• Published 27th Dec 2012
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Whispered Words - Ponyzilla

[Romance] The Cutie Mark Crusaders are now in high school. Sweetie Belle tries to befriend Silver Spoon, but the latter believes Sweetie Belle has an ulterior motive.

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Whispered Words - Chapter Six

"But daaaaaaaad!" the spoiled, obnoxious fuchsia mare pleaded, "I don't want to go to school today! I'm still not fully healed yet! Take my temperature, watch me sleep! You can do anything that'd prove I'm sick, but I just don't want to go to school today!"

Filthy Rich shook his head. It was clear that Diamond Tiara was obviously well enough to go to school. Filthy Rich wanted her to go to school-- or rather, he was scared if she didn't go to school. Last time he had fallen for the same trick; one second, Diamond Tiara was violently smashing away at her keyboard, and before he knew it, there was a mob of enraged ponies at his doorstep, demanding to know why there were embarrassing pictures of themselves on the front cover of a newspaper. Filthy Rich shuddered in fear at the thought.

"You're not staying home. No means no. You're well enough to pull yourself over to the school, and I want you to get a proper education," he commanded. In truth, Filthy Rich felt guilty at forcing his sick daughter to go to school. As a parent, it pained him to not be able to get Diamond Tiara everything she wanted. The mare groaned. She trudged out of her bed and made her way to the bathroom to get ready. Filthy Rich sighed in relief.

Sweetie Belle hummed a pleasant tune to herself as she stuffed her saddlebag with her school books. She couldn't get the date with Silver Spoon out of her head. The white mare felt ecstatic knowing she had made another friend. Sweetie Belle packed her lunch, which only consisted of the leftovers from the picnic the night before. After getting everything ready for school, she left the boutique-- skipping breakfast, as usual.

However, besides fraternizing with Silver Spoon, she was also looking forward to Rarity's return. The fashionista was expected to arrive in Ponyville the next day at 6 pm, sharp. Before Sweetie Belle got too far into her train of thoughts, she saw her two best friends, waiting for her at their usual place: the playground at their elementary school.

"Hey girls!" Sweetie Belle greeted. It didn't take a while before the white mare realized that Scootaloo didn't look so bright and happy. "Uh, Scootaloo? What's wrong?" Sweetie Belle tried putting a hoof against the pegasus's forehead with the intention of measuring her temperature, but the tom-pony simply pushed the hoof away.

"I'm fine, really," Scootaloo said unconvincingly. Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom exchanged glances, but just shrugged it off. After all, they were really in no position to pry. Plus, the two mares believed that Scootaloo had no reason to lie to them, so they believed her.

In reality, Scootaloo felt sick to the stomach-- and not because of anything she ate. She was unable to shake the feeling of jealousy off of her chest. Her eyes still felt swollen from all of the tears she had shed the night before, but that morning, she had ensured her eyes looked perfectly normal before allowing herself to set off to the Crusaders' meeting place.

Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle were chatting away. Scootaloo was lagging behind, going unnoticed. She had lots on her mind as well, but most of her thoughts revolved around Sweetie Belle. The pegasus stared at Sweetie Belle from behind. She saw nothing but a bubbly unicorn who could make her laugh and smile any day. She heaved a heavy sigh, and tried to release her mind from all of her thoughts. She gave her head a little shake, and ran to catch up with her friends.

Another day like this, she thought.

Author's Note:

Really, I've been so behind on my fan fic updates. In truth, I'm working on so many other things right now, and I actually have a lot of story ideas in my head at the moment. In addition, I'm going to be extremely busy for a while, so updates will be pretty hard to do. That being said, I most likely will not put a hiatus tag on my stories, but there is still a possibility that I might.

Anyway, regarding this chapter... I apologize for it being so short (well, frankly, it IS an interlude). Originally, I had lots more typed out; however, I took it out since it wasn't really working. As a result, I have been left with only 700 words worth of content. A lot of my original plans have been trashed, to be honest (and this goes for many of my other stories). I have not lost inspiration to write, though. I will most likely go back and revamp my previous chapters, so stay tuned for that.

I don't really know what else to say. I'm not dead yet, just rather busy.

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