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Just a man who enjoys the show (especially Derpy and Dinky) that also has a thing for writing sad/feelgood stories, usually about baby ponies.


UPDATE: Cancelled as I feel this could never hold a candle to original story that inspired this one.

A desperate mother makes a drastic decision in an attempt to save her young filly, and A lonely man awakens to find out that life has left him an unexpected gift on his front porch. This gift changes his life more than he can ever hope for, and he begins writing a journal to chronicle his life after this event.

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Oh for God's sake.
It's a good read, don't get me wrong, but could you have at least been a bit more original with the idea...?

I'm guessing this is semi-based on My Little Dashie?


I have read my little dashie I won't lie, but its not based on it as far as my intentions go, except for "human raising a pony" nothing else is the same. If you need me to clarify more just ask.

Nah, it's fine. Just been seeing a lot of shit fics lately, so I'm a bit harsher than normal


lol I understand, I think its great people want to write and get creative, but then again if you really can't then you shouldn't, for the sake of the community.

So far so good. I didn't see anything that needed to be fixed. Im looking forward to you finishing it.

thanks it is a series of journal entries the man (main character) writes daily, but I only write and post the ones involving the main events, so for now they are daily but soon they will gradually be days, then weeks. and then months apart as needed.

Putting on my read later list.

I hereby give you permission to put a boot up my ass if I haven't left one of my thorough reviews on this within a week.

- Christian 'Better get that boot ready' Harisay

lol thanks, maybe ill just message you in a week then, im really trying to put effort into this to make it more than a passing short story.

Cute, has a My Little Dashie sort of story but is written in a different way.
I can't wait for her to talk lol.
So the Everfree Forest itself acts as a portal; interesting.

Absolutely perfect my friend. I expect many great things from this story. Its already passed through everything a good story should have keep it up.:ajsmug:

2079041You are perfectly welcome good sir:twilightsmile: if you need help with proof reading and grammar or the like just ask and I'll help to the best I can.


Actually I feel really strong with what I write as I proofread sentences twice as I write them, the only weak point I have when I should use a comma or a semicolon, pointing those out for me would be he best.

Oh yeah, I said I'd get back to this...

I was only able to get through the first two chapters. Maybe I'm calling it way too early, but I just could not get into this. First chapter left out too much, like how Kickstart got into the Everfree Forest, who her parents are, and really just enough to develop them into characters that I should care about.

And then with chapter two... oh, I just was drawn out even further. I wasn't really given an attachment to our unnamed protagonist, and the writing is just... ugh, no. Like this part:

“Who or what could this be at this time of night, its only ten minutes until midnight. I normally don’t have visitors, and especially not during a storm. It can’t be lightning, as that would have been much louder, I better go check it out.”

Wouldn't it just be better to write that out as, "Who could that be this late at night?"

And how the Hell does Kickstart go from Equestria to a front porch on Earth? Just... sorry, but I'm not into this one. And the Dashie is strong with one. Don't get me wrong, I f:yay:cking love that story, but this... sorry.

- Christian 'Would it have been better if I'd just forgot?' Harisay

When will he realize that Kickstart is sapient and not a mere pet.


well the filly doesn't talk yet, so honestly Idk, probably after spending 3 to 4 months with the human the filly will learn to speak.

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