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The Darkness among the Stars - Haseo

For A thousand Years, the Kingdom of Equestria sustained in Peace & Harmony. The Ruler of this Kingdom defended their little Ponys from all Evil. But what happend before known History began? What is lurking in the Darkness among the Stars?

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Chapter 32 - The End of Time and Space

Chapter 32
The End of Time and Space

Princess Celestia blinked rapidly and watched the black stallion fighting against Lunacy. An expression of confusion lurked in her face. “Concentrating upon the artefact? What if I make it worse instead of better?”

With the full extent of his power, Soul was slowly winning the upperhoof upon Lunacy. Even for a god-like being, it was hard to fight somepony that could slip through reality. Soul had to hold his pace in order to keep his enemy at bay. Only between his spells he got a little space to speak. “Don't be ridiculous… how can this… become any worse?… Just try to control it… it was crafted by your parents… you should be able to control it!”

The Princess hesitated for a moment as she felt the hoof of her sister on her shoulder. She turned around and looked into the eyes of Princess Luna. They showed determination, the attitude that Princess Celestia hadn't seen for such a long time in her sister's eyes. Together they approached the spear and sat down, each of them at one side, and they closed their eyes and let their magic flow through their majestic horns. The spear began to glow in a mix of golden and blue magic and resonated in a high pitched tunee.

The rifts stopped to expand in its diameter and it seemed like the tiny cracks were beginning to repair themselves, albeit slowly. The Princesses needed their full concentration to bring the artefact under control. Applejack watched them doing their best, but everytime Soul slipped through the fabric, the cracks and rifts seemed to open a tiny bit more. She observed him closely while he led Lunacy away from them. The expression in his face told her that he was well aware of the damage he was serving.

Lunacy gnashed with his teeth. A pulsing vein on his forehead told that he wasn't quite amused over his seeming inferiority to Soul. “I'm tired of your little tricks. Now that you've delegated the tasks, we can start to fight properly.”

Soul approached him with great speed. He was fast, but still not able to hit Lunacy with the full force. It felt like something was missing. It was his draconian form, the very power that Lunacy had given him while he was trapped inside Soul's heart. A battle without wings and claws is much harder to fight than usual. The lack of speed and fatality of his strikes made the struggling useless. The only thing he could do was buy time. “Fight properly? So you want to say that you are holding back your power like I was doing before?”

His opponent pushed himself as hard as he could from the ground and rocketed towards Soul. Like a feather, Soul glided through the air and charged only the tip of his horn with magical power. Lunacy raced towards him and missed him by a tiny bit. Soul stretched his head upwards, and his horn pierced through Lunacy's skin and left a deep wound that reached over his whole flank.

Thick drops of blood poured down his flank. A swamp mixed of ashes and blood formed beneath him. He didn't wince or scream in pain. His gaze was firmly held upon Soul. “You can't be that naïve. Since you were young, I lent you my power. You've became an indestructible monster, feared by every lifeform on his planet. Do you really think that I, the one who gave you all this, have already hit my limit?”

With the sound of his last wounds fading, the blood of his wound began to move and climb up his legs and back. Slowly, the blood tried to cover his whole body in a mix of blood and his wretched magic. It seemed to concentrate behind his shoulders and it was like it tried to form something off the body.

Soul's eyes widened in shock when he realized what was happening right in front of him. Lunacy was building the same wicked shell of hatred around himself that Soul was used to claiming for himself. Soul couldn't move, nor could he take what this meant. He never thought that he would have to oppose the power that had accompanied him every second of his life. His jaws twitched, triggered by the adrenaline that flowed through his body.

He spun around and ran as fast as he could. With long steps, he raced towards Applejack and threw her on his back. Hastily, he placed her next to the Princesses and magically grabbed the crown of Princess Celestia. In the heat of the moment he broke the crown apart and quickly drew runes on the ground.

The air was filled with the dark energy pouring out of Lunacy's wound. Soul almost formed a full circle around Applejack and the Princesses. Only one sign was missing, and his hoof hovered above the free space. He tilted his head upwards and found the watery eyes of Applejack. “What are ya up to?”

Soul flashed her a false, sympathetic smile. “You will be safe under my watch.”

The metal of the former crown met the ground and carved the last rune into the ashes. A flash of light blinded Applejack and forced her to close her eyes. As soon as she reopened them she stared upon a wall made of magical glass. It looked massive and breakable at the same time. The dome of magic was labelled with Soul's own cutie mark.

