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The spanish version of Frosted Flakes is called Zucaritas and Tony the Tiger looks freaking intense on the box.


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Oh, this is interesting

Whats next?

I like this, i am excited to be reading it. Continue where you will:eeyup:

This is the most entertaining piece of fanfiction I've ever read. Please, please, please don't stop writing this. If you do, I'll cry. I swear I will.

The imagery is amazing, the writing is impeccable, and I am in love with the way you depict Mac's "dilemma," as well as the how you characterize the Big Red Dude in this.

And the twist in this chapter! Fucking mental! I just... I just don't...

Oh Gawd.


This is kitty amazing. It's not at all what I expected, given the chapter names, summary, and comedy tag. Based on those, I expected a look at some rich fantasy life, but this is great in a different way. Keep it up!

Christ, I'm confused... but still very entertained.


He is better of assuming that cosmic forces and long-dead social castes demand the two be bitter enemies, even if only from the core of their beings.


This is sexy as all hell.

Down with that new age zodiac crap!

Real zodiac is historicly honored!
To make a new one would be like updating the the bible with the superdevil just to jazz it up a bit.

'and jesus said, begane oh super devil, with your jar of marmalade that forces my brothers yo commit adultery!'


Oh, i like the story though.

These are fucking fascinating!

Please continue this. Mac's mind is a fascinating place.

Mac's mind is a slightly terrifying place... :eeyup: But entertaining nevertheless.

This should get a dark tag merely because of the atmosphere it creates. Masterful.

EDIT: I'm an idiot, barely noticed the dark tag...

Another great chapter. You have a way with words, sir/madam.

Wow... this story is amazing...keep going...:moustache:

Has this been featured already? Because it should be. People have to read this story, it's really good.

Ah, the joys of an active imagination... or, perhaps just insanity :twilightsmile:

2005638 there's nothing wrong with being insane :pinkiecrazy:

That was awesome, but damn, Big Mac sounds like a miserable, lonely sack of delusions. Keep it up!

Something about this story seems like it is leading to a great tragety or a great realization
Cant wait to find out:scootangel:

What is that I see? A image that looks like Pixel Art? Hmm...(taps the Favorite star) Meh. I have to use the read later button more... Favving is the lazy person's version of read later :3

If he speaks it, he it is possible to stay the hand of fate.


Another mind-bleaching chapter. Keep it up :pinkiehappy:

The thing you want done is doing, so don't fret. :raritywink:


Thanks, and good to know. Fair warning: once you're done with that, there is even more to be done.

Mind=Blown every time I read a chapter. Keep 'em coming!

Did you noyice screw loose got better recently? The barking pony from rainbow hospital visit?


With the relapse rate of mental patients, she'll be back soon enough.

So... the question is WHICH of his encounters was the hallucination?

I'm going to guess the night time visit was one. But the other two. Was it the fountain or the farm?

Let's see...

1. Found playing in a fountain after falling out of the sky, nopony can see her, disappears instantly when Applejack turns up.

2. Came across randomly on the road, doesn't remember interacting with him the previous day, then proceeds to get really touchy feely with him.

As little sense as it makes, I'd have to say the second one was the real conversation, but that brings up some interesting questions. Why was she so eager to get her hooves all over a complete stranger (other than 'just because it's Big Mac')? Why was she out near Carrot Tops farm? And most importantly, how did Big Mac meet her before he met her?

My mind is full of so much fuck right now. I love it.

What if both encounters were real, and she just doesn't remember? Or what if he hallucinated talking to her with Rarity. He might have made up a fake Rarity in the moment. . . or maybe this entire story is a hallucination, just like the show St. Elsewhere.

dude i love your fic...specially when makes my brain spin out

This is so... WEIRD.

And yet wonderful.

The quality really seemed to drop in this chapter, with far more errors throughout the first few paragraphs than I remember there being previous. Still, the story itself is enough to overlook that for.

I like it... Hope macs okay.


This is, by far, one of the better fictions I have read.

It's got... I dunno, something to it.

It's beautiful. That's all I can say.

Another wonderful chapter! Horoscopes always pissed me off, how gullible people fall for them so easily...

Oh, I love this twist, so nostalgic. I do really like what you did with Big Mac, I must say.

Hm, so many ideas and possibilities.

I like this hooded pony :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Poor Big Macintosh.

Interesting chapter in any case, foreshadowing a bit of instability in his future?

Damn, those two paragraphs segueing into the sex... nice wham.

You're truly talented.

Holy shit, that was intense! I wonder if this fic will end with Mac in a padded room. I hope not.

Regidar sent me. From that description, I can only imagine just how good this will be.

Came expecting synaesthesia.

Not sure if better... ?

You wanted him to hear what he feels, feel what he sees, see what he tastes, taste what he smells, and smell what he hears... for reasons?

Intresting.... By technicallity that might make me crazy... Oh well, sanity is normal... And considering other things in the 'normal' camp (murder, hatred, stupidity, foolishness, and sadness). I think im good without accociating with such normalcy, dont you?

Great chapter by the way. Please keep it up.:scootangel:

Now that's a fascinating story.

I hope it's going somewhere, but even random wanderings can be nice too.

This story is quite engrossing. I find myself lost in introspection after each chapter. I have enjoyed myself greatly so far and look forward to the next chapter.

No visible errors, well written, thought provoking...I like this.

wow... ok for anyone who has never experienced the effects of psychotropic drugs such as mushrooms or acid, this is the most accurate description of a lucid trip I have ever read, I'm assuming the author knows how to party.:pinkiehappy:

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