• Published 15th Feb 2012
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A Second Chance - Tridon2951

Taylor, a 16 year old in Minnesota, travels to Equestria, now to start fresh with newfound friends.

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Painful Memories and Regal Presence

"Friends, both the imaginary ones you build for yourself out of phrases taken from a living writer, or real ones from college, and relatives, despite all the waste of ceremony and fakery and the fact that out of an hour of conversation you may have only five minutes in which the old entente reappears, are the only real means for foreign ideas to enter your brain."

-Nicholson Baker


It was hard, trying to sleep after all that had happened the night before,with it. Also I haven't eaten anything since the other night when I ate the apple after burning my pizza, my stomach growled, checking my phone I found out it would be another five hours until dawn and Twilight and I would have to leave to see Princess Celestia, God knows why. I began shifting into different positions in the small bed, just trying to get comfortable, yet to no avail on my own will. "a walk will probably do me some good." I thought, I took walks at night to let my stress just wash away in the night air, I wasn't sure if Twilight would mind, (she probably would though) but I didn't pay it much thought as I walked to the door.

I slowly opened the door and peeked out, I could hear myself breathe it was so quiet, I carefully tiptoed my way down the staircase, pausing whenever I heard it squeak, making sure I woke nopony, that is Twilight being the only one here, right? I crept to the front door and slowly opened it and quietly closed it behind me. I didn't disturb Twilights slumber, but if she was to wake up and check to find I'm not there, I would think she would turn on some sort of a siren and forming a search party, I chuckled softly to myself and began my walk down the cobblestone road.

The night here was serene, and far more beautiful than a clear night up north, the stars were covering every inch of the sky, some in small clumps, others far brighter than the others, the moon however, was a lot bigger than I remembered, I felt at more at home than I did with my family, it was just that I felt more accepted, and I felt like I was good enough for the community and all the ponies who lived here, I had yet to meet a vast majority of them but still, I felt good for once in my life.

The rest of my walk consisted of me wandering the streets, and thinking about tomorrow, I've never been in the presence of royalty before, I guess I'd just wing it from there on, I simply walked and thought of what I would do the few hours I had left to think to myself. Yawning, I found my way to the outskirts of town, now seemed like an appropriate time to stargaze, I laid on a hill with a small oak tree nearby, I watched as the stars began to twinkle in the night sky, the moon giving off its ever lustrous glow, outshining a few stars that were nearby from my perspective, my eyes began to feel really heavy as i was able to finally drift off.


"You like our night sky?"

I shot up and quickly looked around, only to find nobody and that I had just been hearing things.

"I really gotta stop it with the hallucinations..." I said to myself out loud, giving a brief sigh of relief, and giving a short stretch before laying back down.

"Who said you were hallucinating?"

I shot up once more, there that voice was again, I frantically looked around to still find nobody around, I felt a bit weirded out at this point.

"Who's there?" I said trying to sound as calm as I could.

No response.

"Ugh, I really need help with all these voices in my head." I announced to myself before making my way down the hill.

"What voices in your head?" the voice said again, I looked around only to see nothing but the darkness of night.

I decided to ignore it this time and I continued to walk down the hill, I was beginning to think that I was going crazy now.

"Wait! You still haven't answered our question, do you like our night?"

I stopped, this time without looking back to see if the owner of the voice had shown itself.

"Yes I do." looking now at the sky, I continued, "I haven't seen anything so magnificent in all my life, not sure if it's right to say its your night though." I continued walking down the hill, beginning to make my way to the library.

And with that there was no further response.


The library was just as I left it; quiet, lifeless, and most importantly; lights off.

I slowly opened the door and quietly shut it behind me, I slowly walked across the floor, making sure to not let my feet make any loud noises as I crept across the floor, and as I was about to make it to the stairs, the worst possible thing happened that had come to my mind beforehand.

I got caught.


A light suddenly flicked on and I turned to find Twilight looking at me with a 'you're in deep shit' face on, I merely stared, waiting for my beating to come.

"Where have you been? I woke up about an hour ago to check and see if you were doing alright, only to find you not there, so, what were you out doing?"

"Well first of all, its nice to see you cared to check up on me." Twilight stood firm, not showing any sign of give on her face.

