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Darkly Dreaming - Connor Shadows

Tonight's the night. Dexter in the cute and happy world of MLP. Love that pic but i couldn't find the who made it. I don't take credit for this pic, think of it as free advertising

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Chapter four: The Stalk

Darkly Dreaming

Chapter Four

The Stalk

Dexter walked down the streets of Ponyville, sporting his new duster with a smile on his face. The smile wasn’t just for camouflage; he was genuinely happy about how no one was looking at his mark, that was now concealed under the long, flowing tail of his new coat.

This kill’s going to go smoothly I can feel it.

Dexter was now only minutes from the workplace of his target, Sugar Cube Corner. As the building came into view, Dexter almost laughed.

It was an odd shaped building. Its walls were made of white stone with wood planks bracing the stone, just like most of the other buildings in town. That is where the similarities ended. The bakery door and shutters where pink and on the roof were shingles that look like they belonged on a gingerbread house. They looked as though they would feel like cookies. The edges of the roof were lined with something white Dexter couldn’t identify.

That looks like icing.

His attention was then drawn to roof once more. On the roof was a small tower that looked like a two cupcakes with windows stacked on top of each other. The one on top had what looked like three burning candles. The chimney was also quite strange. It was blue and branched out like coral. There was smoke coming out of each of the four spouts on the chimney. Dexter walked up the steps to the door and opened it.

As Dexter opened the door he heard the pleasant chime of an entrance bell. The storefront of Sugar Cube Corner was a very decorated and festive. There were sweets on tables and in the glass counter. The room had blue, wood flooring with a large swirled rug in the middle of the room. Some of the wood moldings on the ceiling were painted white with candy and pastries on them for decoration. Support beams were shaped and colored like candy canes.

“This place looks like you could eat it. I’m a little surprise ponies die here,” Dexter then remembered why he was here. He then quickly looked around for where the basement could be. He then saw two staircases to the left of him, one going up the other going down. “There you are.” He knew that would lead to the basement

Taking in his surroundings only took a few seconds, he then walk to the empty counter and slapped the silver bell laying there for customers to get attention.

Pinkie Pie was in back of the bakery pulling a batch of cookies out of the oven when she heard the bell at the front counter ring.

“Oh, a customer!” she chirped with glee while quickly placing the cookies on the stovetop and closing the oven. She threw off her oven mitts and shot towards the storefront.

Within seconds, Dexter was face to face with his prey. The curly-haired, pink pony shot into the room faster than Dexter thought possible for an earth pony.

I’m definitely going to have to sneak up on her. There’s no way I could catch her with that speed.

“Hi, how may I help yo-…” Her voice trailed off for a second. She then got right in Dexter’s face and looked him over. “I don’t know you, are you new to Ponyville?” she asked with a cheery tone and smile.

Dexter was surprised, “How do you know I’m new to Ponyville?” he asked with skepticism and a very believable country accent.

“I’m friends with everypony in Ponyville. I know everyone and I don’t know you, what’s your name?” She squeaked out so quickly Dexter could barely keep up with what she said, all while shooting around Dexter and prodding him with her hooves.

Her high pitch voice was beginning to annoy Dexter as he was fighting the urge to just snap her neck and leave. “Oaker, my names Oaker stop poking me,” he lied; Dexter never told his prey his real name, well he did on occasion when they were strapped down about to meet his special form of punishment. He did this to protect himself and his family from his victims if he was found out before he killed them.

“Oaker? Like an oak tree? Personally you look more like a pine tree to me,” she babbled while bouncing a little.

“Uh huh,” was all Dexter could get while trying to understand how a killer could act like this. “Well I came here to find out if ya’ll sold dounuts,” he said trying to change the subject off of him. “So, do ya sell ’em?”

“Her act is uncanny no wonder no one thought she could be a killer.” Dexter was curious if he could learn from her to better his camouflage. Then his mind snapped to the Trinity killer. “No I can’t do that ever again,” a pain shot through Dexter’s heart

He had tried to learn from the Trinity killer a.k.a. Arthur Mitchel he was a husband, like Dexter used to be, and he had a family. Dexter’s putting off of Trinity’s death caused the loss of his wife and Harrison’s mother, Rita. Trinity learned Dexter’s true name and found her at their home, cut open her leg and bled her out in a bathtub. After Dexter had killed him and returned home, Dexter found his wife dead and his son in a pool of his mother’s blood. He left this dark state of mind when he heard Pinkie start talking again.

The party pony then snapped out of ‘new friend’ mode and realized she had a customer to attend to. “Dounuts? Yeah we make them, but only in the morning. I could make you some if you wanted me to,” she answered, still a little too cheery for Dexter’s liking.

“Oh, no, that’s alright. I don’t want to trouble you with makin’ a new batch. I’ll just come back tomorrow mornin’,” Dexter told the goofy baker with kindness.

“It wouldn’t be any trouble. I like baking,” she explained, “Why would I work here if I didn’t?”

Not to mention you bake ponies. You must get some level of enjoyment out of it.

“No. I’ll just be back tomorrow,” Dexter looked around, “Do you work here by yourself?”

“Oh, no, well, not usually anyway. The owners are just on vacation in Fillydelphia,” she told him as she started bouncing back to the kitchen.

His dark passenger informed him on its thought. “Perfect she’s here alone. Kill her before the others return.”

He pushed his dark passenger away for a moment and focused back on learning about his prey. “Hey, where you goin?”

“I gotta do some shopping, since you’re not ordering anything, I’ll just get it over with,” Pinkie replied while slipping a pair of saddle bags on her back. She then secured them, “You’ll have to leave though. I gotta lock the bakery up till I get back.”

“How long are ya gonna be gone,” Dexter asked curiously

“Two hours or so. I don’t know, sometimes I get caught up in other things,” She giggled, now that she thought about it she could get some pranks in before returning to the bakery. Business had been slow that day so she would take her time getting back to work.

Perfect, I can get this over with sooner than I thought.

“Okay see ya soon,” Dexter said while going to the door. He opened it and stopped in the doorway. “Hey?”

Pinkie stopped looking over her list of needed ingredients and other things.

“What’s your name miss?” Dexter asked even though he already knew.

“It’s Pinkie Pie,” she responded with a smile.

“Well, see you tomorrow miss Pinkie Pie. You better have those dounuts in the mornin’,” Dexter joked. He then closed the door.

Dexter then walked at a brisk pace away from the place where Pinkie would take her final breaths.

I’ve got to go get my tools and finish the kill room before she gets back.