• Published 18th Feb 2013
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Alien: New Thoughts and New Mind - Da_Spy

An Alien winds up in Equestria, but finds that he no longer is a mindless killer.

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Chapter 1


That was all that ran through his mind. He shook his head. It felt like it had been slowly crushed, reformed, then crushed again. His body felt like it had been put in a trash compactor. He opened what he assumed were his eyes, and looked about.

It seemed to be getting dark out. Plus, he saw trees, and plenty of them, except for the charred ones that looked to be where he apparently crash. He put to his head his... claws!

His hands were dark black with razor sharp claws. Looking down at his body, the rest of his body was revealed to be in a sort of black carapace. This is just getting better by the minute.

He stumbled to his, well... feet, trying to get used to the new body, and it just kept getting weirder from there. He had a spiked tail! Ooh, joy! He might as well call himself something. He laughed at himself. Maybe I should call myself One! He decided to practice moving in his new body.

After about an hour, he finally managed to walk without looking like a drunk alien... alien! He remembered something about aliens; he was some sort of guard... no umm, soldier, maybe? He thought about it as he walked—well, it was more like he crawled, since this 'alien' he was turned into walked on four legs. It did feel like a comfortable position to him, though.

He walked through the forest contemplating his situation. I'm in an alien body in unknown territory. Just great! he continued thinking with himself for about an hour, aimlessly wandering in no particular direction.

That is, until three very loud screams cut through the silence. ”AHHH!

Instinctively, he turned to where the sound had come from. He rushed off into the brush, his movement became more smooth, maybe because of the urgency of the moment. He stopped just short of a clearing. His sight changed from regular to some sort of thermal vision, and with this, he spotted three large heat signatures and three smaller heat signatures. The scream must have came from the smaller ones.

Ya don't say!? he silently screamed at himself.

Slowly, he approached from behind the large ones. He tensed and felt perfect control over himself. When he stepped out from the brush, the three little ones whom he identified instantly as ponies were backed up against a large tree, shaking with fear—no doubt of being eaten, he thought. He was not going to just allow the three poor creatures to be eaten.

As the beast, who looked like a mixture of animals, raised its paw to strike, he acted first, lashing out with his tail at the middle larger creature. To his surprise, it worked, going right through the animal's skin, an instant kill! The two others swung around, shocked at the gore-y mess their companion had become. He felt sorry for the images he probably put in the three smaller creatures' heads.

The creature on his left jumped at him with extreme ease. He flattened himself to the floor. When it passed over, he jumped up with claws stretched out, ripping open the poor creature's stomach. It fell dead, eyes wide with terror. He turned back to the last one, and it growled, charging at him with impressive speed and slamming into him. It roared in his face, and instinct took over. Big mistake. He opened his mouth. What a short and pathetic battle, he thought to himself. Wait, why did I just think that? I'm a nice, uh guy.

He turned back to the ponies who where trembling in terror at the scene they just witnessed. Their eyes were very large and their faces very expressive for mere ponies. Upon closer inspection, he realized that one of them was injured. The orange one's wound were not too serious, but enough to be a danger in a forest filled with predators and pitfalls. He sat down, doing his best to not appear threatening.

The yellow one with a bow in her hair was snapping out of her shock. As she stepped forward slowly, she looked over him curiously at him before recoiling backwards.

"Please don't eat us!" she pleaded.

He was more interested in that she could talk and that he could understand her, and then what she said finally reached him. Eat them? Me? He look down at himself again and it hit him. I do look like a meat eating predator, don't I?

He reached towards them in what he tried to make look like a friendly manner and found out it was not the smartest thing to do. He was faced with three open screaming floodgates. The two ran off, and the third was not in the condition to run and could only try, but ended up stumbling off with her friends, only to fall down.

He could not just leave her; he would not be able to live with it if he did. He reached over, picking her up carefully. She struggled at first, but gave up rather quickly, so he began following the running tiny ponies. After trailing the rather fast fillies for around ten minutes, they reached the edge of the forest. Peeking out, he saw what looked like a town.

Wow, those fillies are fast! he thought as he saw them run across the plain that separated the forest from what seemed like a town.

He took off over the plain, crossing it with extreme speed, not wanting to be seen since it was bad enough to have the two young ponies screaming and running around town. With speed that impressed even him, he jumped on top of a house that was rather small for him, the roof creaking as it tried to handle his weight. The darkness provided him with cover since he was completely pitch black.

He made his way across town when lamps turned on because of the fillies yelling. The orange one, however, had passed out. He was beginning to get worried. Ponies were walking... wait, ponies! Well, it shouldn't surprise him since the young ones talked, plus the creatures he ran into, but still, he was shocked to be in such a world. He spotted a building that had a cross on it, assuming it was some sort of hospital.

The fillies had stopped at a literal tree house. They were talking—more like crying worriedly to some larger ponies. He believed they were adults. His new body's advanced hearing and senses let him listen in even though he was running full speed, and rather fall away from them.

"We were in the Everfree forest, and we got chased by three Manticores. They cornered us, and then another creature that looked like a giant bug killed them and took Scootaloo!" they both cried in on of the most long winded sentence he had ever heard—oh, he remembered something! Though it didn't matter at this point.

So the creatures were called Manticores, eh? This was just getting better and better. He stopped in front of the building. He pounded on the door, setting the one he learned name was Scootaloo down, and ran off into the shadows. In a manner of minutes, the nurse, he assumed so based on her tattoo on her flank, rushed out, shouted orders and ran her inside.

Oh, this world was full of surprises. First, he woke up as a giant bug thing, and plus, he scared three young ponies that can talk witless; oh, how this was going so well.

"Monster!" several ponies that he didn't notice standing in the street screamed, pointing at him.

Eight more ponies rushed up, and he recognized a few of them instantly as the ones in that tree house and the two fillies he saved. He found it was best to get answer now. He jumped down, staring at them. They were frozen with the same fear he saw in the fillies. So sad.

He tried to speak, but it came out as a growl and a snarl. Well, he at least expected to be able to talk! This could not get any worse.

Author's Note:

Well this just came to me while I was thinking up ideas so i decided to go through with it. lol Do not question my logic! :p