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Tiramisu Tales


Relationships are give and take. Equality. Fairness. Responsibility and desire often clash, and one can only take so much before patience becomes thin, hearts become twisted, and morals are questioned, for even those with the power of the gods have emotions like mere mortals.

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Wheee! Finally you post something :3

Ooo! A new work by Tiramisu Tales!

Added to read later. :twilightsmile:

Well written, I must say, a great intro. I've always had troubles with this pairing (for good reason, I mean, duh). If you can show me how it came to be, then I will be at peace.

But I just don't know, other than they're immortals and it was all Celestia could fall back on. But gah! I dunno.

Anyway, the story is yours to write and I shall obediently follow along.

- Church

Looking good so far. Keep it up! :rainbowdetermined2:

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