• Published 18th Feb 2013
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Alien: New Thoughts and New Mind - Da_Spy

An Alien winds up in Equestria, but finds that he no longer is a mindless killer.

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Chapter II

Chrysalis sat on the large hill overlooking her empire. Her hair was a mess, more so than usual; these were hard times for her children. After the failed invasion of Canterlot, they barely had enough to eat each day, and many were starving.

She sighed. Her kingdom was falling apart, her empire under attack from the other changeling empire trying to take over while she and her children were weak. It seemed like she and her subjects were doomed to starve.

She was cut short of her thoughts when a large boom shook the ground beneath her feet. She rose a hoof and paused, letting the shaking stop.

One of the most trusted guards, Cratch, ran in, bowing quickly and breathing heavily. “Your highness! We are under attack from the eastern Empire!” he said.

She thought quickly, at first unsure what to do.

“I suggest we take our forces and drawn them into the catacombs, since they outnumber us,” Cratch suggested, looking over his shoulder at a few guards, under his command. They were standing outside the door.

Chrysalis nodded. “Very well. I shall join you momentarily.”

He nodded back before he and his soldiers trotted out.

If they survived this attack, she needed to do something fast. Things were getting desperate.


This is not good, he thought, looking at each of the ponies. He had gotten himself into a huge situation, one he doubted he could get out of easily. The ponies were stiff in fear, and he was worried at what they might do, even though there was not very much they could do to a large armored creature. The only ones who didn't seem to be as scared were six particular ponies in the middle of the crowd that had gathered rapidly.

But then something even worse than what happened with the three young ones happened, and his senses were overflowed with sound. “MONSTER!” they all screamed at once, running away at extreme speeds, almost as if they had it timed. The six odd ones were lost in the crowd.

He decided to take this time to run like hell and dashed into the nearest alleyway to his right. The swarms of ponies struggled to get out of his way, screeching. He just wanted to get out of there, not wanting to deal with the idea that they might have had some sort of army. But where would he go?

As he tried to race down the alley, still not used to his new form, he fell face first into a metal can. Any pain he possibly felt disappeared in a few seconds. Growling, he tried to pick himself up, but with pure luck of the moment, he found it much more difficult to move fluently. He grumbled to himself, but there was no point to it. He had to keep going.

Choosing a random direction, he took off, half racing, half stumbling. He ended up dodging ponies and carts to and fro, jumping over multiple stands and almost colliding with a bench. However, while he was avoiding one of the ponies in his way, he failed to see the anvil that came out of nowhere.


He stumbled away from it, seeing stars too real to exist. It took a while for him to recover as he drifted to wherever his feet took him.

Looking up, his daze gradually leaving him, he found that what seemed like thousands of streets of screaming ponies ended, revealing a large, beautiful orchard, filled with streets stretching off into the distance. Perfect cover, he thought to himself.

He took off as fast as he could manage to going over there. The sounds of the town and the yelling died down to an almost surreal quiet. He arrived to the orchard and relaxed a little. Here, at least nothing felt he was a threat.

He sat, taking a breath. Well, this is one deep hole I've dug myself into, he thought, thinking of what he should do next.


The Hive

“Quickly, get to the chambers!” Cratch, standing along with other changelings, called out. He quickly ran along the slime covered wall, sticking perfectly to its pasty surface.

Screams and roars of pain and fury could be heard just down the corridor. The hive had been attacked by another Changeling Empire, which had heard of the Queen's most recent defeat as a chance to take over.

Followed by his brethren, Cratch hurried into the chamber at the end of the corridor, drawn right into the scene. Multiple changelings were battling each other, green blood covering the floor. The room was a mess and reeked of chaos.

Cratch joined in, jumping at a changeling that had targeted a Nurse drone and cornered her near the right ride. He dug his teeth in the neck of the attacker, drawing blood. It screeched, desperately trying to get him off. Cratch just held on together, sucking in large amounts of blood. His victim, obviously becoming more and more disoriented, collapsed from blood loss.

Putting his mouth around the unconscious changeling's head, he jerked his mouth, making an audible crack. He fell back and looked away from the disembodied changeling, turning back to the Nurse drone. The drone smiled at him with gratitude before escaping from the chamber.

Glancing back to the battle, Cratch doubted it was going well for both sides. They were both gathered high death tolls, but the violence kept coming. It didn't take long before another changeling charged at him from his left.

He jumped on the wall, firing off two volleys of green blasts at his opponent. It dodged them, leaping onto him to tear him down from the wall. He found himself pinned on the ground. Cratch tried desperately to free himself from the changeling's grasp.

His attacker smiled, showing blood soaked teeth. “Your precious Queen is doomed,” he gloated, his horn glowing green as he prepared to finish Cratch off.

However, a chorus of shrieks echoed through the chamber, followed by a blood curling scream. His opponent looked up.

Something with extreme force slammed into Cratch, knocking him against the wall. His vision blurred, and all he heard were screams around him before he drifted into unconsciousness.

Author's Note:

OK GUYS I have something very important to say!
Someone out there needs to make a Predator crossover!!!! IF YOU DONT I WILL!