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When a human end up in Equestria he find himself in the company of Lyra and Twilight how will things turn out and why is there a human how did he get there time will tell...

Note: this is my first fanfic i have ever written... ever so any advice would be nice and if i tagged it wrong please let me know thanks also the OC characters in this story are ones i created/made up other than Broadsword who is one of my friends rated Teen for some of the lines in this wasn't sure so played it safe

The cover art was done by JPTrixie-Fan

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A friend of mine, Shadowflame, did a story like this called "A new Friend." You should check it out. :pinkiehappy:

This is looking pretty interesting bro, I look forward to what happens next.
Small piece of advice, consider asking someone to proof read for mistakes or you could do it yourself of course :)

Keep up the good work ^_^

1889390 cool ill have a look for it see if i can find it. - found it :pinkiehappy:

1889810 Thanks Bronydave ill have to ask more people to look it over me and my friend checked it over were not very good at that sort of thing :rainbowlaugh:

Congrats on the feature :pinkiesmile:

Will add to read later list. But for now I will thumb up :twilightsmile:

I Find this story to be Brilliant!!! looking forward to more of this in the future :twilightsmile:

Typos and errors galore, an overdone plot, and this somehow makes featured?

I'm sorry, what?

when will we be able to expect the next chapter up also HOW old is nigel?

The description sells itself. It's going to be an overdone plot, and it has a lot of gramical erros.

How in the hell does it get featured?! What is this madness!?


I don't want to cause you any offence, but there are far too many grammar and spelling mistakes for my liking so I'm downvoting. How this got featured is beyond me.

Still, best of luck in your future endeavours.

*waits for the flood of downvotes on this comment*

1890961 Its fine this is my first fanfic I have ever written so ill look through it and try and fix up thanks for the feed back :scootangel:

1890801 Nigel is about 16-18 and asap after i learn how to punctuate better by the looks of things :twilightblush:

WHEN IS THE NEXT CHAPTER COMING OUT!!!!!!!!:raritydespair::fluttercry::flutterrage::applecry::twilightangry2::fluttershysad:

1895862 well i am working on it right now so soon :twilightsheepish:

Oh okay do you have a guess when its coming out?:twilightsheepish::twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

1898480 erm id say a week on sunday wont know for sure untill monday evening:pinkiesad2:

1891501 Smashing pick that who is to say that isn't what he grows up to look like? :pinkiegasp:

1899650 tempting to see if i can put smashing in his lines somehow be afraid :pinkiecrazy::flutterrage::rainbowwild:

1899666 you make a very handsome stallion nigel :raritydespair:


1899673 that would work if Nigel was a stallion :pinkiehappy:

hey guys if any of you have your own pony character and would like to be in the next chapter send me a messege or post a comment here with what their name is what race they are(not including alicorns) and what there talent is also what colour they are thought it would be some fun thanks for reading :moustache::yay:

My pony is the guy in my pic except with a shark tooth cutie mark. He is a weird and smart marine biologist.

My pony Ginger Root still please you still have all of the info on him?

1945713>>1946197 i kept the messeges from the announcment dont worry :twistnerd:

love it:pinkiehappy: cant wait for the next chapter!

i´ll try to thing of some ponies and pm them to you.

and also dont forget to go to mlp wikia and check out some background ponies if you want more of them in your story.

1949018 i thought about using some of them but i thought it would be more fun if i got some of the readers involved :twilightsmile:

My pony is a light brown pegasus with a yellow mane, his cutie mark is a rain cloud, and I have no idea on his special talent (Haven't really thought about it yet)

1951142 hmm could be that he can controll rain clouds better than other people?

1951887 ha i thought it was a bit corny how i put it in but o well :twilightsheepish:

Great storie so far i like it. Why no Alicorns? is it to hard to write them or ... ? :rainbowdetermined2:

Nah its just that alicorns are considerd royalty i think and carnt think of a reason there would be one in ponyville at the time

hurry up and get writing, I'm out of stuff to read on FimFic

"No were just friends, really!" Lyra said.

"WERE ARE YOU! Nigel shouted and started coughing breathing in some smoke.

Interesting story so far but seriously: Where,were, and we're.:applejackunsure:

You may want an editor.

team Rocket is blasting off again.:rainbowlaugh:

Book blink a unicorn stallion, teleporting magic talent, half faded green book cutie mark, faded crimson cost and gun metal grey mane/coat

2085853 thanks for that i changed it i may also need to go and read a dictionary as well :twilightblush:

2088281 by gun metel gray do you mean the shine of his coat or his actual colour?:duck:

I was kind of hoping my part would be a bit longer...:pinkiesad2: Oh well, great chapter anyway :pinkiehappy:

I fell over... Eeyup that's about right :rainbowlaugh: you might want to add an explaination for that in the next episode though so the other reader wont be confused for long

*reads descriptions*
No Periods? well maybe it's just because it's a description.

*Reads first 3 'Paragraphs'*
Each paragraph contains 1 or 2 run on sentences? ... WHY??????

2144400 dont worry about that in the following chapters and if i decide to wright the side story the oc's will have bigger parts and i completely forgot to add you in to the author notes at the end but i changed it XD :eeyup:

2144694 yeah i was planning on expanding the charicters profile in next chapter anyway being that its kinda hard to do in just 1/3 of a chapter

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