• Published 29th Dec 2012
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Pinkie Pie's Balloons - Pav Feira

Pinkie Pie has five of the best balloons in Equestria tied to her tail. Dedicated to Kiki.

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Author's Note:

Innumerable thanks to the many individuals who made this possible. To PonIver for proposing and organizing such a wonderful and heart-touching event. To Aaron, Sonja, and Kiki for their incredible and seriously-who's-chopping-onions-in-here illustrations, which truly brought this story to life. To the twenty five other authors who submitted their own terrific stories to the anthology, which you can read here! And thanks to RogerDodger, the /fic/ community, the large panel of celebrity judges, the Midwest Brony Division, and everypony else who was involved in making this Care Package a success.

To Kiki, wishing you a Happy Hearth's Warming and a warm life full of laughter and friendship.

If you would like to send Kiki your own message of good cheer, I encourage you to leave her a quick note on the Hugs tab here.