"But, I was just on a walk, no big deal, I do that a lot. Sorry for not telling you." I said feeling a bit guilty now.

"Why do you go on these 'walks'? "

"To relieve stress."

Her expression was a bit softer now, but still angry nonetheless.

"Why? are you feeling stressed now?"

She was begining to touch up on it, I didn't want to talk about it, let alone think about it. I slowly walked up the stairs, with a slightly concerned Twilight behind me trying to cut me off.

"Where are you going now?" she said with some of the revived irritation now in her tone.

"Bed, now goodnight."

I shut the door in Twilights face as I walked to the small mattress and flopped on top, the door opening slowly behind me.

"Taylor?" The anger in her voice was now replaced with a bit of regret and concern.

No response.

"Listen, I'm sorry for getting so angry at you, if you left me a note of sorts saying where you were, we wouldn't be in this situation right now. And I'm also sorry if I touched on a sensitive subject, I didn't mean for that. You can talk to me about anything thats bothering you...if you feel comfortable doing so that is."

I slowly got up, head down, I turned to her, I was trembling now, giving off silent sobs.

"Taylor? Are you alright? I didn't mean to make you cry! I'm so sor-..."

I cut her short, wrapping my arms around her neck, crying into her shoulder, I wasn't usually one for all this crying bullshit, I was at wits end now.

Twilight, taking a second to reconcile after my abrupt hug, hugged me back.


We sat there, I'd say for about twenty minutes before calming down, I was about to let go of Twilight when I found that she had fallen asleep in my arms. I wasn't sure what I was going to do now, I carefully lifted her, and carried her to her room, setting her gently on the bed and putting the covers over her before walking to the door.

"Sweet dreams Twilight..."

I closed her door and walked to the guest room, finally calling it quits for the night, I sat there looking out the window, not sure how Twilight would now see me, she now knew I was keeping something away from them, giving her all the more reason to not trust me. "Would she tell her friends? or even the princess?" I thought to myself, trying to fall asleep, if so, there would be a lot of curiosity into 'personal matters' that I wouldn't feel too happy about confessing, not just yet at least.


It wasn't another three hours before I was awoken Twilight's now cheery voice.

"Hey Taylor! It's time to get up sleepyhead, we've got to go see the princesses today so get up!"

I lazily opened one eye to see her on the side of the bed smiling, it looked like she had about an hours worth of preparation before-hand, (hoof?) because she had her mane brushed and her coat was brighter, meaning she had to have taken a bath or shower earlier.

*groan* "What time is it?..." I said groggily.

"About eight A.M. We need to leave in an hour if we are going to make it there in time." she was now opening the shades to the balcony with her... power, as her horn glowed with that purple aura again.

"What is that by the way?" I asked, slowly getting up and rubbing the sleep from my eyes.

"What?" she was puzzled at my question.

"The thing you're doing with your horn." I gestured, pointing to it.

"Oh this? It's just magic. Why?" she said casually.

"Interesting..." I said in an inquisitive tone of voice.

"What is?" it was her turn to return the question.

"Well, magic doesn't exist where I'm from, let alone unicorns and pegasi. You know... you wouldn't be able to find half of this where I'm from."

She stared at me, eyes wide.

"Really? No magic, unicorns or pegasi? How do you live then? What do you have? is what I mean to say." she was surprised to hear of her species nonexistence from my world.

"Listen I'd love to sit here and compare our worlds but, don't we have a princess waiting for us?" I told her, cocking an eyebrow.

"Oh yes thats right! Sorry about that..." she gave a small awkward smile and I smiled back.

"Don't worry about it, we can talk more later, after we talk with the princess."

"I think you mean 'princesses'." she corrected.

I looked at her with confusion on my face. "so wait, it's a Diarchy?" I waited expecting an answer.

"Oh I only mentioned princess Celestia, I didn't mention princess Luna, sorry, hope that clarifies things."

"I see, are they related?" I asked now wanting to know more about the second ruler with Celestia.

"Yes, actually they are, princess Celestia is in charge of raising the sun in the morning and princess Luna is in charge of raising the moon at night. They're sisters."

My stomach soon broke the silence with a large growl, I scratched my head as I became slightly embarrassed.

