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An astronomer who recently arrived in Equestria discovers a common interest with Princess Luna. When they come into contact with each other, they connect beyond their expectations. But the nature of that connection is a very serious matter, and they might not both be willing to explore it fully.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 10 )

The story good, but you need to space out your paragraphs.

This is a lovley story, even if the ending is sad. i just hope he doesn't change into a pony, or her a human. It would be better if he could love her in that way despite the differences.

I have to say that this was a good story, and I liked how you set the pacing for it.
Plus, that was an interesting way for Nightmare Moon to come about.

Maybe someday...

You're off to a great start with this one!

Wow. Brilliantly written, bravo good sir.

Holy shit man, this was great, and terrifying!

1905677 Double post time, but have you considered sending it to EQD?

I haven't, actually.

1929612 Well perhaps you should give it a go, it is short enough that you should get a response soon if you were to do it.

Whoa, that was intense, great work!

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