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Moderator of Protect Celestia. Aside from that I'm a prereader/writer who farts about this site to an excessive degree. Currently have three stories going at the moment.


After an accident leaves her in another world, Amber Mayberry tries to find her way back home while drawing as little attention as possible. However events already underway in this strange, new magical land threaten to suck her in. Stuck in a body she barely knows, the luckless college student must face Equestrian society with little more than her wits and intelligence.

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Hum-ho, a little mistake prone, if you et the meaning. But I like this. I'm tracking, adding to my still too long list of stories. :rainbowlaugh:

141340 Thanks, mate. Yeah, despite what my pre-readers and I do, something still manages to slip by.

Do you need ANOTHER prereader?

Jose sounds cool.

And so does this story.

It's good, but this confused me.

The main character and Twilight somehow got swapped?

141671 Nope. The MC won't encounter the Mane 5 until later on. A name is giving in chapter 4 which is being preread now.

141553 Not at the moment. But I may later on as one of my prereader's workload is going to be increasing.

141742 Will do. Chapter 4 is being preread now.

I love the direction you've gone with this.

141878 Will your offer still be good at that time?

Most definitely. Just PM me whenever you feel like you want the help.

141951 Might need it with Chapter 5. My pre-reader mentioned it's only like the first or second week back and he's already swamped.

Well, I won't be available this weekend, so it might be Monday that I can actually edit. So don't reconsider just yet, I'll still want to be an editor!

141966 No worries there. I have yet to write chapter 5 much less send it through my first pre-reader.

hmmmmmmm not bad not exactly attention grabbing for me exactly:twilightsheepish: but not bad:trollestia:

142030 The trick is to lull everyone in and then proceed with the mind screwing. Mostly at this point, the MC is just getting her bearings and getting out of Canterlot. From there it's find out how she got there and what can she do to get back and who the hell brought her there in the first place. There are surprises but mostly it's a story about Equestria and what experiencing it is like from someone who has no idea what the hell is going on.

Hey sithis, since we already work together, feel free to call on me ifn you need another pre reader. Also, I'll comment on your story once I read it... tomorrow....

142157 Ok, mate. By the way, Ty mentioned he saved our great work of art.

142159 I know, we had a good medium length talk about that.... and then he continued to put off the chapter........

143278 Indeed. Believe me Fleur and Fancypants are going to find a human's first name kinda odd. So she will end up using her surname for most of the story as it sounds more pony like.

Hah! Take that, Blueblood.

I'm interested to see where this is going.

Huh, I'm surprised. I incorrectly assumed that the bit with Blueblood was just a passing swipe at a generally disliked character and a way to get your main character some funds, not setup for further plot down the road... but good choice doing it that way! I'm interested to see where you take this.

227379 Thanks, mate. As disliked as Blueblood is, I didn't want him to simply be a simple punching bag character. So I decided to flesh him out a bit and then have him work for his title. And he's not the only one who's going to be working.

All hail Sithis!
Leader of the Brotherhood!
Writer of Fan-fics!

Well, I must say I laughed about Twilight's enthusiasm for secret labs. :twilightsheepish:

258229 She has always seemed to be the kind that would enjoy having one.

ooh, this is without a doubt, very interesting. cant wait to read more :pinkiehappy:

bronies- because all of us, is better than none of us

264276 Sorry for the late reply. I'm glad you like what you've read so far.

Great story! Keep writing, and don't forget to stay cool :3! :rainbowwild:

340216 Thanks, mate! I'm actually trying to get in touch with my prereaders for Chapter 10.

A few minor errors in the text, but the thing that distracted me the most was describing the FlimFlam brothers and Applebloom as "olive".
They are yellow. "olive" is a green-yellow color.

356524 When I was looking for their coloration I just looked it up on the MLP wiki.

yay was wondering when more was going to be posted, cant wait for more

357184 Yeah, sorry about that. Got hit by a bit of Writer's Block.



Goddamn Lyra, you're going to scare her off.

359768 Heh, I was trying for a little more.....manic Lyra than we usually see.


Oh god, poor Mayberry.

Definitely some interesting developments in Canterlot, too.

Okay, new theory.

Mayberry's flank only APPEARS to be blank. In reality, her cutie mark is a ninja. We just aren't skilled enough to see it.

514404 I felt it was time for her sneak skills to make a return. Besides don't you hate it when you go to get someone to back you up only to find they pulled a Batman on you.

She is vengeance. She is the night. She is... BATMARE!

514643 Oh lawd, I just remembered I actually did make that joke didn't I?

You are a bad person for making us wait, and we all hate you forever.

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