• Published 15th Feb 2012
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A Second Chance - Tridon2951

Taylor, a 16 year old in Minnesota, travels to Equestria, now to start fresh with newfound friends.

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My Own Man

I stormed into my room, throwing everything against the wall in frustration as I yelled in the now empty house. I didn't care anymore, all of the sorrow and pain now gone, just anger now, everything was in order, and today was just another day, taking it all for granted, not having the slightest care in the world for whatever happened in my mundane life. After I was done demolishing everything that seemed fit for my rage, I grabbed what I seemed essential: my phone, laptop (with respective chargers), headphones, and all the cash money I could find in the house. After about fifteen minutes of preparation I stormed out of the house, running down the street, not giving the slightest damn about anything I ever cared about.

Now I was my own man.


Time: 11:30 AM, seven hours prior.


"What do you mean you're going on vacation?" I said in a somewhat surprised tone.

"we told you we have been planning this for some time now, You'll be just fine." my mother told me sternly, she appeared to be done, done with her job, done with the bills, and done with me. Mom never cared much, I was an only child of sixteen living in a house with my parents, nothing special to say the least.

I merely grumbled, I didn't pay too much attention to what my parents said, let alone even hear what they say every day of my life I've lived in this godforsaken house.

My mother simply glared at me, I wasn't in the mood for any of it, mom and dad were planning to leave for the Caribbean for a vacation, they did this often, leaving me here with a relative to look after me, but now I was sixteen, and now that I finally found a job and I could "take care of myself" they didn't worry too much. They began to care less and less over the years, they thought it would be a cool experience to have a kid, and I have them to blame now for the miserable life I now had, because they didn't know jack shit what they were doing when they first brought me to earth.

"We will be gone for a few months." she stated, "I don't want to come back to find the house has been burned down or trashed, or its coming out of your college account." she said curtly, giving me a stern look of aversion.

I shuddered as she turned away, she can be really intimidating at times, but not as bad as my father when he's drunk out of his mind, and ranting about the house, not giving a damn for whatever he breaks, which he ends up angry only at himself the next day.

"cmon' hun'! everything's packed!" my father yelled as I heard the front door open.

"One moment sweetie!" my mother chimed back in a now happier voice and looking in the direction of the stairs, her gaze now turned to me, "I mean it young men, nobody over, and nothing of the sorts will be tolerated. got it?" she said in a now menacing tone.

"yes mom..." I said quietly, I've learned its better to just admit defeat from your parents, last time I back talked, I got a nice red hand print across the face and a two week internet ban. Lesson learned.

I followed my mom out the door, and watched them back out of the driveway and drive off as I waved. "this was going to be a long 'few months' " I told myself walking back inside to find what my first activity alone I was going to participate in.


Time: 5:30 PM, one hour prior.


I went back to what I did everyday in my life, played video games and watched TV, nothing new. It had been six hours since my parents left and they were probably on the plane now, off to 'paradise' or whatever the hell you wanted to call it. throughout the few hours I had to myself I was able to accomplish almost nothing, just updating myself on the computer by chatting with friends. There wasn't much to talk about, my friend Aaron, thought otherwise. He would ramble on about My Little Pony; Friendship Is Magic and all that shit, now don't get me wrong, I love the show now, but I did had a bit of a tentative approach towards the subject as my friend tried to coax me into, 'joining the herd' as he called it, but hey, what'd I have to lose? (other than keeping my parents convinced I was straight but MOVING ON!) After the first couple of episodes I was hooked, it was a complete escape from the shit I went through day to day, It gave me a look at how friends and family were supposed to be like in a world of liars, and assholes. It was funny, I would have never seen myself doing this anytime before I met Aaron in my AP statistics class, but it wasn't my top priority, I did although read some of the fan-made stories and was involved in the forums, I mainly used it as a stress reliever. I checked the clock and it was almost six, I decided to grab a pizza from the freezer and throw it in the oven for dinner, Canadian bacon sounded good, I let the oven preheat as I sat on the computer playing Half life 2 on the PC. After I heard it beep I threw the pizza in and looked out the window, the sun was setting, I watched as the big ball of burning hydrogen and helium disappear beneath the horizon, I gave a brief sigh as the stars now became visible, "one day down, eighty three more to go" I said aloud, I gave a soft chuckle as I turned for the bathroom. As I came out, I walked to the front window, the moon beginning to raise itself into the sky giving off a luminous glow across the front yard and the rest of the street, I smiled, I thought at one point in my life I was meant to be nocturnal, night itself, made me feel like it was the proper time of the day for me to be awake, but alas, school started at seven meaning I had to be well rested before then. I must have gotten lost in my thoughts and stood there for too long, because I smelled some thing burning, "shit!" I yelled out loud being angry at myself for being lost in the stars for a moment. Finally realizing that my pizza was beyond help now, I turned off the oven and opened the door, I was greeted by a foul smelling black cloud and a small charred pile I used to call my pizza, I quickly brought it out to the garage and came in to open every window there was in the house. Now that my dinner was nothing more than dog scraps, I settled for an apple from the fridge, that was probably more healthy than twelve hundred calories worth of extra body fat I wasn't going to work off anytime soon, after munching on my apple I went back to my game, It was about six twenty three now, time was passing like nothing, I gave a brief yawn as the phone began to ring, I grumbled to myself that I just sat down only to have to get back up again, I snatched up the phone and hit 'Talk' before putting the speaker to my ear.