He showed her a friendly smile that quickly turned into a forced, worried grin.”My dear, Applejack. The end is near; everything will shatter.”

Behind Soul, a black mass was rising. His glowing red eyes and blood-thirsty jaws already took aim at Soul's neck. A single tear ran down Applejack's cheek as Soul turned around and closed the distance between him and the now fully turned Lunacy. Only a few feet parted them.

Applejack watched him from inside the dome. She screamed and panted against the wall of magic, but no noises seemed to leave from underneath. The atmosphere around Applejack felt much lighter than before. The darkness seemed to be cut off. Silently, she had to watch Soul opposing Lunacy.

The air outside the dome was filled with the energy of Lunacy's dark magic, making it hard to breathe or think straight. Despite the heavy burden, Soul smiled at his former inner demon. “So after all, you can use the artefact and can take that wicked form... I only hope that this will be quick and painless.”

Underneath the shell of dark magic and blood, Lunacy raised his eyebrow. It was unusual for Soul to give up that easy. The very moment he ended that thought, the atmosphere changed once more. Soul's horn ignited into a blinding sapphire-blue light. It pushed against the massive-feeling, invisible darkness and repressed it almost completely.

Time came to act. Lunacy expanded his massive wings and pushed himself away from the ground, leaving deep hoof-prints in the soil beneath the ashes. He reached out with his sharp claws for Soul’s neck. Time, for him, felt like it had almost stopped completely. His claws clearly drove into the flesh of his enemy, but he didn't feel any resistance nor was any blood spilled.

Lunacy passed Soul and landed forcefully on his four claws. Soul looked at him with a huge, bold grin. “It will hard to fight somepony that you can't touch!”

Between the rifts, sparks began to exchange, hopping from one to another. The Princesses gasped in pain with every incoming spark. Soul slipped into the air and vanished for a second. He reappeared above Lunacy and bucked him as hard as he could. Again, he vanished and reappeared at the exact same spot he had stood in the beginning, seemingly unmoved. The ignition of Soul's horn didn't fade. Constantly, it glowed and made his intentions unpredictable.

Lunacy shook his head violently and regained his stance. “Do you really want to save this world, by damaging it even more with every hit you serve? How foolish! You will drive this world into the abyss. Nothing can save them if you go on!”

Soul tilted his head from one side to another in the rhythm of Lunacy's speech. “The Princesses will keep the damage minimized. As long as they control the power of the spear, time won't collapse. If you had carefully watched your surroundings, you would have noticed that time is already stabilizing. Resistance is futile!”

Laughter sounded through the never ending misery at the wicked place. “You know nothing! You were always an arrogant fool, and you always will be! Nothing about the place is like you think. Demon's Run isn't just a place of no return, it is the place where even time dies!”

The horn of the red, pulsing stallion ignited in a raging torrent of power. Dark liquids formed out of thin air and swirled around in a synchronized pattern. They grew rapidly in size while a green radiation seemed to glow from the inside. Thousands of them danced over the layer of ashes. With a blow, they formed four paws and razor sharp teeth. The wolf-like creatures stared at the only source of nourishment in reach.

Their gaze was slightly uncomfortable for Soul, but still he didn't back down. “These Layfeeder again? I defeated them already in the Colosseum and defeated thousands of them over a thousand years ago.”

Lunacy's laughter continued over Soul's whole sentence. Tears ran down his face; he simply couldn't stop laughing. “You really think they are for you! It would be a waste of magic to sacrifice them as a cushion. They are here to break your dome!”

His face fell sinister as the Layfeeder stormed towards the dome of magic. Thousands of them passed Soul, but he managed to crush countless numbers of them with his wild magical outbursts.

Soul turned his back to Lunacy and followed the Leyfeeder to the dome. The wrathful, black fire out of his horn burned them to death. The screams of pain and agony covered the sound of the spear between Princess Luna and Princess Celestia.

The massive wing-flapping noise behind Soul drew his attention away from the devourer of life-energy. “I'm your enemy!”

Lunacy's hooves bumped into Soul's flesh and pushed him off his stance. The force of the impact threw him against the dome. He sank mere inches into the wall of magic and bounced back towards his enemy. Lunacy didn't hesitate and struck him to the ground with the force of the velocity induced by the bounce-back.

