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Darkly Dreaming - Connor Shadows

Tonight's the night. Dexter in the cute and happy world of MLP. Love that pic but i couldn't find the who made it. I don't take credit for this pic, think of it as free advertising

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Chapter Three : Image is Everything

Darkly Dreaming

Chapter Three

Image is Everything

Dexter had arrived back in Canterlot and was quickly trotting to Equestian Metro Homicide, his dark passenger willing him to get done with work quickly so he could start his dark process. Dexter lost interest in his surroundings, letting them fade away out of his mind.

It has to start today. I can’t wait anymore.

Dexter slowed down knowing he was getting close to his place of employment. It came into view as he rounded the corner. It was a squared concrete office building with windows spread out evenly. The building did not fit in with the beautiful, arabesque buildings around it.

It looks so out of place. They could at least paint it something other than white.

It was a good thing it didn't fit in. It was a reminder that not everything was perfect and friendly; there were criminals in the world.

”I guess it doesn't have to look nice because its serves a much needed purpose,” Dexter concluded as he walked up the steps to a pair of glass doors that read ‘Equestrian Metro Homicide’.

He opened the door, the building’s inside was just as boring as its exterior. The dirty, white tiles and the white walls made the florescent light reflect harshly off their surfaces.

Dexter began to walk towards the silver elevators on the walls to right of him. He slowed and flashed his badge to the receptionist at the front desk and got on the closest elevator. He pushed the button for his floor.

The elevator came to a stop and its doors open to an office full of cops and other law enforcement officers busy at their desks, some drinking coffee, some eating stereotypical dounuts.

Dexter was about to make his way toward his lab when, a slightly tubby, brown stallion, with a black mane and goatee, wearing a tan fedora, walked up to Dexter and kindly asked, “No donuts today Dexter?”

“Nope, sorry Batista. Deb got me working on a case before I could go by the shop,” Dexter said with a smile. Batista was his Sergeant, but they were also friends.

“Your work is getting in the way of my bear claw, make sure you get one tomorrow okay.” He had a broad smile on his face.

“Sure thing Sergeant.” Dexter left the sergeant with a grin and wave, walking towards the blood lab.

The blood lab was set aside from the rest of the work place. It was separated by a large desk and a medicine cabinet. Masuka’s meds were contained within, with other odds and ends mixed in aswell. Enlarged pictures of blood splatters from other crime scenes filled up the free space on the walls. There were papers and science equipment scattered around on the desks and inside the cabinets.

Dexter had a closed off personal office with glass windows wrapping around the outside walls. His equipment and his computer were contained within. Across from the entrance was a door that led to the splatter room, where Dexter tried to recreate blood spatter with Pony analogs and large rolls of paper that could be rolled down to cover the walls.

Dexter entered his snug work place and shut the shades on the widows. Privacy was something he had always enjoyed. He dropped his bag on the floor and retrieved the blood samples. He then started preparing them and began processing some in specialized machines, others he just placed in a slot on his door for later. He would need Masuka to look at those over for a second opinion.

He then logged on to his computer and got on the criminal database. He then typed in a name enjoying it as the name slowly crept onto the screen.

“Pinkamena Diane Pie,” he said with the evil satisfaction of his dark passenger.

He hit enter. Her record came up with the happiest mug shots Dexter had ever seen. She a broad grin and cheery eyes. She was Pink with a slightly darker shade on her mane. Her cutie mark was some party balloons. He didn't really care what they represented.

He read her crimes silently in his mind, “Pinkieamena Diane Pie a.k.a. Pinkie Pie accused of the murder and mutilation of her friend, Rainbow Dash, in the basement of Sugar Cube Corner. She stuffed her and used the rest of her to make cupcakes.” Dexter was repulsed by the thought of such mutilation, and she did this to a friend. Dexter cut up his victims after they had met his blade but that was for convenience and portability when he disposed of them. He didn’t particularly enjoy it. He kept reading.

“She escaped prosecution with no jail time from a plea of temporary insanity. Her other friends supported her and said there was no way she would hurt anyone normally; she had to be out of her right mind. She was forced to take one thousand hours of therapy.”

But Dexter knew the truth, “You don’t chop your friends up and turn them into pastries from a temporary loss of sanity. Oh no, you’re still doing this to others, and there were others before you were caught.” Blood was once again streaming through his vision. “You will die on my table. Just like the others before you.” Dexter now had an insane grin on his face.

“So, you work at Sugar Cube Corner, the same place you kill ponies that’s pretty convenient, but there is no listing for your house. I guess my hunt starts at the bakery,” Dexter thought with no emotion, logging off his computer after writing down the address.

Dexter stood and went back to his bag, unzipped one of the small side pockets, and retrieved a small syringe, filled with a clear yellow liquid. It was an animal tranquilizer; he used it to knockout his prey silently.

This may come in handy later

He then placed it in the other chest pocket of shirt.

He got out his phone and checked the time ‘3:15’ plenty of time to start his hunt.

Dexter left his station, now done for the day unless someone else died. Dexter hurried through the streets of Canterlot, for the third time that day, going back to the train station.

“Back to Ponyville,” he sighed.

Dexter was exiting the train in Ponyville when he saw something that could be very useful. It was a clothing store that had a wooden sign that said ‘Jackets Galore’ hanging above the door. It was a small, stone building with a roof made up of hardened, red, clay shingles. Dexter looked at the store with a sly grin.

Looks like I can get that trench coat I wanted.

Pushing the wooden door open, Dexter saw the walls of the shop were lined with coat racks full of an assortment of different jackets. Dexter approached one of the racks and started to rummage through it when he heard the kind voice of an older Unicorn behind him.

“Anything I can help you find?” the black unicorn with a peppered mane asked from behind a wooden counter.

“Yes, actually do you have any trench coats or dusters in here?” Dexter called with faked kindness while walking toward the counter.

“I sure do this way,” he said leaping over the counter, landing gracefully, and then started walking towards the far wall.

Surprisingly spry for an older guy.

Dexter followed him to the last coat rack in the store where he stopped and searched though it for a few moments. He withdrew a light brown duster with chocolate leather patches on the elbows. He looked it over stretching the sleeves out so he could examine their length.

“Try this on,” The graying stallion decided tossing it to Dexter.

Dexter caught is quickly and inspected it. He then tried it on checking if it covered his suspicious marks. It did, it even covered the crimson stream that went down his legs’ upper thighs.

“It’s perfect,” Dexter smiled in amazement. “How did you know exactly everything I wanted? It fits perfectly.”

“It’s a gift,” pointing at his mark it was tailor’s measuring tape. “If I do say so myself. I've never had a customer in here for more than ten minutes,” He said with pride.

“What’s your name?” Dexter asked

“Patch Work, my friends call me Patches.”

“Well Patches, you just got yourself a new customer,” Dexter guaranteed kindly, this time it wasn't fake.

Dexter then paid for his new duster and left with it on. He then looked himself over. This jacket was perfect; he didn't have to worry about the stares of strangers and the questions about his mark anymore, as long as he kept it on anyway. As he walked away from the store his expression darkened getting back on task.

Now to start my stalk.

Dexter then started on his way through the cheery town of Ponyville towards Sugar Cube Corner.