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Thunderdash has a hurt wing and Caramel is there to help.

A cute little M/M fic I wrote for my friend Thunderdash, nothing more, nothing less.

Big thanks to arandompenguin for his edits.

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Heh cute story right here.

1883997 The Master of Tentacles thanks you.

It was well writen and an enjoyable read for being so short

9/10,should be longer

man this story it's too short...this could be a huge romantic story

now for the praise...really cute and funny good job :twilightsmile:

Caramel knows how erogenously sensitive pegasus wings are because of his father?

I guess he IS an Apple, and southerners are well known for having family trees that don't branch much.

i had to lol at your choice of name, and knew this story was going to be interesting with that :p (shouldnt be talking cause of his own name x3) anyway, is this it? :(

Oh, this was a nice story, I liked this.

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