• Published 1st Jan 2013
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The Darkness among the Stars - Haseo

For A thousand Years, the Kingdom of Equestria sustained in Peace & Harmony. The Ruler of this Kingdom defended their little Ponys from all Evil. But what happend before known History began? What is lurking in the Darkness among the Stars?

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Chapter 12 - Stars of Eternity

Chapter 12
Stars of Eternity

The orange mare sat left alone on the ground, only surrounded by the magic that radiated in the air since Soul has left. Her head hung low and silent sobs twitched through her body. None of her friends knew what they could have said to ease her pain. Everypony looked at each other in confusion and cluelessness. Not knowing what happened here.

Rarity couldn't bear to see her friend crying in the night. “Darling, what has happened?”

The head of the sad mare flew upwards and met Rarity's. "He left! Soul left us. He didn't want to stay with us."

Applejack approached her other unicorn friend with huge steps, she stared into her eyes, anger rose up inside of her and suppressed the reflex to blink. Twilight was frozen to her position, she couldn't avoid the angry farmer.

“It was ya who pushed him! Ya drove him away from us! What kind of friend are ya supposed to be?” She turned her head away in disgust, tears still running down her face, she mumbled something while she completely turned away. “What have you done?”

Twilight couldn't do anything but shed tears, too. She shook her head violently and cried out lout with a cracking voice. “I don't know! I’ve never seen something like this, I never saw a spell like that. It's not just teleporting from one point to another, but disappearing completely without a trace. He is not a usual pony. Why do you cling to him so badly?”

Applejack stopped in her tracks but didn't think it was worth turning her head. “Oh, the all knowing personal student of Princess Celestia is clueless, what a shame! He said that he doesn't belong to our time. What if he killed himself or locked himself again somewhere, where we won't reach him. Where Ah can't reach him! Ya brought him here once, so bring him back again! I cling to him, because he needs our help, Twilight! I can feel that is the right thing to do. More important is that he make up for what he have done to Rainbow!”

Twilight shied away from the accusation, she was heartbroken by the words of her friend. “The last time I found him was by coincidence. I used the Element of Magic to get through this lock thing. Alone, it is impossible for me to do so. I'm sorry Applejack... Even though he might need help.”

The farmer covered her suffering with her hat while she proceeded to walk away. Rarity and Rainbow Dash didn't even dare to say something to the agitated mare. But the bubble-gum-coloured mare behind them hadn’t even thought about that.

“Nah, maybe it’s something that has to do with his odd cutie mark.” Not a single pony could interrupt the hyper sweets maker in her insane speech-speed. “Didn't you think it looked kinda funny? I mean the cutie mark of most ponies are veeerry veery simple, look at me. I've got three balloons. Rarity has three diamonds, Fluttershy has three butterflies, you have three apples and Dashie’s got her cloud with the rainbow-lightning. Only Twilight's cutie mark is a little bit more complicated with all this shiny little stars and stuff. But I never ever saw something that odd.”

Applejack decided to wait on what Pinkie Pie had to say. She actually never really looked at his cutie mark.

Twilight and the others gave each other a inquired look. “Well, I never really looked at his flank if I'm honest. One of you girls?”

The girls shook their heads, only Rarity blushed a little bit and mumbled something inaudible for the others... “I did but I didn't look at his cutie mark...”

Pinkie was all jumpy that she could talk even more and explain her theory. “If I remember it right, and I have a veeery good memory, it could be split into three parts. In the centre was a nine edged pearl white star, surrounded by a white worm thingy with sharp teeth that bit itself in the tail. It was patterned with many, many blue-ish shooting stars that looked like they raced around his cutie mark.”

The gears in Twilight's head began to turn. She dropped into her thinking position. “Well, the star should symbolize his talent for magic similar to mine. I think you mean with this ‘worm like thing’, a snake. The snake that bites his own tail is a symbol for eternity. But the shooting stars are confusing me.” She scratched her chin and closed her eyes while she thought, in the meantime Applejack approached the small group again and waited patiently for what the smart unicorn had to say. “He said he is the former master over time and space. So the snake could relate to the time aspect, albeit the big star embodies his talent for magic. What's left is space, the shooting stars could tell about his ability of space control. It's more than weird but could prove what he said.”

Applejack's tears had nearly dried but her eyes were still bloodshot and puffy. “Now we’re sure he didn't lie, but what's the point? He left, he dissolved in front of our eyes!”

Twilight offered her a warm smile and a little star was flashing in her eyes. “Applejack! That means he is still somewhere around. We can still find him. It is even possible that he didn’t age!”

