarity nodded, and the two unicorns started to allow their magic to drift into the alicorn’s. It helped, but it wasn’t nearly enough.

Dash started to fly up, but Applejack grabbed her.

“Let go!” Dash commanded, trying to shake Applejack off.

“You go up there an’ you’ll git yerself killed!” Applejack yelled. “Find another way!”

Dash didn’t want to admit it, but Applejack was right. “Alright, Applejack, you help Pinkie and Fluttershy distract the Daymare and find any of her cronies.”

“An’ you?” Applejack asked.

“It’s Rainboom time,” Dash growled, making her way to the edge of the barrier.

Is she nuts? Applejack asked herself in disbelief. She’s only pulled that thing off twice before in her life! We’ll be goners even before she pulls off those sorts of speeds, and she might not even hit the Daymare head-on!

Fluttershy grabbed Pinkie and dragged her up to the top of a building, and Applejack went along the rim of the barrier to try and root out any accomplices. It was obvious to everypony that the Daymare wouldn’t be stupid enough to try and attack a well-protected city alone.

The Daymare charged up a beam of energy and poured it onto the barrier with all her might. Twilight cringed as some pain overflowed from Luna’s nerves to hers, and Rarity saw some bright blue cracks forming on the blue alicorn’s horn and temples.

The barrier will fall any minute! Twilight gasped as the magic took its toll on her, as well. But I’m pouring in all of my magic; why isn’t it working?!

Pinkie’s blue eyes glowed, and a massive explosion of blue light spread from the tallest building, about a kilometer from the Daymare. However, it wasn’t concentrated enough, doing little more than annoying her.

Dash was now high enough to start building a charge. Taking a deep breath of the chilly, thin air around her, she dove into a free-fall and propelled herself forward as fast as she possibly could.

Applejack spotted a pegasus among the shadows of the trees surrounding Fillydelphia, and recognized her as Lyiva, the same pegasus that engaged Dash back during their escape. She’s that same dumb pegasus that cut me open back in Canterlot! “Payback time!” Applejack grunted, rushing toward the pegasus.

The crimson marauder simply grinned. “Back for more, huh?”

She tried to kick Applejack aside, but Applejack was ready this time. Ducking, Applejack slid across the dirt and bit Lyvia when she tried to slice her open.

The mercenary yelled and kicked, but Applejack’s jaws were stronger. When Lyvia broke free, she was in even more pain than before, and she beat a hasty retreat.

“Scaredy cat!” Applejack yelled.

Lyvia laughed. “You’re not my problem, sweetheart. You don’t have wings.”

Sweetheart, Applejack growled to herself. Oh, when I get my hooves on her…

Applejack raced back into town to warn the others, the barrier recognizing her and allowing her back in.

Pinkie was trying to attack the Daymare with her energy, but it really didn’t do any noticeable damage. Please, Dash, don’t fail us now!

Fluttershy was trying to distract the Daymare, but she couldn’t do so from inside the barrier very well, and going outside it would be suicide.

Dash was picking up insurmountable speed, but it wasn’t quite enough. I need more time! Her lightning-shaped pendant had begun to pulse a bright red.

Meanwhile, the barrier was breaking down. The Daymare, noticing the resistance around her, was pushing the barrier with everything she had, and though Luna almost fell unconscious, the barrier held. Frustrated, the Daymare began charging up her final attack.

It’s all over, Luna thought miserably, taking a knee as black spots invaded her vision. I… I can’t go on…

Twilight poured all of her reserves into Luna, but it did little more than make the moon goddess sweat one droplet less. Rarity was having similar results.

Olly was sitting there, feeling useless, until he noticed something. Lyvia was flying upward at an odd angle, almost vertical. He estimated the path she was taking, and gasped.

She’s on a collision course with Dash!

Hurriedly, Olly looked for a weapon. Any weapon. He grabbed a rusty knife out of the street, and took aim. He accounted for arc, wind speed, the whole deal, as he used telekinesis to charge up a Hail Mary throw. Putting all of his energy in this one toss, he flung the knife skyward.

The knife spun in a circular motion, twirling and twirling away, but it traveled so unimaginably fast that it would have been a blur to anypony close to it. Olly heard a yell and, a little later, a faint thud.

The knife had connected with Lyvia’s wing.

Had Olly been nearby, he also would have heard a number of obscenities, but thankfully he was celebrating his success with a little jump of happiness.

Twilight, who had been watching, was awestruck. How in the world did he make that far a throw?! Rarity was thinking the exact same thing, but Luna was concentrating too intensely to notice.

Tears were streaming from Dash’s face at the speed she was going. She was about to connect. With one final breath, Dash screamed, “DON’T… HURT… MY… FRIENDS!” Her pulsating necklace gleamed with crimson energy.

With the most force any normal pegasus could ever generate, Dash’s speed exploded and she connected with the Daymare in a field of rainbow energy, sending deafening sound throughout all of Fillydelphia.

But it did more than that.

Even though the Daymare had redirected her energy at the last second to a personal shield, Rainbow Dash’s necklace had begun to glow. Her whole body began to glow with a reddish light, and her pupils started to disappear.


The glow spread to Fillydelphia, and, one by one, the ponies who had once looked upon the scene with horror and terror became angry, determined, and strong. Luna’s wavering will solidified, and it was reflected in her barrier, which gleamed with ruby energy.

Pinkie’s eyes were shining as she watched her friend begin her transformation, just as she had. Dash was becoming something greater.

