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In a world where the elements of harmony never existed...

A group of unlikely friends find themselves wrapped in a metaphysical battle within a magical plane against an ancient evil whom desires nothing more than to escape to the physical plane.

There’s also an amnesiac, the celestian academy, flashy metaphysical nonsense, and a bunny.
Step into the unknown, and find yourself in the world of Laluna.

[an au adventure featuring the mane cast and luna, with plenty of appearances from other ponies. heavily inspired by Code Lyoko and Psyconauts. c: plenty of fun to be had.]

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 4 )

:yay: Yayyyyy, we're live!

:twilightblush: I hope you guys enjoy the prelude and chapter one!

Criticisms, comments, and most other conundrums would be much loved! Not much else to say really. Gotta let the story speak for itself, right?

I'll give it a try...

Intriguing. I'll have to keep an eye on this.

1885724 1886922

Ahhhhh, commenters! -scurries behind twilight-


I, uhm, ah, thanks for your support! ahhhh, I'm not used to this. FFnet was never this nice!

Thanks as well, to all the people who've favorited and liked so far! :3 There will possibly be a double update on Friday!

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