A cloud of ashes raced away from them and splinters of stone flew threw the air. The ground broke apart while Soul's body dived in. A mix of blood and dirt seemed to hover above him until he managed to slip into the ground and vanish in space. On top of the dome the injured stallion reappeared, coughing blood on the outside layer of his shield. He could feel the nervous clopping of Applejack's hooves against the wall, but he didn't dare to turn away his gaze again.

The madness rubbed his chin and circled around his own footprints. “Interesting... While you defend them, you can't dodge my attacks properly.”

The taste of iron in Soul's mouth raised the urge to vomit. Without the armour the strike would have been fatal. The anger in his eyes mixed with the sprinkles of blood in his face and the boiling magic that leaked out of his horn. “That is true; I can't cast two spells at once, but you made one terrible mistake. You forgot one important thing... the Nightmare Legion had never really fallen!”


The rifts and cracks violently ripped open and exposed the full extent of the burning rage inside the void that threatened to destroy the world. The sound of metal chains clinging at another resonated through the eternal place. Countless chariots, manned by up to four fully-armed ponies roared down from the sky, followed by an equal number of light armoured pegasi with blood-spattered blades attached to their wings. Soul amplified his voice through his magic and called out to his comrades and subordinates from a thousand years ago. “Soldiers of the proud Nightmare Legion! Over a thousand years ago, I denied you the honour of falling in battle and denied you the glory of victory. Today, your chance has come to rectify this pleasure and fight one more time under the flag of the glorious and invincible Nightmare Legion! This will be my last order towards any of you, my fellow soldiers. Your reward will be either to die in order to protect the Princess or the annihilate the enemy and gain freedom to live in an peaceful Equestria without need for weapons and sieges. A world without the death of the innocent and pure. And this is my final order: defend the Princess with your life and crush anypony that opposes you in order to do so! For the Legion! For the Princess! For the eternal beauty of the Moon!”

Like puppets, every soldier raised his left hoof and tapped against the insignia of their beloved Legion. “For the Legion! For the Princess! For the eternal beauty of the Moon, we will obey the order of our worshipped Captain Black Terror!”

Hell broke loose above Lunacy and his minions. The soldiers raised their weapons and charged at the unholy creatures crafted out of the wretched Madness's magic. The sound of metal piercing through flesh formed the majority beside the constant tune of the spear. Ponies and Leyfeeder were equally wincing in pain and fell due to their injuries. The sorcerers of the Nightmare Legion kept the losses down and eliminated many enemies with their powerful spells.

Soul cringed a tiny bit by the salutation to his old name, the name the Princess had given him a long time ago. “Fear me and my army of legends! Resistance is futile and will be penalized through my iron hoof. Surrender and your life will be spared, albeit your power will be taken.”

Lunacy watched over the growing numbers of soldiers of the Nightmare Legion. They slaughtered his soulless minions like sick animals. The amount of deaths rose by the hundreds in mere moments. He couldn't hide his smile upon the seemingly inescapable siege. “Impressive but meaningless. The artefact is not what you think it is.”

The Captain of the Nightmare Legion raised an eyebrow while the stream of blood didn't stop. “The spear wields the power of creation that once belonged to the parents of the alicorn sisters. It will bring salvation and harmony over Equestria.”

Lunacy licked over his lips and stretched his joints. “You are so foolish! If this thing is able to bring salvation, then why is it pierced through their lovely parents at such a hostile place. You are totally mistaken. The artefact is called the Spear of Evanescence. It is the very object the parents of the sun and the moon had used to channel their power and create a functional world and the mortals themselves. They created time and space, but the raw power got out of control and threatened to destroy everything that it had once created. The spear continued to channel the power of the universe. It was seemingly impossible to shut it down. There was only one way out. They sacrificed their souls and bodies in order to drain the whole power and concentrate it inside their bodies. Finally, they were able to turn it down but the power inside of them searched for a way out and burned their flesh away. Only their bones remained and the remaining power was driven into the ground around this area. Both of them died in order to provide a wonderful world for their children.”

Soul's heartbeat stopped for a moment; his eyes shrank with the realization of his deed. He looked at the Princesses beneath his hooves. They were still sitting there, covered in sweat, fully concentrating upon the artefact. “That means with the order to use the artefact. I have ensured their doom. I... I wanted to save them over and over again, as long as my life could have provided.”