"Hello?" I said into the microphone, waiting for a response.


And this is where I am now, running, wishing I never heard those words, wishing I just let the phone ring, wishing I wasn't on my own now... I continued for about an hour or so until I came to a stop, panting I looked around to see where I was. I had obviously left the road a while back because there wasn't any sign of human presence wherever I looked, I obviously didn't know where I was, and I wasn't exactly sure which way I came from, I was too lost thinking about it, I shook it from my mind, not wanting to remember that, I didn't know what to do next, and like I said before, what'd I have to lose now? I just started walking in the direction I was facing, hoping it would bring me far.

far away from it.

I was able to cover ground pretty fast making my way across the field in the light of the moon, but the light soon faded and I looked up to see clouds move in to shroud it's light and make a booming sound overhead, I forgot it was going to rain today, and I wish I brought an umbrella too. The rain came slow, in small sparse drops, but soon the slight patter of drops increased to a torrent, I needed to get out of the rain so I wouldn't catch pneumonia, there was a large tree not a few hundred feet away, that would be my umbrella for the time being. The tree gave ample protection from the downpour outside it's coverage, I found a comfortable patch of dry ground for me to sit on to wait it out, I watched the rain come down with such force that I thought that there might be a flash flood, not that that was very likely to happen in Minnesota of all places, regardless though, it came down hard. About twenty minutes later, the clouds receded a bit, giving way for the moon to light my way once again, I got up, stretched and gave a brief yawn before heading out into the part of the world, still in the grasp of mother nature. It was late, and sleep was catching up to me as I gave another yawn, feeling slightly heavy I made my way along until coming to a steep decline which I cautiously made my way down, the land became rocky and it seemed to decline ever so slightly, bringing me downward at small increments, I never really noticed this type of landscape in all my years living in Minnesota, but then again, I've never been out here before. It grew more mountainous the further I walked, I saw a streak across the sky as a shooting star streaked and disappeared from view, I stopped, "the most luck I've had today." I thought quietly smiling, "make a wish Taylor" I said to myself, I thought for a second, "I want to live where I can be accepted without any patronization towards me." I thought again for a moment, "Equestria... Yeah that sounds nice..." I decided to myself, knowing it would be nice, but unless I died and went to Heaven, there was no way of that happening anytime soon. I looked at my phone again, it was now almost ten, I needed to find somewhere to sleep, looking around I found a small overhang in the rock nearby, this would have to make do for now. I made myself comfortable, laying on my back and watching the stars dance in the night sky, with the moon dwelling overhead, I thought of what tomorrow would be like, and how I was to get along, I suddenly felt stupid running from home out of impulse and anger, at least there was no expectation of me anymore from anybody.

I smiled, that is but myself, and I slowly drifted off.


Hey thanks for reading, I'm sorry it is a bit slow right now, but I didn't want to drop my character straight into Equestria sorry if you disagree with me on that, so please comment, and provide some constructive criticism, not wanting any of you to reprimand me right now, granted this is my first fic, I'll say again thanks for reading, and hope you are interested to hear more!

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