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In the months following Cloudchaser's gruesome death, Flitter tries her best to survive in the cruel world of Equestria.
After having her only loved one forcefully ripped from her hooves, Flitter has no place to turn to months after her sisters untimely death. Her sisters dying words were "Don't Mind That It Hurts", her last wisdom to her sweet little sister...
The Tides of Life are flowing away from Shore...
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Cover credit goes to "Stacyisback"

Chapters (3)
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Ingrate :rainbowlaugh: that's a good word :rainbowderp:
Bannanas there's a picture of a bannana at the bottom of my screen :rainbowderp: uh Celestia?


He tied her up and did things to her?
What kinda things? :ajsmug:

1897823 BROOOOOOOOOOOOO! Keep that to yourself!:twilightoops:

Keep what to myself? That he beat her?

1898490 He...
Took advantage of her

<Lets out an unsettling murring sound as he sharpens his talons on a whetstone> Pray tell, does Redtone-sama still live? And if so, would you be so kind as too tell me where he lives? I feel like helping someone reach those high notes.... permanently

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