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Everypony has a breaking point. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon have finally snapped the Cutie Mark Crusaders. They fight back and along the way turn the Cutie Mark Crusaders into the most feared mob in Equestria's history.

But actions have consequences and the heat is on.

Chapters (12)
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"But if you absolutely have to do it, make sure you win. Because losing will make you even more of a target. I've seen it happen to others..."

I don't quite think you should've said that Applejack. :twilightoops:

(Joke) Alt. Title: The Babsfather Part I
FINALLY! Somebody besides me thinks that Babs could head a mob! Even though it's more or less a mafia in my works...

I'll bet that the Crusaders really didn't have anything to do with Silver Spoon's incident and that they really are innocent. Or maybe they actually did do it and are now planing to take down Diamond Tiara. Sadly they're becoming bullies themselves. :eeyup:

Things are quickly coming to a boiling point. :pinkiecrazy:

Reminds me of The Godfather

Keep going this is really great and you earned a fav and like from me

It's true someponies jsut want to watch the world burn, and Diamond Tiara is offically that kind of pony. :ajsleepy:

But in all honesty exaclty how do the police believe a bunch of fillies that are the same age as Diamond Tiara could possibly foal nap her? :trixieshiftright:

Ok silver spoon I always saw as the Follower but Diamond really needs to be put in her place. By any means nessecary.

Dis is good ANOTHER!!

this is SOOOOOOOOOOO good i want to see what happens next:pinkiehappy:

Minty being an idiot is my guess.

Really, Cheerilee. Just get Twilight Sparkle already. Save yourself the headache.

1939787 And report Minty to the police department so he may be fired, he's not doing his job right.

Nice story, can't wait for next part.

That's what Diamond Tiara gets for trying to mess with the Cutie Mark Crusaders. I am interested to see what happens next.:pinkiesmile:

I was just looking through my favs when I saw i had not read the latest chapter of this amazing story. WHY was i not informed :flutterrage:

you have my attention please continue.

Silver spoon is going to get it when the crusaders are at balttimare.:applejackunsure: It was so clear that is going to happen I can taste it and it tastes sweet :pinkiehappy:

If this dos not happen I swear on the cutie mark crusaders emblem I will hire the cutie mark mobsters to hunt you down and kill you:flutterrage:

Don't make the wrong move

Whatever Diamond Tiara is planing it can't be good. :pinkiegasp:

Also something tells the CMC might unintentionally end up doing something illegal to earn that money. :eeyup:

Once Silver Spoon finds out the Crusaders did indeed do the stuffed-animal-thing to her, there will be fallout.

She's just been hurt by her former best "friend", and her new "friends" are two-faced liars, too. It won't be pretty.

I hope I'm not the only one rooting for DT here. Both DT and the CMC did terrible things, but it was the CMC that acted first (well, in response to DT's bullying, but it never warranted what they did), and whilst the CMC have each other, DT's now all alone :pinkiesad2:

If I could enter this fanfic, I would totally be giving DT a hug right now.

Here, have your well-deserver moustache :moustache:
I hope there will be moar soon! :ajsmug:

Ah so both the CMC and Diamond Tiara are making secret deals. I wonder how long before they unravel. :eeyup:

The fixed races thing sounds like it could be a good idea for a Rainbow Dash episode where she starts betting on Wonderbolt races only to think something's up when she always seems to bet on the winning member.

You should go over this chapter and fix the lines its really annoying :raritywink: :ajbemused:

I apologize for the formatting. It has been corrected.

Angel is evil. Really evil.

I really like the Babs's point they could eventually take over Equestria!!!:rainbowderp:


Diamonds vs Spoons vs Crusaders?!

"This is a Twilight Sparkle job" Just make Twilight solve it cause' let's face it Minty is an idiot :derpytongue2:
And who would frame the CMC :applecry:
That's just cold!