Rainbow-colored flames started to leap from Dash’s mane, but they didn’t seem to hurt her. Her eyes were now a fiery red, her expression pure valor and strength. Her mane was glowing brilliantly, and her wings grew slightly in size, though vastly in strength. The pure inspiration dripping from her body spread throughout Fillydelphia, and the setting sun only added to the magic of the event. She had realized her Potential.

The Daymare looked upon the scene in horror.

You think you can come into this world and wreak havoc without consequence?!” Dash yelled, her voice being broadcast over the entirety of Fillydelphia. Her voice overlapped with a stallion’s voice, one that was proud and strong. “The citizens of Equestria have had enough of your reign of terror, and are about to show it!

Rainbow-colored energy began to flow out of the city with its residents’ cheers. Dash glowered upon the Daymare, who was trembling with rage.

“No! That wasn’t supposed to happen!” she yelled in frustration.

You have decided your own fate,” Dash said calmly, the flames around her mane and wings growing in heat and intensity. “Prepare yourself for the end.”

“Never,” the Daymare growled. She fired her pent-up energy at Dash, but the blue pegasus simply dodged with unimaginable speed, ducked under her opponent, and kicked her in the ribs.

The Daymare’s expression wavered, but she wasn’t through yet. She laughed, relaxing and preparing herself for a serious skirmish. “Finally, a challenge,” she grinned. Her horn glowed and a burst of fire weaved its way around Dash and sliced her in the side.

Dash yelled as blood poured out of the charred wound, but she didn’t feel any pain. She instead looked up at the Daymare with fury. “I’m not done yet.”

“Well, that would be boring! The big, bad Dashie going down with a tap to the noggin,” the Daymare snickered. “You’re going to go through some serious hurt before I’m done with you.”

Dash glowered at her, her ruby red eyes heightening in rage as blood dripped down her leg. “You’re really asking for it.”

“Yep.” The Daymare rolled her eyes. “Tell me something I don’t know. I got where I am by pushing buttons.”

Dash ducked under her opponent and threw some punches, but the Daymare was quicker. She slammed into Dash’s side and tossed her up in the air.

No, Dash! Pinkie gasped, horrified that Dash was somehow still losing. We... We have to help her! She fed all of her energy toward the sky.

Dash felt some of her wounds heal. Thanks, Pinkie. She looked up, her wings aching slightly. She dove below the Daymare and swerved behind the white alicorn at the last moment to kick her in the neck. The Daymare flipped in midair but was seemingly uninjured, her immortality healing any temporary wounds.

“Quick, Twilight, everypony!” Luna shouted, her voice booming over the city. “Lend her your strength! The more ponies that support Loyalty, the more damage Dash can inflict!”

Twilight nodded in realization. She sent out a mental beacon to the citizens of Fillydelphia, and they heard the call.

Dash suddenly felt her body flood with a fountain of power. With a magnificent burst of energy, her rainbow-colored flames scorched the Daymare’s neck. It still wasn’t enough, though. The Daymare grabbed Dash, headbutted her, and kicked her in the wing. Dash fell limply onto the surface of the barrier.

“Naptime,” the Daymare said with a smug grin.

“No,” Dash mumbled, her wings repairing themselves. “I... I’m not through yet!”

Pinkie funneled all the energy she could into Dash’s body. Twilight made her beacon stretch to every crevice of Fillydelphia. Lend Loyalty your strength so she can save Equestria! This is a call to arms, ponies; do not let the Daymare rule us anymore! Rainbow colored energy surged from the city like a river and slowly weaved its way to a single destination.

Slowly, Dash became airborne again, steadily rising up off of the barrier. Ruby energy crackled around her as her eyes glowed bright red. Suddenly, she took off at hyperspeed and slammed into the Daymare, who was completely unprepared for the lightning-fast attack.

What?! the Daymare thought as she flew fifty feet to the side, golden ichor spurting from her mouth.

The endless amount of positive energy coming from below gave Dash the strength of an entire army. The strength of valor, the strength of honor, and the strength of Loyalty.

The stunned Daymare was unprepared when Dash delivered another crushing blow to the side of her face, breaking her jaw and her spirit. This is unbelievable! The Daymare thought as she screamed in pain. This can’t be happening!

Dash soared high above the Daymare in about a second or two, and then came back down with the force of an entire planet. The Daymare would have been split in half had she not been immortal, but she still fell limply onto the surface of the barrier.

“You made a mistake coming here,” Dash growled. “Never show your ugly snout in Equestria again.”

The Daymare hissed something and disappeared.

Dash thrust her wings up in victory, and the cheers were almost deafening. Dash had never felt better in her entire life; this was her Element, her entire reason for existing. I have to protect the weak and stay loyal to my country. Nothing else is more important than that!

It was a celebration. Fluttershy helped Pinkie off the roof and joined the party herself. Ponies were laughing in the street, prancing about and commending the brave and loyal Dash, who sailed down, putting out the fire on her wings. Her piercing red eyes, however, would stay that way for the rest of her life.

“The Return of Harmony,” Luna murmured, though nopony heard her. “When all is lost, an Element will always be revealed.”

This is the greatest moment of my entire life! Dash thought as she stared in awe at the crowd that was cheering for her. It can’t get any better than this!

We’ve won the battle, not the war, Twilight admitted to herself as she watched her friend swoop low over the city in triumph. But can’t we celebrate a little? Grinning from ear to ear, she went off to join the party.


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