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Manehattan was the first to go.the alien race from beyond the stars took over Manehattan and turned it into their base of operations, and is planning to take over all of Equestria.The elements of harmony must join forces with a mysterious alicorn who seems to be from some unknown far away place.

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What is this. What am I looking at.

So, like... it's supposed to be "The main characters go on an adventure! Also Spaceman Spiff tags along"?

Am I the only one here that is encouraging this author to write moar chapter?

way too short why don't you wait till you have a few put toghether but im not bitchin it's an inspired plot:twilightsmile:

Bad news:
The author told me that he would not finish the story.
One, i know this because we went to the same school.
And two, he believed that people would not like his story.

Thats horrible to hear as i and a co-writer have written our first fan fic and our first comment was insulting but we didn't quit we proved him wrong and have made it a mediocre story that isn't bad. So if he loves doing it i suggest he carries on doing it no matter what all i can tell you is that i will read and follow him no matter what:twilightsmile:

So far, he isn't changing his mind...
And while trying to convince him, i was writing my own fanfic/clopfic (not one-shot clopfic)
Ah'm gettin dizzy.
By the way, he made the cover photo for this fanfic.

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