"We're really getting off track here, and I haven't eaten for the past who knows how long." I stated, Twilight nodding in agreement.

"Well, you can freshen up in the shower while I get breakfast situated. Sound alright to you?" she asked.

"Oh you have no idea, now, where is the shower you said?" I was anxious to clean myself, my hair felt greasy and my body was covered in dirt and I was eager to get rid of it.

"Right down the hall, first door on your left..." she said, but I was already in the bathroom by the time she finished, the door slammed behind me.

"Wait! what do you want to eat?" she called down the hall.

"Surprise me!" I said from within the bathroom.

I quickly undressed and jumped in the shower to let the water run over my body.

"GODDAMMIT!!! SHIT! COLD WATER!!!" I yelled as the water came in contact with my body, but soon warmed up afterward to my relief.


I came out of the shower ten minutes later, drying off, I began to wonder what Twilight made for breakfast as I got dressed, meat, (of all things) was obviously off the list now, she was a herbivore and I was an omnivore, there would obviously be all other food groups but the meat category. I walked out of the bathroom and made my way down the stairs, walking towards the sound of hoofsteps in the room nearby.

"Well Twilight what did you have in mind when you were going to surpri-... You're not Twilight." I stopped to see a small purple reptile with a green crest on it's head.

"Well no I'm not, for obvious reasons. But what and who exactly are you?" the reptile said with the small retort.

"My names Taylor, and I'm a human." I replied "But who and what are you then?" I threw the question back at it.

"I'm Spike, Twilights assistant, I'm a dragon if you couldn't tell." he replied back.

"Wait... a dragon? Like the fire breathing kind?" I asked in confusion.

"Well yeah, haven't you ever seen a dragon before?"

"Well only pictures, but they're just in mythology where I'm from, no such thing has ever been seen in real life." I explained.

"Really? mythological huh?"


"Weird... well I've got some chores to do." gesturing at the large pile of books behind him.

"Twilights in the other room making breakfast." he pointed down the hall.

"Thanks Spike." I said walking down the hall.

I heard a grunt behind me as Spike began lifting books onto the shelves. Twilight, however was finishing up in the kitchen and hurriedly running down the hall past me.

"Whoa Twilight, wheres the fire?" I asked sarcastically.

"The chariots here!"

I casually pulled out my phone, It was eight fifty seven.

"But what about?...." I was going to ask about breakfast, but she seemed to be in a frantic hurry.

"LETS GO!" she yelled as she opened the front door, I followed her out to find the chariot out front with two white pegasi in gold plated armor in harnesses in front of it. We approached, the guards took notice of Twilight and I and stood up straight, trying not to look so slouchy, it was early, they were probably still waking up a bit, I didn't blame them, we then entered the chariot and made ourselves comfortable while the pegasi began to pull the chariot and it soon began to rise into the air.


I saw the ground get farther away as we ascended into the air, I was able to see all of Ponyville from up above. I felt a feeling... Unprecedented by anything in my whole life, the wind rushing against my face, the view from far above and the quiet and serene feel that it gave me. I closed my eyes and smiled, letting the wind rush against my face and blowing through my hair.

"There's Canterlot."

I opened my eyes to see a town and large castle on the side of a mountain, a majority of it looked like it had a 'gold and white' look to it, the castle however, was HUGE. The exterior of it was plain, the tops of the towers were gold in color, while the rest was a pearly white color, looking closely, there were many guards at their posts in different parts of the castle, there was no inch of area where there wasn't one of them.

"Heavily guarded much?" I said out loud, one of the guards chuckled quietly, Twilight giggled to herself and I just rolled my eyes.

We landed out front right outside the castle doors, we exited the chariot, the two pegasi flew off with the chariot, Twilight led the way up the steps to the castle doors, they opened with a loud creak and shut just the same as we walked in, I was beginning to feel a bit intimidated by all of this, sweat began to dampen my armpits out of anxiety and I was just a bit shaky.

A brown stallion with a formal looking suit on then approached.

" The princesses will be with you shortly." he said before trotting down the hall and disappearing around the corner.

We waited for a good ten minutes, the anticipation began to rise as the seconds grew longer, but soon after a loud fanfare of trumpets could be heard, I watched as all of the ponies bowed, I frantically followed, kneeling and looking at the ground.

