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The idea of getting their yearly vaccinations together seemed like a good one at first, but Applejack quickly realizes that most of her friends do not take getting prodded very well. Doctor Stable enlists her help, and together they take on the challenge of immunizing all of the mane six.


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Ehh... It wasn't the best story. Everything just seemed really quick and the moods changed very drastically.

I dunno. I think it's funny enough. I liked it!

I liked how unpredictable this is. I was totally expecting pinkie to be a problem, and totally expecting rainbow to be okay with it, but this surprised me. can't wait for the second half!

in short, i must say, what a :twistnerd:!

1904112 All I can really say to that is this is my first attempt at the comedy genre, so it's not gonna be perfect. It's a short story about not-so-compliant ponies being stuck with needles - it would seem appropriate to move at a fast pace and have drastic mood changes (my best friends are needle-phobics... I know how they act! lol).

1904180 Thanks! :twilightsmile:

1905879 Unpredictability was exactly what I was going for in this chapter, so thank you!

Def agree with that. that's exactly what it's like being afraid of needles. you're totally fine until you feel that cold alcohol pad on your shoulder, and then, BAM! any excuse to get outta that chair.

This story so far has been...nice.

Applejack obviously would be fine with a little pain, given the hard working :ajsmug:
Twilight character was perfect - she would be more interested in science :twilightsheepish:
Pinkie was also on character, she'd do anything for free candy :pinkiegasp:
Rarity I felt was a little off, should have been more melodramatic :raritydespair:

Dash and Shy could prove interesting...

“Encephalomyelitis. Have you ever heard of the sleeping sickness? This is a new vaccine for it.”

I personally would have replaced "Ever" with "Never" I find it flows more with how he is asking a question not stating a fact.

Really enjoyed it. I think you nailed the reactions of each pony really well with the exception of Twilight. She's always been very compliant and submissive to authority so seeing her wig out in the office was a surprise. Still really good and its short and sweet for a one off. as with your other stories I look forward to the next instalment.


1913884 Thanks! I thought that Rarity would want to remain as composed and lady-like as possible... until things were switched up a bit, that is. :raritydespair:

1925088 O hai :twilightsmile: I think the word "never" makes his statement sound more like "seriously, don't you know what I'm talking about?" instead of what I was going for: "you've heard of this before, right?". I wanted him to come off as professional and polite, so I personally think the word "ever" works a bit better here.

As for Twilight... she is pretty compliant for the most part, but if she thought something was off I don't think she'd hesitate to question it. Example: Canterlot Wedding. The first part of Twilight's scene was reflecting her questioning "future Twilight", and the second was just her being obsessive. :twilightoops:

Wait a minute, why is this going to be a two shot story, it should have been three shots :raritywink:

1942744 LOL! So punny. :D

>>Neonz Yea after re reading it and saying it over again in my head I get it now haha. Just one of those things where you can read it like twenty different ways and never be right XP. As usual I can't wait for the next chapter. HURRY UP AND UPDATE :flutterrage:

Please please please I want to read the second part. :pinkiehappy:


Hmm, I really enjoyed this. Everyone's character was pretty spot on, I think Twi was a bit off, but I could still see her acting that way. I especially like how Applejack's the voice of reason here, it fits her very well. I know she doesn't get a lot of love for her personality, but when used right, she's just as interesting and awesome as the other characters, and here it was definitely used right :ajsmug: Only thing I was kinda disapointed about, was that Pinkie was tottally okay with the shots, but that's really only because I have a headcannon that she's afraid of them, so I can't complain. It probably makes more sense for her to be oaky with them and only want the candy anyway "shrugs"
Overall, I really enjoyed this and can't wait for the next chapter :pinkiehappy:

is this dead ? i really wanted to see the second part. also could there maybe be a sequel about applebloom ? it was a fun story to this point so at least have a heart :heart:

OH PLEASE..........bring on the next chapter! This is funny!

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