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“I need you, the reader, to imagine us, for we don't really exist if you don't.”


Pirates, swordfighting, buried treasure and hidden treachery - you don't need these to live the adventurous life.

Also featured on EqD.

Also accepted into the Royal Canterlot Library! Here's the interview.

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I remember seeing this on EqD not long after it was posted. Really, I'm surprised it's taken this long to arrive here.

It's one of the more original pony stories I've seen, and one of the better treatments of Pipsqueak. If this isn't on the list of potentials for the Pony Fiction Vault, it should be.

Thank you very much for the high praise! Yeah, due to procrastination, moving my work over here has taken a while, and I wonder how long it'll take for me to move my other multi-chapter one. =s

Author Interviewer



"Lesson Zero" says nope.


And now a proper comment: love this in the write-off, still love it now. Child narrators get me every time. Have a thumb and a star. EDIT: And an eye, because it's terrible I'm not already watching you.

Author Interviewer


I am so glad there's more to this. This story is so incredibly precious.

And beyond just writing Pip well, you're pushing all my buttons. Dinky. Blam. I just


I cannot use my words.

I forget, was this originally written before or after Ponyville Condiential? Because of the whole thing about the Mayor's mane and all.

This was written before Ponyville Confidential, but will be tweaked to account for it. =3

Author Interviewer

I imagine that little revelation only helps you out. :D

Glad to see this on FIMFiction. Thumbed, faved.

Thank you kindly!

I'm enjoying the hell out of this story. THE HELL OUT OF IT, I SAY.

I'm very pleased that you are. =3 thank you kindly!

Author Interviewer

Oh Pipsqueak, you poor, innocent ragamuffin. ;_;

Quite an adventure, but if you still believe those stallions are taking Pip to his father, then I have a castle in Canterlot to sell you.

Oh my gosh that bit about adult bullies nearly gave me heart failure from the cuteness. This is bloody wonderful and I can't wait for more.

Haha, I'm glad you liked it (for the record, I did too)! Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

I swear Pip is going to give me freaking heart failure from his adoreableness. These are bloody fantastic. Are you sure you don't secretly have some little kid drugged in your basement writing for you? *suspicious gaze*


Dragonfire! <3

Dragon slavery... oh man...

I originally had a 500 word section on how dragonfire worked that you would have got a kick out of... but then I deleted it. D=

What makes you say that? No, I didn't hear any crying or screaming. That's just the wind, I tell you. The wind. Yes.

Bluffing is fun and productive...as long as you aren't :applejackconfused:

Jeez, what comes after the blacklist? The super blacklist?

Author Interviewer

Well, that was exciting! Though you left some bits out. D: I don't want this to move ahead any faster than it has to, perhaps. But you've done very well contrasting the world-weary Mayor with naive hero Twilight.

I would say turn your eyes towards "residue awe", "If I might be as so bold", and "knocked them before".

Author Interviewer

That interlude was great because we see a good bit more of just how unreliable a narrator Pip is. I'm assuming he blacked out in the shipwreck and that's why he thought Luna was a dream, yes?

Author Interviewer

It actually took away all her dye? :O What color is she, besides pink-maned?

Part of me wants to argue that you're getting away from the heart of this story, that this should be Pip's tale to tell. But all this backalley dealing and worldbuilding is just way, way too intriguing for me to want to pass up on.

Kinda, yes - I drew from personal experience as a kid that being in overwhelmingly large places, like a concert hall or a shopping mall - would wipe my mind blank, leaving the rest of me to fill in the missing bits.

I've done quite a lot of thinking on that, actually, and hopefully the ending will tie that aspect up nicely. I won't deny that the world-building is pretty fun, though, and Mayor Mare's perspective makes things a lot easier to do it with...

That griffin is going to be big trouble later, I can feel it.

Is that griffon laying claim to Pipsqueak, or just being unusually friendly?

I found your adventure journal, but regret to inform you that USPS would not deliver my package when I attempted to return it to you, claiming the address did not exist. I also apologize for the delay in informing you of this, but I have yet to figure out how to mail this letter to you.


That's quite a gap between the shipwreck and leaving; just under three months. I mean, the circle of months was graded, so I presume I can rely on anything not circled in red ink being correct.

2034481 To the contrary, I'm almost positive that their plan involves taking Pip to his father eventually. Most likely only after he's paid them a large amount of pirate gold, but eventually.

2098683 Double secret probation. Double secret permanent probation, if you want to be precise.

2120272 Nah, the ones who try to convince you that you should be afraid of them are never trouble. They're trying to help you learn not to trust dangerous strangers, so they're cool in my book. It's the ones that try to seem nice and nonthreatening that you've got to watch out for.

2120355 I think he's just bored, and likes children enough that he doesn't want to see one wandering around unsupervised at night.

Author Interviewer

Whew, that was intense! They really seem to be bonding too, which is great. :D

I kind of like the Mayor chapters more than the Pipsqueak chapters.

well done, and what an interesting hint towards Pip's father's real character.

Author Interviewer

I think my current reaction is sitting dumbstruck after having been raked through a row of hot headcanon. I need to mull this one over; that was a lot to take in all at once!

A beautiful encounter that puts yourself in context with others in a new and enlightening way - such things are worth savouring, and you have certainly done so with this fantastic chapter. Your Mayor Mare is such a good character! I'm impressed - this is raising your already high bar, in my opinion. I'll look forward to your updates! :heart:

That young, and already an escort? Wow Pip.

2176737 Pip gets all the fillies.:duck:

well this is a fitting end to a decent story.

i hope there is no sequel to ruin it.

Author Interviewer

Ninjas! And he doesn't want to be a robot! ;_; That's so adorable.

Am I right in thinking that either something has happened to him or he's running into some strange magic? I mean, first the nameless foals in the Greenery. They come off more as spirits of the wild or something than actual ponies. And then the disease that turns you metal? Was the Mayor just making that up or something? c.c Weird.

Author Interviewer
Author Interviewer

Whereas I want more and hope for a volume 3. :D You set up so much awesome stuff!

Edit notes: there's a "Beforeshe" and a bunch of X's that I think are meant to be dates. :B

The trip home actually happened with much less fuss than I anticipated. I look forwards to the rest of this tale.

Maybe instead of Pip, his name should be Pimp. I'm pretty sure that the rust thing is just a euphinism for something else. I can't think of what, but I'm fairly sure. Why doesn't this thing have more views, it's so cool.


strange magic

Maaaybe. ;)

Heh, thank you kindly!

It was definitely interesting to see the difference between the innocence of Pipsqueak and the cold hard reality of Mayor Mare. I'm looking forward to the next set of stories.


My guess is radiation sickness. No real reason, just a gut feeling.

I must thank for writing this fic. It's witty, endearing, adventurous and lighthearted; and doesn't try to be needlessly 'edgy' for the sake of shock factor unlike many MLP fic's I've stumbled across. It's also one of the few fics that actually tread the character of Pipsqueak well and gives him gives him a little bit of respect. Perhaps that is subjective to me; but so be it.

I consider Pipsqueak the Valiants Adventure Journal a underrated fic that unfortunately need's more views.

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