"This is it."

"You may rise." an older and sagacious sounding voice said and I slowly rose to my feet, heart beating just a bit faster.

I looked up and saw her, she was a pony, considerably larger and more slender than the others, a bit bigger than me too, (few inches or so) she had wings and a horn, which probably made her special apart from the other three races, (thank you captain obvious) she was a slightly pinkish white with a multicolored mane and tail that had a, 'blowing in the wind look' from an unseen breeze as It wavered in the air off to one side, she wore a golden crest with a purple jewel in the center, also, she had a large gold crown on her head, in a similar fashion.

I stood there as she looked at me with her magenta eyes as she sat in her throne, her sister, failed to show up, "maybe I'll see her later." I thought, those thoughts were suddenly interrupted as she addressed me.

"Greetings, my name is Princess Celestia." she began.

"It is an honor to meet you your highness." I responded, giving a small bow.

"The pleasure is mine I assure you." she said, "Now, getting down to business." she stated.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"Well, for starters, my name is Taylor an I am a human from Minnesota." I said, 'Minnesota' would probably raise some questions, and it did.

"Where is this 'Minnesota' you speak of?" she asked wanting to know more.

"Minnesota is a smaller body of land which is part of the united states, the full governing land body, which is part of a planet we call Earth." I tried to explain it as simple as I could, which they seemed to understand.

"Kind of like how Ponyville is part of the larger body which is..." I stopped, not knowing what the overall land was called, Twilight was able to finish my sentence and save my ass.

"Equestria." she finished for me.

"Yes, that thanks." I said, a bit embarrassed.

" I see, How did you happen to enter Equestria?" she asked.

"You know what? I honestly haven't got the slightest clue." I said truthfully, I didn't know talking ponies would even exist, they even had a governing body for god's sake.

"Well then, I shall have my scholars look into this subject, I have never heard of this land you call the 'United States' before. Care to tell more?" she asked, I wasn't sure how she would react to all the violence and unkind people I would describe, and of all the war that raged across the seas, "I guess I would give her a choice."

"Something the matter?" Celestia asked, a look of uncertainty now on her face.

"No... just thinking... Do you want to hear the good stuff, the bad or both?" I gave her the three options.

Celestia hesitated, the uncertainty now more clear on her face as she saw my face, which now had changed into a more sad look.

"It would be nice to hear both..." she began.

"Tell me now, how bad can it get?" she asked, she was really in for a long story.


about a half hour later, I had told Celestia all about our world from the best of my knowledge, talking about how we lived and how our government was planned out, I touched briefly on the technology, which seemed to intrigue Celestia, and Twilight as she began furiously scribbling down notes as I spoke. I would probably be getting many questions later on from her, but continuing on, I then saved worst for last, telling of the terrorism and war that raged across the ocean with the other countries. I then went into some of the history of warfare, saying that it was the one thing humankind had thrived on for many years. They didn't seem to understand, such talk of excessive killing and brutality was a bit much for them, I decided to call it quits there, the room grew quiet as I finished, I felt a chill run down my spine as the eerie silence continued, Celestia's and Twilight's mouths were agape, I sighed and scratched my head, I would have expected no less of a reaction from denizens of a land where killing was very foreign and not thought of often, because of a lack of psychotic beings.

"Are all those things you said... Are they true?" Twilight was now facing me with a look of pity and sadness on her face, she had never heard of such actions taken by people or for the matter 'ponies' before.

"Sad to say but... Yes..." I responded keeping a straight face.

"I'm sorry to hear..." she said, closing her eyes and lowering her head to the floor.


The unicorn looked back up at me, her eyes welling with tears.

"No need to cry about it, I've left all of that behind now, and brought with me the good things." I said trying to sound reassuring to her, she wiped her face with her hoof and smiled.

I turned back to Celestia, who was now smiling too, just then, my stomach broke the silence with a loud and relentless sounding growl.

Twilight and the princess giggled at my lack of food in my stomach.

"Hey! I haven't eaten since yesterday morning! And we forgot about breakfast too!" I looked over at Twilight who stopped laughing and was now giving a sheepish smile, remembering that she was going to make breakfast and forgot.

"We can set up a breakfast if you would like." Celestia offered.