Uh-oh I think Apple Bloom might have discovered what Babs has been getting up to. :pinkiegasp:

Oh if only they knew how dangerous the ponies they're dealing with are. The CMC are playing with fire and they don't even know it. There is no possible way this will end well. :ajsleepy:

And then the two colts forced her to take a poison that shrunk her to the size of a fil-


Awesome. Wish moar is coming soon! :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Firefly2012 deleted Jun 18th, 2013

Uh oh... Diamond Tiara had better watch out! Bad things happen when a bully pushes thier victims too far... :twilightoops:

Awesome story, I will continue reading :)

Uh ohhh, Babs is leading them down a very dark path...

And I really DO think miss Cheerilee WOULD have done something about Diamond Tiara if they would have just told her. I guess they learned nothing from NOT telling AJ about Babs in the first place. :twilightoops:

Delivering boxes? dumb minty? Diamond Tiara wanting to push things further? This is gettin dark? :pinkiesad2:

Ooh brutual! But Diamond Tiara deserved every bit of that! Ain't karma a bitch?! :pinkiecrazy:

Bad idea Diamond Tiara, very bad idea. You have no idea what happens when you push someone, or rather, somepony too far. There comes a point when your victims know, deep down, that they have nothing more to lose, and when that happens...

There will be hell to pay.

So long as they don't deliver pizza for Uncle Enzo's CosaNostra. I doo think it would be funny, though, if the CMC turned their cart into a Deliverator van a la "Snow Crash"

There are a number of ways things can develop from here. I'm interested in seeing which path it follows.


After she tried to get revenge on the Crusaders for crushing Silver Spoon emotionally and then trying to get revenge on Silver Spoon for betraying her? I'm actually sided with Diamond the whole way here, and I hope the Crusaders' crimes are discovered before this is all over and they're punished.

I especially hope they don't just manage to get out of this situation. Somepony has to realise they pushed her down the elevator shaft and punish them harshly, not just a slap on the wrist.

3531065 Oi...... I was hoping Diamond Tiara would die....

Sometimes I wished I was the one who killed her.

3531065 How did they crush Silver Spoon emotionally? And in any case they weren't the ones who tried to have her killed! Diamond Tiara did so and didn't even bat an eye, she's every bit as bad as the CMC! Of course they certainly can't talk their way out of this one, accident or not they still killed a pony.


They took Silver Spoon's entire vast stuffed animal collection that she loved, beheaded them all, and shoved the heads in her locker. For a child, that's pretty emotionally scarring.

I'm not saying DT is anymore in the right, I'm just saying that her provacation (being betrayed by her only friend and having her father against her) is a little more understandable than the CMCs' (they were teased a bit by two kids whilst the other students, their teacher, and their families give them plenty of love and support).

And in this conflict, I'm siding with DT here. Again, her actions aren't exactly excusable, but neither are the CMCs and in this situation she's the only one being punished for anything. Hell, Silver Spoon even sided with the Crusaders after what they did, and DT must be feeling like shit having lost her best friend and having her father be mad at her like he is. Remember: she's just a kid, meaning she's not exactly going to handle a situation like that well.

3532017 But no one ever did anything to help the CMC so they took matters into their own hooves. And it was that event that casued Silver Spoon to see the error of her ways and repent. Diamond Tiara still refused to believe she did anything wrong.


What I'm saying is that the Crusaders' actions were vastly out of proportion to what provoked them. It was just some childish teasing from two girls. They didn't need anypony to do anything because their families still loved them, their friends still loved them, and their teacher loved them. They had all the support they needed to easily get through two girls calling them a few silly names.

Even if they were annoyed by it, it does not justify the lengths they took. I myself hardly see a need to 'repent' from a bit of childish teasing, but even if others do see the need, her punishment was simply too much. At this point, it hardly even matters who started it or what little backup they had, the fact is that DT and SS' actions were typical of children their age and really of no concern, whilst what the CMC did was just plain wrong and had serious reprucussions. They emotionally crushed Silver Spoon and possibly scarred her for life, and they backed Diamond Tiara into a corner where she feels alone and frightened, and when children feel alone and frightened, they lash out.

Diamond Tiara fell down an elevator shaft at the end of the story?

I guess


The seriousness of this story is ELEVATING

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