• Published 30th Dec 2012
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Ah Don't Need Help! - Timey-Wimey

When Spike saved Applejack, she didn't let him know that she'd hurt her hoof when the rock fell on her. Now he's caring for her and something is starting to bloom between them.

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Where It All Began

Applejack climbed the pile of rocks, fear in her green eyes. She hit the top of the pile and looked to see three Timberwolves chasing Spike, almost below her. She could see how terrified he was and mentally kicked herself. If only ah hadn't staged that fake attack! None of this would be happening. She thought. When Spike passed underneath her precarious perch, he was followed closely by the Timberwolves and an idea struck her. With a struggle, she used all the strength she'd gathered from apple bucking and shoved a rock down. The boulder flew downwards and crushed the three beings from the Everfree Forest, sending the wooden branches and twigs flying everywhere as they crumbled into inanimate objects. The momentum made her tumble a bit, landing on her stomach with her front hooves over the edge of the rock.

Spike stopped running and stepped over carefully, eyes full of caution. He looked at the shattered remains of the beasts and a smile lit his features. He looked over at Applejack and gave her the thumbs up, smiling more when he saw that she was ok. She had saved his life again! He felt himself grow close to tears but held them back, wanting to go meet his saviour and thank her.

Applejack looked over at Spike and wiped her brow, a smile on her face saying that he didn't need to worry. She heard a light crack behind her and felt the rock she was on slipping. More cracks signalled that she had little time before the rock slid. CRACK! The rock was free. "Woooooah!" She exclaimed as her eyes went wide. The rock slid out from under her and the orange mare crashed loudly into the ground. She lay dazed, head spinning with stars. She was aware of the dirt pressing against her belly and the spinning world around her. She regained control of her senses just as a slightly smaller rock than the one she'd been laying on gave a few clinks as it bounced down the pile and landed on her right hind leg, effectively trapping her hoof. "Ow!" She cried out as pain lanced through her.

Spike ran to her side when a green glow came from the corner of his eye. He turned and looked at the pieces of the three Timberwolves that were glowing, edged with a green aura as they moved of their own accord. To his horror, he realized that they were forming together, recreating the Timberwolves! "Uh oh..." He murmured as they came together before him, forming a giant leg with a clawed paw. He looked over at Applejack, who had stood up and was looking with fright at the giant beast that was forming before her eyes. "Applejack! Come on!" He cried, motioning with his arm for her to run.

Applejack tried to follow, but found herself unable to move. She struggled as the huge creature started to take on more shape but she couldn't get her hoof free from the rock. "Ah can't! Ah'm really stuck!" She cried, pupils and irises tiny pinpricks in huge eyes as she pointed madly at the rocks which refused to release their cold grip on her leg. She looked back to the forest as trees, branches and more twigs flew out, wrapped in that same green hue. They pieced together, the Timberwolf almost completed.

Spike danced from foot to foot, hands on his head. "No more messing around!" He begged, looking at the Timberwolf once more. The Timberwolf's teeth were lodging into place, the giant leaves forming the eyebrows. His fists curled and he put them near his mouth, legs shaking as he beheld the terrible thing. All his instincts, muscles and neurones were screaming at him to book it, but he couldn't leave Applejack! She was his friend and he needed to uphold the Noble Dragon Code, he needed to make sure she got out ok. He took his claws from his mouth, turned and gave a serious glare to the trapped farmer. "Let's go!" He yelled over the sound of clicking and snapping as piece by piece came together.

The great wooden creature's final teeth clicked into place inside his mouth, his putrid breath coming in wisps from his throat, discoloring the air around it, making it a sickly deep green. Applejack struggled vainly, using all her strength to try and pull her leg out. Pain jolted through her body with each tug as she gave grunts of pain and concentration. "Come on!" She pretty much begged, but her hoof held fast, denying escape. Twin lime green eyes with no pupils snapped open and a low rumble that was a growl filled their ears as discolored saliva dripped to the ground mere feet from Applejack's face and she looked up slowly as the Timberwolf came to life. It roared directly in her face, assaulting her senses with its horrible breath.

Applejack turned to Spike, face full of determination. Her eyes were no longer full of fear, but in a challenging glare as she realized her impending doom. "Forget it Spike! Ya gotta get outta here!" The great wooden clawed paw stomped down in front of her, smashing a medium sized rock to pieces and effectively knocking Spike over.

Spike lay on his back for a moment, dazed. He tilted his head and saw Applejack still glaring at him, both front hooves on her back leg as she stood on her free leg, trying to pull herself free. "Would ya just forget yer Dragon Code already and go?" Her voice fell on deaf ears as she looked in fright to the Timberwolf looming above her. A loud snarl as the predator cornered its prey shifted the rubble, landing a rock in Spike's claws. He looked at it and gripped it tightly in his palm. His eyes narrowed in a furious glare. "No." He jumped up and ran forwards, jumping in front of the mare he owed his life to. "I have to save you!" He struck a heroic pose in front of the cowering Applejack before hurling the pebble at the Timberwolf, hitting in in the mouth and watching as the rock went down its throat.

Applejack got to her three good hooves and watched in amazement. Little Spike was standing in front of her, arms stretched wide as he faced the most terrifying creature he could imagine. His eyes were wide with terror, but he held his position as the large wooden monster coughed, trying to dislodge the rock in his throat. Branches and twigs flew from his body as he held a paw to his throat, tapping his chest as breathing became slightly uncomfortable.

Spike jumped as branches landed at his feet. He grabbed a sturdy and thick one which split into a fork at the end. He ran to where Applejack's leg lay trapped. "Let's get outta here!" He ordered, jamming the branch between her hoof and the rock. He planted both feet onto the rock and pulled with all his might, the branch bending slightly but holding fast. His eyes screwed shut, his teeth grit and his muscles tensed as he felt the rock shift ever so slightly. When he opened his eyes he saw Applejack had the same expression, but he noted the discomfort and pain that etched across the concentrated scowl.

The Timberwolf held a claw out, signally that he needed a moment. He punched himself rather hard in the chest in an attempt to cough up the irritating rock. He leaned forwards, still trying to get the now slightly painful and scratchy rock from his esophagus.

Spike gave a mighty heave at the same time as Applejack and the rock moved, sending him on his back and the stick going flying. Applejack lifted her leg, smiling at the sensation of being free. Spike smiled even wider, he had saved her life! He got to his feet and the pair ran off as the Timberwolf lost his balance and fell, smashing to pieces all over the rocks and dirt. Some of the wooden parts were thrown into the air and crashed down loudly, throwing up dust in their wake.

Applejack waited until Spike was ahead of her. Now normally she would've passed him in a heartbeat, but her hoof was giving her some trouble. The area looked slightly swollen and a bruise was starting to form, covering most of her ankle. There were no cracks or chips, it wasn't sprained and she couldn't detect any breaks because she would've collapsed long ago if it was broken. She suspected she'd damaged the muscles around the area, because flexing it was really painful, but she wouldn't admit that to her friends and Spike. As her other friends came into view she put a brave face on and sped up to catch up with Spike, slowing when the two entered the same clearing. Questions were hurled at her and she answered them all, telling the whole story, but leaving out the throbbing in her back leg.

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