"Oh princess, I don't want to impose..." I quickly tried to not have her go through all that trouble to do that for me, she just met me for god's sake.

"Oh it wouldn't be a problem at all, what would you like?" she asked.

"Well... meat is definitely off of the menu..." I said, pointing off the obvious, Twilight looked at me in puzzlement.

"I'm an omnivore, and before you ask I don't eat ponies just to reassure you." I said, trying not to make the situation too awkward.

"So I guess some fruit would do me some good."

"Thats quite alright by me, Twilight, would you like something to eat?" the princess asked.

"No thank you princess." Twilight politely responded.

"Alright then, would you two be so kind as to follow me?" the princess got up and began walking down the hall, Twilight and I followed behind her as she led us to what I would think would be the dining hall.


After breakfast, I asked if I could explore the castle a bit on my own, Celestia said yes, she had to catch up with Twilight on past events, she giggled a little as she warned me not to get lost, I rolled my eyes and began my exploration.

I saw many windows, most of them seeming to depict past events in Equestria's history, I continued, walking up a staircase, to come to a room adorned with a night like look to it, the room itself was round, the walls were depicted with many hoof painted (I think I got that right) stars and constellations, on the ceiling there was the moon, I could the craters painted in it with such detail. The rest of the room still had the night theme to it, a telescope sat near a set of double doors which led to a balcony and the bed was considerably larger than the one I slept in. I was able to deduce that this was princess Luna's room.

She didn't appear to be here, as I looked around, I slowly walked in and made my way to the balcony. I opened the double doors and walked out, there was a miraculous view of all of Canterlot and Ponyville off in the distance.

"What I wouldn't do for a view like this." I said smiling.

Scanning the horizon, the sun now high overhead, it was probably past noon right now and we would probably have to leave sometime soon.

"And I never got to meet Princess Luna." I said, the smile slowly disappearing from my face.

"Well here is your chance."

I spun around to see her standing before me, she was a bit smaller than her sister, and smaller than me by a few inches, her coat was a deep grayish blue color, her mane and tail was a lighter blue color, she had a black crest on with a crescent moon on it, similar to that of which was on her flank, she also had a dark violet crown, smaller than Celestia's on her head, she looked at me with her teal eyes, awaiting a response, but I just sat there and stared, mesmerized by the look she had which was very similar to the night sky.

"Well?..." she asked in a playful tone.

"Wait... You're the voice I heard on the hill the other night." I said, suddenly recognizing her voice.

"Indeed it was, now... What is your name?"

"Taylor, my dear princess." I said giving a short bow.

"Oh now there is no need for such things." she said slightly blushing and giving a small embarrassed smile.

"Anyways, sorry for intruding... I just wanted a view from the balcony, thats all." I said admittedly.

"Oh its quite alright, we understand that such a view as marvelous as this is hard to pass up." she said, now walking over and looking out over all of Canterlot.

We sat there for a good ten minutes just looking over the landscape, and nothing else.

"this is getting awkward..." I thought, "is she feeling the same way?" I casually glanced over to see her looking off in the distance, her eyes then locked with mine and we both shied away, feeling kinda dumb for staring at her, I decided to break the silence.

"Well... I should get going, Twilight and your sister are probably looking for me now."

"Yes, I see..." she looked disappointed and looked at the ground, ears drooping a little.

"Hey its alright, if you're looking to I have all the time in the world if you wanted to talk more, just maybe later." I told her, walking to the doorway, that seemed to do the trick, she then immediately perked up and began smiling.

"Thank you Taylor." she said with a more calm voice this time.

"I guess I'll see you around?" I said, now standing with half my body outside of the door.

"Indeed we shall." she gave me a wink as she turned back to the balcony.

I wasn't sure what to make of the wink, to think if it were some playful gesture.

Or something else.


I wandered the halls until I found my way back to the main corridor where I found Celestia and Twilight making small-talk to pass the time until I came about. They had been 'catching up' while I was gone, apparently, Twilight is the protégé of Celestia and her 'most faithful student' at that, Twilight is to send a so-called 'friendship report' to her mentor about what she learns from her friends and the 'magic of friendship'. (lots of apostrophes there.) so they were chatting about everything in between while I was gone, I couldn't help but snicker to myself, I wasn't one to patronize much but seriously, magic of friendship? I've seen magic by Twilight before and that had nothing to do with friendship, or anything of the sorts.