The farmer's frown disappear from her face and a faint smile appeared. “Than let's spread out! We have to find him before it's too late!” Applejack already began to storm out but she was immediately stopped by a lavender hoof.

“We can't look for him just like that. Think about that what he told us! He said he stole a part of the power that the Princesses possessed. He could be still dangerous, just think what he did with Rainbow!”

The multi-coloured mare whimpered as her memories kicked in. But Applejack wasn't bothered at all.

“He might be somepony very special, if we're really his friends than you will help me find him.”

Twilight couldn't reject her friend, but she still hesitated by the fact that she could be looking for a traitor. She was stopped in her thoughts as she heard the voice that belonged to her white friend.

“I will help you, Darling.”

Pinkie Pie raised Rainbow Dash up and they both nodded in Applejack's direction. Everypony looked anxiously at the lavender librarian.

She groaned a little bit and rolled her eyes. “Well, If that is the case, I will join,too.”

Applejack pulled Twilight in a tight hug. “Thank ya, Sugarcube.”

She struggled free from the bone-crashing embrace of the strong farmer and recovered a little bit as she cleared her throat. “Though, I have to inform the Princess about him. I will request a squad of the royal guards to help us in looking for him, and if needed, defend us.”

Applejack's lips formed a straight line on her face, she wasn't really happy to hear that a battle between them was possible but she had to made compromises. “Ah agree, but only if ya promise meh that we won't attack him right away!”

Twilight nodded and turned to her pegasus friend. “Fluttershy, fly to your cottage and ask for help, maybe your bird friends can help us as well. Rarity, you will take Applejack and Pinkie Pie and search through the village, if you are not successful, go to the Everfree Forest and light them the way with your magic. As soon as I wrote the letter I will join you.”

The girls nodded in unison and took off. Twilight teleported herself to the library, where she levitated a scroll, her quill and a ink pot in front of her. She placed the scroll on the writing table at the window and began to write down her message.


Dear Princess Celestia,

I have to disappoint you that this isn't a regular friendshiep report, but more like a request. But first I have to admit that I haven't told you the truth back than in the archives. When Luna and you found me in the library I didn't tell you what happened in my dreams. I see now that, this was a huge mistake.

I met there an old stallion and I tried to take him with me. At first it seemed that it didn't work. But when I arrived in Ponyville, he was laying on the floor of the library. I can't tell you all the details now, but I will get to it as soon as I can.

The reason I'm writting you this letter is that he disappeared. Applejack seemed to bond with him, so we have to look for him, please dispatch a squad of the royal guards to assist us. I would never request the help of the military if he wasn't a special case. But first a few information about him.

He called himself Soul Tearer, he is a black unicorn stallion with a grey-shaded mane around his forties, I presume. He has a scar on his left eye and bat-like ears. Moreover, he has a very odd cutie mark.

It's centre is a nine edged pearl white star, surrounded by a white-coloured snake that bites it’s own tail. The cutiemark is patterned by many little blue-ish shooting stars circling around the snake and the bigger star. It looks like a circular extending meteor shower.

But something special bothered me about him. He said he used to live a thousand years ago and that he was involved in a war that is unknown to me. Soul said something about, he had separated a part of your soul to weaken you and win this war. As you can guess by now, he might has the ability to separate the magic out of a ponies body. Even worse is that he captured the power of the aspect of time and space.

I know this sounds very odd but it somehow seemed to be plausible.

But the most scaring thing is that he can turn himself into a dragon-like being. He grows draconian wings made of black flames. He could even keep up with Rainbow Dash. If you ask me, it looks a lot like the work of Discord. His story can't be true. I beg you Princess... please tell me he is lying.

We will begin to search for him until the Guards arrived.


Twilight Sparkle


Twilight sealed the scroll and ran up the stairs, looking for her assistant. She found him napping in his basket. In a hurry, she levitated the scroll in front of Spike and stepped gently on his back. A green flame shot out of his mouth and burned the scroll.

Immediately a bright purple flash followed, leaving the little dragon alone peacefully asleep.

The scroll travelled in it's unstable form through the winds until they reached the marble balcony of a huge tower. It materialized before the glorious white ruler of the sun.

With a smile she received the letter, but it became smaller and smaller with every word. Her mouth slowly opened by her anxiety. She jumped out the balcony and extended her massive wings and flew around the tower in the direction of a second one that was much darker decorated.

From the top of her lungs she screamed for her sister. “LUUUUUUNNNAA!!”