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"Art forms that appeal to modern leftish intellectuals tend to focus on sordidness, defeat and despair, or else they take an orgiastic tone, throwing off rational control ..."

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Please, thumbs down this beast before it hatches. First sentence in, my thoughts were "Uh oh..."

I did my part, admiral!
And by "first sentence" do you mean the song lyrics or "The worms were hungry again"?
Because either way, it gets better. For a given definition of "better," in which "better" and "worse" are considered roughly synonymous.

Fiddlebottoms, your genius can not be reigned.

Angel ... Her green eyes turned to a corner of the room where a rodent skeleton ...

Angel ... a rodent skeleton

Angel ... rodent


Oh, hey. Looks like they removed the ability to have images contain links within comments. Well, there goes that gag. Bunnies aren't rodents though, they're lagomorphs, silly!

Fluttershy's most recent veterinary text book is from 1910, sorry.
Actually, not sorry.

Why... just... why...
You know this is actually not that bad, incredibly well written but insane shock value and OOC action. I am recommending this for creepypasta immortalization. I want this to join the ranks of Sweet Apple Massacre, Cherilee's Garden, Cupcakes, etc.

Ok. Finished. I feel like I should have earned an achievement for reading this though.

Achievement: "Lost Your Lunch"
Criteria: "Read a Fiddlebottoms story in one sitting without skipping any of the good stuff."

It was. Good? It was. It was like gore/toilet poetry. I feel like a worse person now, just for having read it.

But I really liked the idea of the Cutie Mark Crusader Nurses being the last adventure of that mischievous trio, and the ending was surprisingly heartwarming. I was expecting the worms to heartlessly murder/consume Fluttershy the first moment she outlived her usefulness. I never imagined they could grow to love.

Looks messed up.
I expect grand things from you.
I'll read it later.

Yeah... this is a 'story' in a very loose sense of the word.

It's worse than "Human Centipede" in sheer gorish absurdity. :ajbemused:

>mfw this story

How delightfully disgusting. I must admit to being a little confused at times, but it all made sense in the end. I found the relationship between Mother Hydra and the worms rather endearing, in a way.

It was strangely heartwarming towards the end, aside from that, holy shit that was some pretty epic 'whatever-that-was'-porn. Bravo.

I'm with this guy, it must be immortalized.

I got half way decided I didn't want to subject my already damaged mind to any more of these vivid imaginings and scrolled quickly down.
I shall now list all the words that I spotted on my way down.
Blood, spew, momentum, vomit, glorious, skin split like paper.

You are gloriously horrid Fiddles.

It's like a reverse Mama Fluttershy.

"In Anarchist Cockroach Club, Fluttershy tentacle rapes you!

Other than that.... Uh, wow. I really want to say something profound about how this had an unnerving sense of grandeur, but nothing can be said after reading this. You can't comment on this story. You either stand speechless in awe of it, or you cower in terror and pray that it goes away.

Wrecked rectum.


You need help.

dear...god...WHAT WAS THAT?! GIRL BONER DESTROYED! CAN NOT CLOP, I REPEAT, CANNOT CLOP:raritydespair::pinkiesick::pinkiesick::pinkiesick::fluttershbad:



I've actually been plucking away at some chapters illustrating the beginning of Fluttershy's descent (Big Macintosh, Angel, the CMC). Originally, I was going to say, "why, because fuck you, that's why" when I extended one of my most hated stories into the longest thing I have published here, but now I'm going to blame it all on you.

What the buck just happened.:raritycry:

This serves as a worded testament to your burgeoning madness. After they find your countless victims, experts will use this hideous, stinking bile as a bonafide proof that nothing in modern psychiatric practices could have ever spared what little there was left of your diminutive, suffering humanity. I mean, that's IF anything akin to humanity ever existed in you in the first place.

So basically... yeah, I totally masturbated to this. SWISHY SWISHY!


Instead, it swirled like a blood-soaked tampon on the backflow of a clogged toilet, pushed up and out by the sight of the butter yellow pegasus.

Upvoted there.

This is fantastic!

>write whorse erogore scat porn
>be compared to Samuel Beckett
>so surprised you start greentexting
>4chan has raped modern civilization

By the way, what happened to your blog?

Tumblr is probably the worst internet community in existence. I got sick of the mass of self-congratulating, reblogging, moralizing, bourgeois scum, so I burned my account.
These bars are a prison for your soul, you must escape, or drown in an abattoir filled with your own shit.

This is fucked up beyond words. Sick yet gorgeous. Like a trainwreck, one cannot stop watching. This is, in a dark and twisted way, a sick version of a masterpiece. Your prose is simply great, your way with words is like the sharp blade of a samuraï.

I don't know if I can clop to this, but I'm DAMN sure gonna try.


> For a given definition of "better," in which "better" and "worse" are considered roughly synonymous.

I'm stealing that exact line for something. Not sure what yet, but I doubt you'll care anyway. :)

Reminds me of my favorite comedy

"Saw" and "The Torture Room"

This doesn't scare me or anything I find it's execution to be halarious.

I love the detail it curves this story is the strangest way made me want to clop and laugh.

This reminds me of the movie "Slither"

Author Interviewer

Well, that was horrifying. :B

I wanted to stop but I couldn't. I am thoroughly disgusted. Not bad grammar though.

Poor Rarity :pinkiesad2::pinkiesick:

Hopefully her evil plan can be found out before it can fully come to fruition.

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