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A human named Taylor finds himself in Equestria after a certain unicorn's research takes her well beyond the limits of typical magic. Resourceful as he is, adjusting to life in Ponyville should be easy, but when a dangerous secret society dating back to the days before Celestia makes him their target, things quickly get out of hand.

A semi-dark HiE adventure, sprinkled with comedy.

Chapters (20)
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Comments ( 879 )

... Me gusta! Your grammar is perfect, at least to me. I didn't see any errors, and I like the story, because it relates to me so well... I learn everything so easily, and I just sit around wondering why the HELL I need to mindlessly follow a schedule slapped on my plate by people older than me. Bravo good sir, and I await more continuation... OH! CHAPTER 2! :pinkiehappy:

This... is getting good! I'm really suprised that this is your first fic. I look foward to seeing what happens next to Lyra and Taylor. Now fold it up, put it in an envople, stamp it, and send this shit to EqD! ASAP!

And thus, I am into this story even more. Darn cliffhangers.


Well, I suppose that opening note was a bit disingenuous. I've been writing for years, this is just my first shot at a MLP fic. Frankly, with all the inspiration I get to draw from JasonTheHuman's original story, it practically writes itself. Lyra's character is already magnificently established, I just fill in the blanks after that.

Thanks for the kind words, though. I'm thrilled to see people are enjoying it!

Me Gusta. If I knew how to put a Me Gusta face here, I most definately would...:applecry:

Very, very nice! Can't wait for the next chapter!:rainbowdetermined2:

I gotta give you credit because your id is 9000 :rainbowlaugh: Anyway, I never really read JasontheHuman's story. I have heard of it but I never really found the time to read it. I still love your story! (I'm not being generous here, this is really really good)

*Rates story 5 stars and tracks it*

IT'S STARTING. Fanfics of my fanfic are being written.

I don't mind though. I'm flattered, and you're doing something different from my story, so it's all cool. It's a good story in its own right.

Seriously, as long as people are going to drop all these human OCs into Equestria, at least send some to Lyra.

After all the effort that little pony put into studying us, the least I could do was validate her work! :pinkiehappy:

Second-Person Perspective - Check. (Pre-Updated Story...)
Lyra - Check.
HiE - Check

This is going to be awesome.

Didn't think Anthropology would be getting the Recursive Fan Fiction effect this fast.

Got a 5 from me, tracking

When I read the description I was afraight it would be an amaturistic spin-off of a good fanfic.
So I was happily suprised when I gave it a shot :twilightsmile:

The only critique I can give is that the human is too 'correct', a little gary-stu-ish.

Other than that: a fine fan-fanfic indeed.

Congratz dude. This got featured on the front page. *Major respect*


Funnily enough, when I was writing it, I was afraid of the same thing.
I'll concede the point that Taylor is a bit proper. Don't worry though, I'm barely five paragraphs into writing chapter three and I think you'll find that he/she/it has already become a little more casual. Probably something to do with finally getting over the initial shock of "holy crap, I'm in Equestria!"


<insert high pitched squeal of delight here>
I just know I'm going to have a sore jaw by the end of the night from this ridiculous grin that's been plastered on my face since the story first went up.

rated 5 stars. LYRA IS BEST PONY!

Holy Jeebus! A human in Equestria story that's not just readable, but enjoyable!
Are... are you a wizard? :rainbowhuh:

5 stars and tracking:pinkiehappy:

"Humans in Equestria" stories are a dime a dozen, but this... not only did I enjoy it, I am left in quite a suspense at the cliffhanger ending and must have more! ...if that's ok with you, that is...

*Takes out my gun blade*

Which one of you took this from a 4.9 to a 4.7? Because I will find you :ajbemused:


You guys have made my night. I never expected to get such a positive response. As a thank you for all the words of encouragement, I'm going to push my schedule up and release chapter three tonight.

A promising enough start...

138538 For real?!

Here's a picture that explains my joy for that statement:

I forgot to mention this, but my name is Taylor, thanks for that, that made my day.