The sound of the spear rang more frequently than before. The Princesses had no clue that the spear would cause the doom of Equestria. The sound-proof dome kept every bit of information away from them. The quiet burning sound of Lunacy's magical skin underlined the noise of fight in around them. “My minions are already chipping away at it. If you lower the dome to warn them, they could possibly get hurt. There is no way out. The artefact is draining and concentrating time in this particular area. Once it has reached its limit, time will crumble and the spear will build a whole new universe. It will start like this one had began, without any life except those of a few immortals.”

Soul pointed his gaze upwards, the massive rift above them expanded in its diameter and reached now, far away from them. The offshoot withdrew from their field of view and was already visible all over Equestria. He closed his eyes and let his senses fly over the endless wide of Equestria.

The beautiful idleness of Ponyville was all gone. The rifts didn't spare the village, the homes of various ponies destroyed and burned down to their fundamentals. Inside the marvellously built Carousel Boutique, Rarity and her little sister Sweetie Belle laid in each other hooves. Sweetie shivered violently. Every time another building crumbled due to the severe damage it had to take, she squeaked in terror. Rarity stroked over the mane of the terrified filly and tried to show her that there was nothing to fear about. The young filly gave her sister an uncertain look. “Rarity? Why aren't you afraid?”

The white unicorn lowered her eye level to adjust to her sister. “I'm not afraid because I know that somewhere the Princesses and a proud stallion are fighting for our sake. And I trust them with my life. They will succeed and save every single one of us, I promise.”

Sweetie Belle flashed her sister a confident smile and pressed herself into her sister's coat. Rarity continued to stroke through Sweetie's mane while she looked outside one of the giant windows towards the general direction of Sugar Cube Corner.

Many ponies had assembled in the false safety of Sugarcube Corner. They hid under chairs and tables, and some foals even hid inside the stove. The Cakes shivered in one corner of their home and working place, together with their little twin foals. Only Pinkie sat far off from the others. Mr. Cake tried to convince her to join them. “Pinkie! It is dangerous to stay that close to a window, please come to us. Why are you standing there anyway?”

The mane of the usually so cheerful and hyper party pony hung flat from her head. She didn't turned around; she just stared towards the sky. “I know that somewhere the Princesses and a very sad stallion are fighting to save us, and I trust them with my life. I promise you that they will save all of us.”

She could only manage to form a small smile upon her lips and hummed the melody of a dancing song. She turned her eyes to a great cloud formation where she hoped Cloudsdale was located.

High in the sky far off from the destroyed earth the cloud houses in Cloudsdale began to disperse into thin air. Rainbow Dash and her parents hovered upon their former home and watched pegasi flying wildly through the crumbling streets. Rainbow's mother tapped on her shoulder and nuzzled the fastest mare in Equestria. “Cutie Pie? Why aren't you upset or even worried? Usually you would brush off and try to do something, but this time you’re just watching... what happened?”

The multi-coloured mare watched the ponies below and could offer her mother only a weak smile at the embarrassing nickname she had given her when she was a little filly. “Nothing happened at all. But I know for sure that the Princesses and an awesome stallion are fighting to stop all this. I trust them fully; they will find a way to rescue us. I can promise you that they will save us, as surely as I'm the fastest flier all over Equestria!”

Rainbow stomped with her hoof at a tiny remnant of a cloud. Her gaze strived upon the small cloud-house where Fluttershy and her parents were still hiding.

The butter-coloured pegasus was held in the tight grip of her parents around her. Both of them shivered in fear like little fillies. Only Fluttershy remained steady and unafraid. Her mother nudged her carefully and watched at Fluttershy with an expression filled with pride for her. “You were always so afraid, even of the tiniest things, and now you are standing this calm in the face of the destruction of our home. I'm so proud of you my sunshine, but what changed you in such a short time?”

Fluttershy stared at the dispersing cloud-ground in front of her and sighed. “I don't change at all. I'm still frightened when I'm alone. But right now, I'm certain that the Princesses and a very brave stallion are fighting for our safety. And I can trust him with my life. I'm not afraid. I can promise you that they will make it.”

Through the resolving clouds around them, opened her the opportunity to see the ground beneath Cloudsdale. Her gaze strived over the different sorts of homes in the outside districts of Canterlot. At one certain house stood a lavender unicorn upon her balcony accompanied by her brother and parents. They were sitting closely together and watched the giant rift in the sky. Twilight Velvet stroked the mane of her daughter and shed a tear of agony. “My dear, Twilight, I assume you know exactly what is going on? Please be honest with us, is there any hope?”

