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Fave'd for the generous amounts of WAT

1894554 Same here, just because.

:o What happened next?! Pinkie really went...well you know PINKIE!:pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

And yet not one of them are questioning how they're still alive. :trixieshiftright:

Don't submit this to EqD, it will fail spectacularly. :ajsleepy:
While I didn't mind reading this, some people will, and there are errors every 3-5 paragraphs.
When they do get to it, they will rate it and send back what you need to fix, and you will be down 1 try for this story.


Tell me, what kind of errors were there? I couldn't spot any errors in my fanfic.


Nope, because they're too mad at the Mane Six for obliterating nearly half of Ponyville with their inflated, exploding bellies.

So I've just submitted this fanfic to Equestria Daily, and it was rejected. The first reason was that it had too many grammer and punctuation errors, and the second was that EqD does not accept fetish-based material.

So yeah, while I am not saddened that it wasn't accepted on EqD (it would have been rejected for its fetish-based content, anyway), my one regret has to be my lack of good editing skills.

This line for instance:

"Can somepony please stop fighting?" Twilight Sparkle interrupted

somepony should be everypony.

And that is why you request proof-readers, we can always help you improve your style.

1896935 I was talking about the mane six themselves, not one of them are surprised that they're still alive? :trixieshiftright:


Well, if that's the case, then let me ask some questions.

1. How and where do I find proofreaders on this website?

2. Do you think you could proofread my fanfic?


in answer to 1, look under the groups, there are a few specifically for proof-reading.
in answer to 2, I may be able to, but don't count on me being consistent with my schedule.

Just one question. Why is Spike inflating Applejack considered safe for children, but not my fanfic of Pinkie Pie inflating hers and her friends' bellies until they pop? How is this considered fetishistic, while that inflation scene in "Spike, At Your Service" is just considered a small gag?

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This sounds so much like Cupcakes... Except less torture and cupcakes, of course. Good job! I love this! :pinkiecrazy:

1898656 My best guesses to that are
A: The animated section from the show was a very brief segment in a story that was otherwise not about Applejack being inflated.
B: The story makes more than brief allusions and implications of death. Which is resolved by the end, but the mindset is already seeded by conclusion. The show typically sidesteps that.
C: Unlike that segment from the show, it's clear from the start and just before the end that Pinkie is enjoying the sensation. While the nature of the enjoyment is (intentionally?) left vague in the story, in few comic uses of inflation in animation do any of the characters involved seem to actively enjoy it.
D: The Inflation fetish is relatively well known.

All of that said, I'm not entirely sure why it would be mature rather than teen. *Shrugs.*

Anyway, the story was entertaining and overlapped with my interests in a moderately pleasant fashion. Thanks for sharing!

always wanted to see the Mane Six inflated until they burst.

I point you to my fic, The Great Inflate, it's in the Balloon Ponies group. Go forth and read popping ponies!:raritywink:

This was incredibly hot and I loved it, I really wish you'd left them popped, the confetti holding in their consciences and memories as they slowly fade away from existence as confetti chunks. I'd pay for that so much.:pinkiecrazy:

Fav'd and have thyself a follow. Kaidan will be hearing about this one.
~Dash The Stampede

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Are they all ok after this happens? (I need to know this before I consider reading this.)

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