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Everypony is the hero of their own story. That's how the old saying goes. But Deft Embrace is no hero. Terrified of stepping outside the walls of Neighgaton, and with combat skills so poor she can barely aim a small stun gun, she doesn't have the makings of a hero.

But Deft is a mother, and when danger threatens her two young fillies she will find that the line between mother and hero is sometimes blurred. And that even a weak, frightened mare can be a fierce fighter when defending her children.

But will it be enough? What can one mare do against the whole wasteland?

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Motherly bond bro... motherly bond

Your awesome so keep on keepen on man- A saying from joe dirt

The liker wuz here the wuz part is on purpose though your story has been liked

Also why is there no crossover tag (or dark tag depending on the content of the story).


Because I'm a silly pony. Fixed.

So whens the next really liked it:yay:


When I post it. :rainbowwild:

I'll try not to let the suspense build up too much.

Kill every single slaver. Hopefully her fillies are fine.


Yes, it was a very bad trade. And you haven't even met the villain yet. :rainbowwild:

well at least she saved that filly and I hope her fillies are okay :yay:

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