Twilight sternly stared at the boiling vortex inside the void. “The Princesses and the master over time and space itself are fighting against the origin of everything evil. I trust them for the sake of all wisdom in Equestria. I promise you that they will destroy the roots of evil and repair the fabric of reality that threatens to crumble above us. He will certainly get his vengeance.”

Soul's senses withdrew from the whole of Equestria and returned to the wretched place of Demon's Run. His eyes slowly opened and a single tear ran down his cheek. It wasn't a tear of sadness; it was a tear of happiness. “I won't betray their trust towards us. I will save them, every. single. one. of. them.”

His horn ignited in a gentle blue light. It enveloped him fully and lifted him into the air. Lunacy watched Soul in disbelief. “Your words makes no sense. To whom you are referring to?”

Soul's eyes glowed in the same wonderful hue of his magic. “Many ponies made promises towards their loved ones. They promised that the salvation will come, and I will enable that promise.”

The strain was clearly audible in his words, his eyes glowed in a bright light. The blue magical aura around him began to act wild. Tendrils of his magic were fully out of control and whipped through the air. He cringed in pain due to the raw power that streamed through his body. “No more dying! No more suffering! No more destruction! Nothing will cause Equestria to fall! Time won't be able to let Equestria fall! I'm the wielder of time and TIME WILL OBEY ME!”

A bolt of pure energy arose from Soul's horn and connected him to the rift. His whole body glowed brighter than the sun itself. Wild bolts of energy raced to the ground and cut random Leyfeeder in half. The soldiers pointed their gaze upwards, passed the bright orb to the rift. A magic circle formed around it. They recognized it, like they've seen it only minutes ago. It was the spell that Star Swirl could exclusively use, at least it seemed so. The brightness burned through the closed eyelids of the Princesses. The focus upon the spear broke. They opened their eyes and couldn't find Soul anymore.

The orb of light levitated above their heads and a second bolt shot down through Soul's dome. It connected the orb with the artefact. The spear began to disperse inside the bolt of raw power and expanded to its full power.

All around Equestria, the rifts and branches began to close themselves. Ponies looked out of their shelters and every single one of them saw one thing. In the far distance shone a pillar of light in a brilliant blue aura.

The Princesses couldn't believe their eyes. The spear was gone and there was no hint of Soul but the orb above their head. From inside the orb, a dark voice pronounced the destiny of Equestria. “We are fighting against time itself and we're going to win! Harmony victorious!”

The ponies at the ground couldn't think straight, not a single one of them had seen such beauty and power in their entire lives. Even Lunacy couldn't react. He was stunned by the raw power of Soul. His draconian skin burned by the intense light of Soul. “What are you doing, moron! You can't deny my victory! This world should have been purged from time and mortality! You can't destroy my plans!”

Lunacy expanded his wings to their full span and rocketed towards the orb. He dived inside and searched for his powerful opponent. His flesh, skin, and coat began to burn, purged from the pureness itself. He lashed out his dark and sharp claws and went after Soul. With a powerful strike, Soul was pushed outside the rift.

With the speed of sound, Soul hit his very own barrier and was thrown, back first, against one of the pure white stones. He slipped down from the top of the boulder and left a trace of blood until he reached the ground. Lunacy left the orb from the other side and recovered from the burning marks with help of his magic.

Distracted by his wounds, he didn't notice that the orb was rapidly growing instead of fading. It expanded in it's diameter. The ponies covered their eyes with their hooves, although their eyelids didn't provide enough protection from the intense brightness.

The sound of clashing swords and flesh being ripped apart faded. The orb touched the ground and swallowed all sound. With the speed of light, its walls raced over the surface of Equestria. Everything it touched turned, the various homes of ponies returned to their old shine. Ponies that seemed to be gone, returned to their families and friends. The wave of light brought harmony and love back to Equestria once more.

The light had finally faded and revealed the true extent of its power. The soldiers of the Nightmare Legion opened their eyes and inspected their surroundings. The hostile ground with the layer of ashes had faded and was replaced by luscious grass and the sky was clear blue. Every single one of this wretched creatures was gone. Nothing remained of Demon's Run except for the four white stones and the dome Soul had created.

The burning hooves of Lunacy touched the ground and left a dark scorching mark on the newly grown grass. The massive strain made him lethargic and his body was still weakened. Hoof for hoof, he closed the distance to Soul while his half-liquid skin leaked little drops.

The slight rumble in the ground woke Soul up from his slumber of blood-loss. The taste of blood and the hot feeling on his back distracted him from every other incentives. His eyes opened and caught sight of the draconian enemy approaching him.

