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I like girls with dicks, if you couldn't notice. Also stories that are stupid but amusing. And stupidly amusing stories involving girls with dicks. And sometimes without dicks.

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Excellent. The most sense I've seen made in a long while.

This is comedy uranium (cuz gold is so useless and non-edible) I applaud you sir!

King Lazaro Sol of Ziolia

I have no idea what I just read but have a thumbs up!

I dunno what you mean by terrible in the author's notes, I rather enjoyed it but then I'm a very weird person. I hope there's more.

Yes...what were you thinking creating this

Now go make more chapters

:applejackconfused: Why am I reading this...... Where can I get more?:derpytongue2: What would the others turn into?
Applepanties, Rainbow Bra:rainbowlaugh: Flutter... Sundress?:fluttercry: Twilight.. she's probably needed for the spell.
Although once the timelimit is figured out... would Rarity join the fun?:raritystarry: Twilight wearing everybody?:facehoof:

Where did Twilight get that spell from anyway? :trollestia:

okay, I am taking this storyline way too serious for a clopfic. and you thought you were weird

1973467 Trace amounts of it, if ground into an ultra fine powder, yes. It is actually possible with specific chemical processes to separate gold from human blood! You know for science.:twilightblush:

1973122 I wrote it, and I don't have any idea either! :pinkiecrazy: I just stumbled across the picture and thought "yeah I could make a fic out of that".

1975238 and how, pray tell, did you stumble upon that picture?:rainbowlaugh:

I'm probably going to regret finding this but I just can't pass up something as funny as this. :rainbowlaugh:

Let's just hope Rarity doesn't do something rather unlady like to Applejack. :pinkiesick:

(Joke) Alt. Title: Ponies Turn Into Something They're Not #618

I'm enjoying this more than I should. Too bad there's no romance tag.

... I... uhh... what the hell did I just read?:facehoof:

I declare this to be the greatest idea ever!

I don't care what I just read, all I know is that I want more.

1973467 not my speicies gold is about as harmful to us as eating styrofoam is to humans. However uranium is plentiful in magic that ziolians need and radioactivity that's good for us too. But aspirin is a verry deadly substance to us I set the record for most ingested (waaaayyyyy before I became king) and that was 3 tablets in one hour. I was in the hospital for a week!

You know that type of thing that is so weird and full of 'what the fuck' awesomeness that you just need to see more? Well that is this exact type of story. I don't need to know what I read, all I know is that it was so full of randomly 'what the fuck' awesomeness that there must be more.

This was so freaking weird but awesome.:rainbowlaugh:

... I have to read this. I don't care how many times I'm gonna say, "What the fuck?", I'm just gonna read it. Can't be weirder than Regidar or Chuckward's fics.


:pinkiehappy: Applejack and Inanimate TF? You sir are suffering an admirable lack of morals, and apparently so am I since I find myself wanting more... :trollestia:

1978201>>1977743>>1978684>>1979802 I don't know either lol :coolphoto:

1978824 I have no clue whether it is or not. Would certainly be interesting though.

I have no clue of what I read, but I like it!

I am confused.

But interested.

Y'know what, that was better than I expected it to be. I await more!


here, here.

I see nothing inconsistent or whacky about this fic.

I quite liked it, and there's more? Well, go on there with your silky self.

:facehoof: I actually laughed my ass off at this...please make more.:raritydespair:

These discussions are the greatest thing I've ever read in my entire life!

Good lord, this was hilarious!
I am also in agreement with Rarity's boob rant.
And Rarity's speculation about AJ's habits was funny. Wonder how long it will take for AJ to put that part together with Rarity's libido and realize Rarity's probably fantasized about her.

Speaking of, is Spike in this story at all? Cause if he is, an awesome - if somewhat mean - prank AJ could do would be to give Rarity a big squeeze while she was talking to him.

I can't even. One second, I'm thinking 'what the actual fuck is this?' and the next, I've already read both chapters.

1993862 Same...I'm interested, which also makes me slightly ashamed of myself.

Pretty much sums up how I reacted to this.


Read both chapters, thinking 'What the fuck' the entire time, and still have that voice in my head saying...

'I want more'

I can't wait to see what the next chapter has in store. :moustache:

What... the actual fuck... have I allowed my eye-holes to partake in?

I found myself laughing at almost everything, so much so that I almost vomited. I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD I DRYHEAVED!!! Things like that don't just happen.
I hope you decide to add more to this. The opportunities for antics in this fic are over 9000. I know that's a very old and worn out joke, but it fits.:pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

Oh gosh this is so messed up but I just can't look away! :rainbowlaugh:

More please, if only so I get more of this WTF feeling. :duck:

1995361>>1998357>>1995620 Yeah, I'd love to add more to it, although it's kinda tough to keep coming up with weird stuff for them to talk about. What I'll probably do just leave it incomplete and add to it as I come up with ideas. Basically, I'll make stuff up as I go in between other projects.

1998527 Perhaps an idea for a joke might be Rarity actually does sit down and Applejack starts claiming she can't breath only for Rarity to say "You're fine stop overreacting!" or perhaps a bathroom joke where Applejack's like "Oh Celestia anything but this!" :rainbowlaugh:


bathroom joke where Applejack's "Oh Celestia anything but this."

Ohh! Going to a public toilet, and Applejack's begging "Please! Please! Please! Don't let me touch the floor!"

1998668 And Rarity's like "Why? I thought you didn't mind getting dirty?" and Applejack's like "Yeah well this is different and please for the love of Celestia remember to use toilet paper, PLEASE!" :rainbowlaugh:

1998546>>1998668 I shit you not I was planning to make a "Don't let me touch the floor" in the bathroom joke in the next chapter. Still can, I guess.

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