Holy... Wow. Just wow. Best story i have seen so far grammar-wise. And it's your first story too. :pinkiehappy:

:pinkiegasp: doze first few peragraphs! all my life i have bean told i have great intelegence, and i do. i stoped careing for scool because its to eazy (except for english class wich should be painfuly obvios)! i will ask this once and only once. MOTHERFUCKER, ARE YOU A WIZZARD!?!?! the way you write this in an annomus first person only make it creeper.

Interesting story, though you switch from second to first person quite a bit, going from "You did X" which is typical of second person stories, to "I thought", which is a bit jarring.

An example of this is the quote, "Lyra looked horrified. Not surprising. I had the same general opinion. Something about imagining the family pet in one house as the main course in another was exceptionally unpleasant."

It was not covered by any quotations or thought italics, so it was just narrated as such, and I just found it a bit out of place.

My personal opinion would be for you to take this completely into a first person story, as you have already established the name, and general thought processes of Taylor, and it seems a bit limiting to keep the story in second person.

Anyway, if you want a more in depth review of this story, message me.


For great justice! I really oughta make an account..




Well-written HiE fic with Lyra, DO WANT!

Chapter 1: Looks promising...


Yeah, I'm still picking those missed bits out as I go, kicking myself for each one. My proofreading was basically "there are words, and the majority are spelled properly. To the presses!"

Not exactly solid policy, I know. :facehoof:

I think I need to grab a caffeinated beverage, turn on some metal, and air out that gray thing betwixt my ears before the next round of editing.

I have to say, it's a decent start, though the first chapter doesn't really offer much. The protagonist is introduced as being very intelligent and disheartened and he blacks out. Perhaps explain how he found about the ponies, what he thinks about them, how they've influenced him.

The second chapter is alright, but I dunno. Adding a bit more description on Lyra's end might liven things up. She's meeting her dreams! How does she act around him, what are her mannerisms? Just having her asking questions is a little on the dull side.

Not to be disheartening, this shows promise.

Good story and best of all it's 2nd person fic my fav kind of stories you sir need a brohoove /)

5/5 and tracking


Faved from chapter 1.

You are a champion my friend, :twilightsmile:

Ughhhhh another good story that I have to wait for. There are too many good writers in this fandom and these ponies are too damn interesting. Anyway great story. This is only the second human in equestria fic I've liked. Well third if you count human turned to pony.


i really like this so far, job well done sir :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I would love to give some constructive criticism but so far thers nothing realy to criticize, except some minor grammar errors but that's nothing that affects the story

the only think i can think of is that i hope you handle the fact that Taylor know stuff about Equestria and everypony whit care, i think having Taylor state that he know everything because he watches a tv show who'd be just silly and,
it would be more believable and smother if he lied and said that he gained some freaky knolage when he was brougth her by Lyra or something in that line.

I hope you take in consideration what i said above, aside from that concern this story is so far a 5/5, i will so be tracking this cant wait until next update:twilightsmile::twilightsmile:


Try not to worry too much about the narrator for now. There is a plan in place, but I'm not quite ready to pull back the curtain on it just yet. Things will come together in time, I promise you that much. Things are just getting started.

Sneaky secrets are in store. Sneakrets, even.

As for Lyra - well, she is the inquisitive sort and has a lot of questions, but once she gets past that (and this whole crisis from chapter 2) I think she'll start acting a bit more natural.


Sneakrets!!!!!!:pinkiegasp: shit just got real

Autor, Y U describe my "f**k the school" style perfectly?!

Let's see...

Lyra, check
"Me", check
Meat, check
Fainting Bonbon, check
Track, check

Have a good day.

PS. Give us more...

it describes my life almost perfectly although im not nearly that old i excel at school with little to no effort and stopped caring entirely :rainbowkiss:

YO MOARRRRR:raritydespair::raritydespair::raritydespair::raritydespair:
its incredible i feel like every bit of the main character is me in the aspect of knowledge

I take it yours to going to take a different turn then Jasonthehuman's story, correct?

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