• Published 9th Sep 2011
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U-Harmony - Ebon Mane

Twilight's curiosity pushes her to go were no bookworm has gone before: On dates.

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Her Harmony Horror

TIME: 6:00 PM, CST

Twilight had more or less given up on finding romance through U-Harmony. She continued to send off for matches out of a sense of weary duty, knowing that it was the price she paid for brief flashes of insight into the dating spell's workings. The unicorn didn't bother to prepare; there was no point in putting effort into an inevitable disaster. As the appointed time approached, she wondered idly what horrors the spell would visit upon her this time. All too soon, she found out.

Twilight Sparkle recovered from teleportation's effects nearly immediately, as did the mare sitting across the table from her. She recognized the other unicorn at a glance, but shock kept her silent for a moment. Her date's teal eyes widened. Twilight desperately hoped she was wrong, but there was no mistaking it. The light gray coat. The mane, striped purple and white. The same old familiar face.

"Mom?" She found herself asking.

Twilight's mother disappeared in a flash of magic. The librarian just stared at where the other unicorn had been, hoping to wake up.

She had no such luck.


Eventually, she returned to her library, bewildered and slightly nauseated.

Spike was there to greet her. "Hey Twilight," he said, "Welcome back. How was your date?"

"More awkward than anything I could possibly have imagined, Spike," the mare replied, shuddering.

"Aww, that's too bad, Twilight. Anyway, a note came for you, not long after you left. It wasn't from the princess. It just said 'Never speak of this. Ever. And don't ask; you don't want to know. P.S. Your father says 'hi' and seems to find this hilarious. I will end you if you keep laughing. Yes, that was meant for you, stop looking over my shoulder when I'm writing.'" The dragon paused, "Or something like that. It vanished before I finished reading it."

Twilight had never more fervently wished for amnesia.