"What's so funny?" Twilight questioned.

"Oh nothing really, just this 'magic of friendship' stuff." I said trying not to giggle in between words.

"Hows that funny? Its true." Twilight defended.

My face suddenly grew stern, "I know that, its just that nothing like that would ever exist where I'm from."

Twilight's eyes suddenly grew wide, "There's... no friendship where you're from? no friends to be with?"

"Well, they aren't the most common people you'll find, lucky to have one or two, but, what I've seen here, friends act differently from where I'm from."

"How so?" Twilight cocked an eyebrow.

"For starters, there really was no interaction, no getting together, no doing things, just casual conversations at school every now and then."

"Second, they don't really care about you, they just have you as a friend either because of a common interest or just so their parents, or so other close people in their lives wouldn't think they were lonely and sad, just to use them as a cover-up."

"In the state my world is in now, too many people would look at others as untrustworthy or a stranger you shouldn't talk to."

I finished my little explanation to Twilight, who had a sad expression on her face now, Celestia was listening intently, nodding as I spoke.

"It isn't that bad, you end up getting used to it, going day after day with nobody but yourself to talk to, nobody but yourself to go to for comfort, unless you had your parents..." I stopped, thinking about it.

"What about your parents?" Celestia got herself involved in the conversation.

I didn't respond, instead I stood there looking at the ground.

"Taylor, are you alright? If there is something wrong you know you can..." Twilight began but I cut her short.

"I don't want to talk about it, I never want to talk about it, I don't even want to THINK ABOUT IT, FOR AS LONG AS I LIVE!!!"

My voice now echoed within the chambers, I could see the guards getting a bit uneasy as I yelled at them, Twilights expression turned to fear as she cowered a bit near her mentor, who had a look of concern now upon her face.

"I-I-I'm sorry... I... I just... just... don't want to talk about it... I didn't mean to yell at you..." I said with regret in my voice looking at the ground, trying not to make eye contact with them.

"Taylor, it's alright, I understand there must have been some event of great displeasure in your past, I should be the one saying sorry." Celestia said, trying to take the blame, I wasn't going to let her do that.

"No, you didn't know about it, don't try to take the blame for my actions, besides, I should begin taking responsibility for my faults."

Celestia nodded, and I turned to Twilight.

"Well, what do we have planned next?" I said trying to change the subject out of the depressing mood.

Twilight looked at me, she didn't seem like she was going to let this go very easily, the look on her face told it all, I would expect in the future that she would try to dig at it until she found out, or something like that.

"We don't have anything else on the agenda today."

I pulled out my phone and checked the time, it was only two thirty two, we still had ample time to do whatever until days end.

"Why don't we go back to Ponyville? I still have to know more about your friends and where they live." I suggested.

"Sure, that sounds like a plan." she smiled and turned to Celestia.

"Thank you princess, for having us here today." she said to her mentor.

"The pleasure was mine, I hope to hear from you soon." she said to her student.

"Hey." I butt in, Celestia turned her gaze to me.

"Tell your sister not to be such a stranger, and thanks for having us." I said smiling as I followed Twilight out the door, Celestia only smiled to herself, waving her hoof as we left.


"Well that was fun." I said sarcastically.

"Oh be quiet, you know you enjoyed the time there." Twilight retorted.

"Yeah well... maybe I did."

"Did you meet Luna?"

"Yeah, how'd you guess?

"You did mention her as we were leaving."

"Oh well I guess you're right."

The chariot was waiting for us out front as we exited the castle, the doors creaking behind us as it closed. We entered the chariot and it began to ascend in the air again, I didn't talk as we traveled through the air, I thought as to what had happened so far today. I got to meet two princesses, one of which wants to see me again, soon, flew in a flying chariot, and had the most filling breakfast I think I ever have. The chariot still flying through the air, I stared off in the distance, thinking of how I was going to keep it under wraps before anyone got too suspicious, especially Twilight. She was doing the same thing as me, looking off, thinking about who knows what. I watched as Canterlot grew smaller and smaller from view and we neared Ponyville.

"Still got a lot ahead of me."


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