Applejack and the Princesses knocked rapidly against the dome to warn him. Desperately, they screamed and tried to buck through the thin layer of magic, but nothing seemed to reach him. Their tears dripped to the ground and formed a crystal clear drop upon one of the blades of grass.

The sound of Lunacy's steps became louder and louder with every second. Soul's gaze passed his fate and wandered around the rocks. His eyes widened a tiny bit when he saw that something was carved inside the rocks. Only faint characters were visible, but they were still readable. He looked at the first stone in front of him and deciphered the word 'Conquest', the second to his left side was engraved with the word 'War', and the third on his right side was engraved with the word 'Famine'.

Slowly Soul turned his head to see what was written behind him. Upon the last he had to smile. Clearly written above him was the word 'Death'. Carefully Soul stood up with his gaze turned to the puddle of blood beneath him. He tilted his head upwards and showed Lunacy the same satisfied smile.

Lunacy's steps, enhanced under pain, he wanted to wipe this smile off Soul's face. “Are you kidding me? You are about to die and disappoint everypony! It was all in vain. You achieved nothing at all!”

The madness raised his claw to strike through Soul's face and struck him down for the final time. The pain inside his body was unbearable, and he couldn't move his claw any further. The warm feeling in his arm increased and finally expressed itself with a blast of energy. The skin of darkness around him chipped off and exposed his usual body.

The stallion stood paralysed in front of Soul with the hoof raised high to the sky. “What have you done to me? SPEAK!”

Soul's smile grew only wider. “It is over... Look around yourself as much as you can right now... The rifts are closed and this place is purged.”

Lunacy gnashed his teeth. When his mouth opened, little fragments of his teeth dropped out. “I came this close, and now you dare to stop me?”

The smiling stallion couldn't stop himself from laughing. The blood in his lungs made it more difficult, but it still felt good. “You lost this fight the moment I cut you with my horn.”

The pictures of the scene flashed through Lunacy's mind. His eyes widen before Soul continued. “I've injected a virus inside your body that is devouring your magic and feeding upon your body’s cells. You are unable to use any kind of magic anymore. Since you aren't mortal, I assume that your abilities will return, so I have to ensure that you aren't able to harm other ponies anymore.”

Soul's horn ignited once more, its marvellous blue shine was gone and replaced by the multi-coloured shine of all colours of the rainbow. The Elements around Soul's neck beamed in the same warm, bright light. The rest of Soul's armour began to disintegrate and fade into thin air. “This is my last resort. I will commit the ultimate sin. This is Hell's Verse”

The whole fight long, the air was still, but now an upcoming gust flew through the boulders. A path of light lit up between Soul and Lunacy. Terrified from the light, Lunacy tried to flee, but he was still stunned. Carefully, Soul set one hoof in front of another. He reached Lunacy and laid his forehead against Lunacy's. ”From one to another, another to one, a mark of one’s destiny, single down alone fulfilled. From all us together, together nopony can comprehend, with our marks of destiny made one, there is power without end.”

The path's brightness increased drastically and blinded the attending ponies. They could feel again a strong constant gust that blew through their manes when they reopened their eyes. Astonished, they watched their Captain standing. The dome broke apart and fragments were sucked in by a gateway that seemed to be stuck inside the boulder behind Soul.

The Princesses tried to resist the strong force of the gust and kept Applejack at their flank. With one eye open, the Princesses watched Soul directly in front of the gate. Lunacy was gone, Soul was all alone. His scarred eye was turned black with a red slit-formed pupil. The Elements around his neck were still glowing. “I've fallen in battle for peace and harmony in Equestria, and as Lord over this wonderful country, these are my last orders. Luna shall be crowned the new prime ruler of Equestria. And such as for you Applejack... be happy. This is our final goodbye.”

Applejack's eyes cracked open. The raging torrent of air sucked everything inside the gate that couldn't get hold of itself. Single tears ran down from Soul's cheek when Applejack noticed that he wasn't alone. Next to him stood the silhouette of another unicorn. Her multi-coloured mane and pure white coat made her almost invisible in front of the gate. Her magenta eyes pointed to Soul all the time.

Soul turned his head away and looked at his company. “Shall we leave now, Harmony?”

The bright light faded and took Soul away from them. Applejack and the Princesses were left alone in the newly born landscape of Demon's Run with the cheerful singing of countless birds.

Harmony victorious.